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Custom Kit Bags

These days it's becoming increasingly more difficult to get your brand noticed. Whether you're planning on attending a trade show, or just trying to compete in a retail environment, you have to make a name for yourself. To really blow away the competition at your next trade show, hand out these custom kit bags. Recipients will love having a really useful item amidst all of the other boring giveaways. And you can certainly hand these promotional products out to your customers, too; your brand name will become a household favorite when you give away the promotional kit bags. From small pouches to large drawstring bags, you can find personalized kit bags that are perfect for your end goal.
Special Offers
Price (Per Item)
$5 - $10 (3)
$3 - $5 (3)
$1 - $3 (11)
Under $1 (10)
Product Color  
 Black (14)
 Blue (19)
 Brown (1)
 Clear (6)
 Gray (2)
 Green (13)
 Maroon (1)
 Orange (3)
 Pink (5)
 Purple (5)
 Red (15)
 Silver (2)
 Teal (1)
 White (5)
 Yellow (4)
300+ (27)
300 or less (27)
200 or less (18)
150 or less (18)
100 or less (15)
50 or less (4)
25 or less (1)
Production Time  
1 Day (9)
2 Days or sooner (11)
3 Days or sooner (14)
5 Days or sooner (14)
Normal Production (27)
Product Materials
Cotton (1)
Mesh (1)
Microfiber (1)
Neoprene (2)
Nylon (3)
Plastic (4)
Polyester (5)
Polypropylene (3)
Velour (2)
Vinyl (5)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (25)
Multicolor Imprint (15)
Imprint Type  
Shipping Region  
Central (2)
Northeast (13)
Southeast (8)
West (4)
User Rating
& Up (7)
& Up (7)
& Up (7)
& Up (7)
Promotional Non-Woven Zippered Pouch
Non-Woven Zippered Pouch
As low as $0.99
Promotional Zipper Frosted Pouch
Zipper Frosted Pouch
As low as $0.79
Promotional Neoprene Zipper Tote with Carabiner
Neoprene Zipper Tote with Carabiner
As low as $1.79
Promotional Mesh Ditty Bag
Mesh Ditty Bag
As low as $4.39
Promotional Non-Woven Document Sleeve with Zipper
Non-Woven Document Sleeve with Zipper
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.99
Promotional Tour Deluxe Valuables Pouch
Cutter & Buck® Tour Deluxe Valuables Pouch
As low as $9.98
Promotional Translucent Zippered Coin Pouch
Translucent Zippered Coin Pouch
As low as $0.99
Promotional Polyester Zippered Coin Pouch
Polyester Zippered Coin Pouch
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.89
Promotional Technix Accessory Case
Technix Accessory Case
As low as $3.98
Promotional Velvet Pouch
Leeman Designs Velvet Pouch
As low as $3.95
Promotional Clear Mini Drawstring Bag
Clear Mini Drawstring Bag
As low as $1.98
Promotional Zippered Coin Pouch
Zippered Coin Pouch
Rating 4.00
As low as $0.99
Promotional Squeeze Coin Pouch
Squeeze Coin Pouch
Rating 5.00
As low as $0.89
Promotional Voyager Coin Pouch
Voyager Coin Pouch
As low as $1.09
Promotional Zippered Pouch
Zippered Pouch
As low as $0.99
Promotional DeBoer Vinyl Pouch with Plastic Closure
DeBoer Vinyl Pouch with Plastic Closure
As low as $1.10
Promotional The Triplette Cosmetic Pouch
The Triplette Cosmetic Pouch
As low as $2.05
Promotional Multi-Purpose Vinyl Pouch
Multi-Purpose Vinyl Pouch
Rating 5.00
As low as $1.40
Promotional Marko Zippered Bag
Marko Zippered Bag
Rating 4.50
As low as $0.88
Promotional Translucent Amenities Cinch Bag
Translucent Amenities Cinch Bag
As low as $1.09
Promotional Zipper Pouch
Zipper Pouch
As low as $1.60
Promotional Zippered Pouch With Hook Clip
Zippered Pouch With Hook Clip
As low as $1.14
Promotional Slide Media Case
Slide Media Case
Rating 4.00
As low as $1.29
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On sale custom imprinted  Non-Woven Document Sleeve with Zipper
 Non-Woven Document Sleeve with Zipper
As low as $0.99
On sale custom imprinted  Zipper Pouch
 Zipper Pouch
As low as $1.60
On sale custom imprinted  Polyester Zippered Coin Pouch
 Polyester Zippered Coin Pouch
As low as $0.89
On sale custom imprinted  Zippered Pouch
 Zippered Pouch
As low as $0.99

Personalized Kit Bags With Your Logo are Great For Trade Shows

One great location at which you can give away the custom kit bags is the next trade show you plan on attending. Why? All of the other booths will be giving away small items, but where are attendees supposed to put these little gadgets and gizmos? When you hand out promotional kit bags, they can keep all of the other products inside of your giveaways all day. This is great news for you; everybody else's brand name and logo will be hidden inside of your imprinted bags. These personalized kit bags are a great choice for trade shows and so much more.

Because of the great variety within the selection of custom kit bags, you will undoubtedly find one that fits your goals. If you're looking to give away a large bag for trade shows, then there are drawstring promotional kit bags and tote bags from which you can choose. If you're looking for a smaller pouch-like bag, you're also in luck. Clearly, these promotional products are quite customizable to your desires and needs. All are available in a number of colors, too, so you can be confident that you'll find one that matches your company's look.
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