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Autism Giveaways

Did you know that autism affects one out of every 150 people? Autism is surprisingly widespread, and yet awareness about the disorder is not where it should be. You can help spread awareness about the developmental disorder with our autism giveaways. Not sure how to help? You're sure to be impressed by our large selection of awareness products; you'll find them useful in helping to educate and inform people about this unfortunate epidemic. Give out Motivators' autism promotional items at special events dedicated to the cause or anywhere else to help raise awareness. Be responsible about helping educate people and motivate them to find a cure, sooner rather than later.
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Promotional Custom Awareness Bracelets - Debossed
Quick View
Custom Awareness Bracelets - Debossed
As low as $0.15
Promotional Flexible Awareness Ribbon Key Tag
Quick View
Flexible Awareness Ribbon Key Tag
As low as $0.47
Promotional Puzzle Piece Stress Reliever
Quick View
Puzzle Piece Stress Reliever
As low as $1.73
Promotional Large Custom Ribbon Magnets
Quick View
Large Custom Ribbon Magnets
As low as $0.65
Promotional Retread™ Ribbon Jar Opener
Quick View
Retread™ Ribbon Jar Opener
As low as $0.26
Promotional Awareness Grocery Shopper Tote
Quick View
Awareness Grocery Shopper Tote
As low as $2.17
Promotional The Agent Flash Drive Lanyard 2GB
Quick View
The Agent Flash Drive Lanyard 2GB
As low as $8.87
Promotional Small Ribbon Magnets
Quick View
Small Ribbon Magnets
As low as $0.40
Promotional Foil Ribbon Pencil
Quick View
Foil Ribbon Pencil
As low as $0.27
Promotional Pieceless Puzzle™ 5" Square - 4 Color Process
Quick View
Pieceless Puzzle™ 5" Square - 4 Color Process
As low as $2.11
Promotional Forget Me Not Blue Awareness Ribbon Ornament
Quick View
Forget Me Not Blue Awareness Ribbon Ornament
As low as $1.28
Promotional Rotate 2Tone Flash Drive - 2GB
Quick View
Leeds Rotate 2Tone Flash Drive - 2GB
As low as $7.64
Promotional Convient Drawstring Backpack
Quick View
Convient Drawstring Backpack
As low as $2.91
Promotional Teddy Bear Jar with Skittles®
Quick View
Teddy Bear Jar with Skittles®
As low as $3.78
Promotional Plush Big Paw Dog With Shirt 6"
Quick View
Plush Big Paw Dog With Shirt 6"
As low as $5.42
Promotional Pocket Slider - Parent's Guide: If You Think Your Child Has Autism
Quick View
Pocket Slider - Parent's Guide: If You Think Your Child Has Autism
As low as $0.51
Promotional USA Spin-It Fidget Spinner
Quick View
USA Spin-It Fidget Spinner
As low as $1.84
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Autism Giveaways

Each day more and more children are diagnosed with autism. Statistics say that as the years go by, those numbers will only increase. This is all the more reason to hand out autism giveaways. If you're not satisfied with the selection of products you see on this page, you'll be happy to know there are so many more options. For example, blue is the official color of autism awareness, so you can check out our full selection of blue giveaways for additional choices. Whatever items you choose, know that you are making a difference.

Motivators is proud to support our customers as they fight to find a cure for autism. By purchasing autism giveaways, you are making a conscious decision to take a stand and work toward finding a remedy for a disorder that's touched millions of lives already. It may not seem like much, but passing out giveaways to help educate and inform those who are unaware of the profound effects of this disease is a great way to help. So make the right decision and choose to distribute autism awareness products this April during Autism Awareness Month.

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