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Personalized Lunch Bags

Personalized lunch bags and coolers from Motivators turn every lunch break into a marketing opportunity for your brand. And, as a side benefit, these re-usable bags show that your company or organization really cares about the environment.

Personalized coolers and custom lunch bags are great for health-conscious students, employees, and other working professionals. Our versatile, insulated totes can even keep your frozen grocery-store goods cold on the ride home.
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Promotional Budget Lunch Bag
Budget Lunch Bag
As low as $1.74
Promotional Classic Dome 6-Pack Cooler
Classic Dome 6-Pack Cooler
As low as $4.99
Promotional Budget Kooler Bag
Budget Kooler Bag
As low as $1.74
Promotional eGreen Fold-Up Drawstring Cooler Backpack
eGreen Fold-Up Drawstring Cooler Backpack
As low as $2.99
Promotional 6-Can Flexi-Chiller
6-Can Flexi-Chiller
As low as $4.56
Promotional Jersey Sweatshirt Cooler Bag
Jersey Sweatshirt Cooler Bag
As low as $6.92
Promotional Retro Lunch Box
Retro Lunch Box
As low as $4.61
Promotional Lunch Tote/22 oz Bottle Combo Pack
Lunch Tote/22 oz Bottle Combo Pack
As low as $3.84
Promotional Retro Boombox Cooler
Gemline Retro Boombox Cooler
As low as $42.84
Promotional Deluxe Insulated 12 - Pk Cooler
Deluxe Insulated 12 - Pk Cooler
As low as $5.75
Promotional Chillin Can Dispenser Cooler
Chillin Can Dispenser Cooler
As low as $18.08
Promotional Everest Cooler Bag
Igloo Everest Cooler Bag
As low as $19.59
Promotional 18-Can Rolling Insulated Cooler Bag
18-Can Rolling Insulated Cooler Bag
As low as $18.45
Promotional MaxCold™ Insulated Cooler Tote
Igloo MaxCold™ Insulated Cooler Tote
As low as $25.78
Promotional The Sea Breeze Cooler Bag
The Sea Breeze Cooler Bag
As low as $1.74
Promotional Therm-O-Snac™ Insulated Tote
Therm-O-Snac™ Insulated Tote
As low as $2.22
Promotional Therm-O-Tote Insulated Bag
Therm-O-Tote Insulated Bag
As low as $3.03
Promotional Non Woven Cooler/Lunch Bag
Non Woven Cooler/Lunch Bag
As low as $2.69
Promotional Lightweight Non-Insulated Lunch Tote Bag
Lightweight Non-Insulated Lunch Tote Bag
As low as $0.73
Promotional 9-Can Satchel Cooler
Coleman® 9-Can Satchel Cooler
As low as $15.21
Promotional Sport Cooler Bag - Football
Sport Cooler Bag - Football
As low as $9.33
Promotional Eco-Aware 6-Pack Cooler
Eco-Aware 6-Pack Cooler
As low as $2.02
Promotional 50 Quart Cooler
Coleman® 50 Quart Cooler
As low as $50.74
Promotional 6-pack Lunch Cooler
6-pack Lunch Cooler
As low as $4.75
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On sale custom imprinted Igloo Tundra 36-Can Cooler
Igloo Tundra 36-Can Cooler
As low as $49.51
On sale custom imprinted Gemline Excursion Tailgate Cooler
Gemline Excursion Tailgate Cooler
As low as $31.41
On sale custom imprinted  BYO Express™ Lunch Bag
 BYO Express™ Lunch Bag
As low as $10.95
On sale custom imprinted Coleman® Classic Steel Belted Cooler - 54 Quart
Coleman® Classic Steel Belted Cooler - 54 Quart
As low as $126.44

Our Personalized Coolers are Stylish and Functional

Motivators has a great selection of custom personalized coolers, lunch totes, and other bags for you to choose from. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for in our collection. These eco-friendly alternatives allow students and professionals alike to bring lunch to school or work in reusable lunch bags that are better for the environment than paper or plastic bags that get thrown away. And our custom coolers are perfect for sport fanatics and frequent beach-goers.

Browse our selection of personalized lunch bags above. If you have any questions or you'd like more information about a particular product, feel free to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you choose the perfect custom coolers and personalized lunch bags for your promotional needs. Small or large, bright or subtle, we have what you're looking for. So live chat with us now or call us at 1-800-525-9600, and let your customers and employees promote your brand for you every time they go to lunch.
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