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Promotional Bag Clips, Custom Imprinted Bag Clips, Logo Bag Clips

Looking for a great way to really make your brand a household name? Look no further than Motivators great selection of promotional bag clips. A classic household necessity if ever there was one, the chip clip is one giveaway that is always snatched up. After all, everyone wants to keep those potato chips fresh for as long as possible and there's nothing better to use than custom imprinted bag clips. Who wants to pay for an accessory that handy when they could easily get them for free from a company just like yours? These great items will keep your branding in front of customers' eyes for years to come as this helpful accessory keeps all their snacks fresh.
Bag Clips
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Promotional 2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
Rating 4.50
As low as $0.58
Promotional 6 Inch Chip Bag Clip
6 Inch Chip Bag Clip
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.72
Promotional House Bag Clip
House Bag Clip
As low as $0.82
Promotional "Lil Chip" Chip Clip - 4"
"Lil Chip" Chip Clip - 4"
As low as $0.59
Promotional Chip Bag Clip - 4"
Chip Bag Clip - 4"
Rating 4.67
As low as $0.62
Promotional Paw Keep-it Clip™
Paw Keep-it Clip™
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.90
Promotional Bag Clip 4" - Digital Imprint
Bag Clip 4" - Digital Imprint
As low as $1.19
Promotional Mini Bag Clip with Magnet
Mini Bag Clip with Magnet
Rating 3.00
As low as $0.49
Promotional Magnetic Clip - 3.5" x 2.25"
Magnetic Clip - 3.5" x 2.25"
As low as $1.27
Promotional Recycled Bag Clip - 4
Recycled Bag Clip - 4 Inch
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.69
Promotional Heart Keep-it Clip™
Heart Keep-it Clip™
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.90
Promotional 6 Inch Bag Clip
6 Inch Bag Clip
As low as $0.89
Promotional Keep It™ Clip - 4"
Keep It™ Clip - 4"
Rating 4.00
As low as $0.64
Promotional Baseball Power Clip
Baseball Power Clip
As low as $0.87
Promotional Touchdown Translucent Clips
Touchdown Translucent Clips
As low as $1.02
Promotional Munch-it Clip™
Munch-it Clip™
As low as $1.30
Promotional Field Goal Chip Clip
Field Goal Chip Clip
As low as $0.78
Promotional Small Magnetic Clip
Small Magnetic Clip
As low as $1.27
Promotional Awareness Ribbon Keep-it Clip™
Awareness Ribbon Keep-it Clip™
As low as $0.90
Promotional Custom Chip Bag Clip
Custom Chip Bag Clip
As low as $1.80
Promotional Earbud Wrap & Clip
Earbud Wrap & Clip
As low as $0.87
Promotional 6" Bone Shaped Bag Clip
6" Bone Shaped Bag Clip
As low as $0.79
Promotional Clip And Dip Measuring Spoon
Clip And Dip Measuring Spoon
As low as $1.00
Promotional Muscle - Grip Bag Clip
Muscle - Grip Bag Clip
As low as $1.21
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On sale custom imprinted  Small Magnetic Clip
 Small Magnetic Clip
As low as $1.27
On sale custom imprinted  Grip-It Clip
 Grip-It Clip
As low as $1.35
On sale custom imprinted  Mini Bag Clip with Magnet
 Mini Bag Clip with Magnet
As low as $0.49
On sale custom imprinted  Little Squeezer Bag Clip
 Little Squeezer Bag Clip
As low as $0.80

Promotional Bag Clips

There's no doubt that everyone can appreciate a chip clip. Whether you prefer tortilla chips, cheese doodles, or plain old potato chips, everyone can agree on one thing: they're best when fresh. Make sure your customers always have fresh snacks on hand with these promotional bag clips. We've even got a wide selection to suit all snack aficionados. We have extra large custom imprinted bag clips for the family size bag of chips that you'll buy for the big game. We even have smaller versions which are perfect for those tiny bags of rice cakes.

Whatever shape, size, or color you need, Motivators has the promotional bag clips to fit your promotion. Having trouble choosing the perfect logo bag clips for your event? No worries. Our talented promotional consultants are also snack fans themselves, and they'll be able to recommend the perfect chip clip for your promotion. Our art team will work to ensure that your logo is produced as a crisp imprint that is just as fresh as all the snacks you'll be eating.
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