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Promotional Monitor Accessories

Office workers across the country find some common maintenance issues at their desks. Some have organizational issues; others need a convenient place to store their supplies. However, one of the most common chores is keeping a computer screen clean. That is when these promotional monitor accessories come in handy. Offered in a variety of shapes and styles, these imprinted monitor accessories have one goal in mind: to keep your computer screen as free from dust as possible so that you can continue to focus on doing your job. Remember that the workplace is one of the most valuable venues for gaining advertising exposure. So distributing these custom monitor items to the offices of your clients will put your brand in the best possible position to succeed.
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Promotional Microfiber Screen Cleaner in Case
Quick View
Microfiber Screen Cleaner in Case
As low as $0.80
Promotional Privacy Cover with Screen Cleaner - Full Color
Quick View
Privacy Cover with Screen Cleaner - Full Color
As low as $0.63
Promotional Frizzy Finger Duster
Quick View
Frizzy Finger Duster
As low as $2.30
Promotional Stik-Withit® Mini Tablet Skin
Quick View
Stik-Withit® Mini Tablet Skin
As low as $0.94
Promotional Stik-Withit® Large Laptop Skins
Quick View
Stik-Withit® Large Laptop Skins
As low as $1.86
Promotional Keyboard/Monitor Calendar
Quick View
Keyboard/Monitor Calendar
As low as $0.10
Promotional Computer Power Sweeper - Screen Cleaner
Quick View
Computer Power Sweeper - Screen Cleaner
As low as $0.91
Promotional Frizzy Bendable Duster
Quick View
Frizzy Bendable Duster
As low as $4.75
Promotional Digital Keyboard/Monitor Calendar
Quick View
Digital Keyboard/Monitor Calendar
As low as $0.12
Promotional Security Webcam Cover
Quick View
Security Webcam Cover
As low as $0.54
Promotional Computer Mirror/Memo Holder
Quick View
Computer Mirror/Memo Holder
As low as $1.74
Promotional Privacy Cover with Screen Cleaner
Quick View
Privacy Cover with Screen Cleaner
As low as $0.52
Promotional KlipNotes®
Quick View
As low as $0.71
Promotional Stik-Withit® Small Laptop Skin
Quick View
Stik-Withit® Small Laptop Skin
As low as $1.22
Promotional Stik-Withit® Tablet Skin
Quick View
Stik-Withit® Tablet Skin
As low as $1.11
Promotional Frizzy Hand Duster
Quick View
Frizzy Hand Duster
As low as $2.91
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On sale custom imprinted  Stik-Withit® Mini Tablet Skin
 Stik-Withit® Mini Tablet Skin
As low as $0.94
On sale custom imprinted  KlipNotes®
As low as $0.71
On sale custom imprinted  Security Webcam Cover
 Security Webcam Cover
As low as $0.54
On sale custom imprinted  Frizzy Hand Duster
 Frizzy Hand Duster
As low as $2.91

Promotional Monitor Accessories

Looking for the promotional items that will make the best impression on workers in an office setting? Then these promotional monitor accessories are definitely the choice for you. It's no secret that a filthy monitor gets in the way of accomplishing your tasks. It's distracting and it takes time to clean. Give people imprinted monitor accessories and they will thank you for providing them with the simple solution. Remember that these custom monitor items may mean the difference between landing a new client or not.

Check out the attractive appearance and functional use of these promotional monitor accessories. You will notice as you browse the selection that the imprinted monitor accessories come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. The point of this wide assortment is so that you can choose the ones which you feel will appeal most to the people that you are distributing them to. The function of the custom monitor items will be the same: to make sure that they brush the dust away from your screen so that you can continue to do your job.

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