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Custom Printed Pocket Tools

When it comes to promotional items, custom printed pocket tools are certainly some of the most effective. You may be wondering why this is the case. These products corner the market on handy promotional tools. From screwdrivers to fix-it kits, the imprinted pocket tools are truly an invaluable resource for any handyman or woman. Recipients love these products because of their real portability; they're not called "pocket tools" for nothing. The promotional pocket tools will be loved by all who use them, whether they're your customers or participants at the next trade show. There's nothing like a handheld tool for when your customers are stuck in a bind.
Special Offers
Price (Per Item)
$50 - $100 (1)
$25 - $50 (3)
$10 - $15 (2)
$3 - $5 (3)
$1 - $3 (22)
Under $1 (2)
Product Color  
 Black (22)
 Blue (25)
 Gray (1)
 Green (20)
 Orange (19)
 Purple (16)
 Red (27)
 Silver (9)
 White (18)
 Yellow (18)
300+ (33)
300 or less (33)
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Production Time  
1 Day (4)
2 Days or sooner (5)
3 Days or sooner (5)
5 Days or sooner (6)
Normal Production (33)
Product Materials
Aluminum (2)
Metal (2)
Plastic (5)
Steel (19)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (26)
Multicolor Imprint (26)
Imprint Type  
Made In
Made in USA (17)
Shipping Region  
North (19)
Northeast (8)
Southeast (3)
West (3)
User Rating
& Up (1)
& Up (2)
& Up (4)
& Up (4)
Promotional Rally Pocket Tool
Victorinox Swiss Army Rally Pocket Tool
Rating 5.00
As low as $11.42
Promotional Pocket Tool, 2.5mm Tech Blade, Phillips Top
Pocket Tool, 2.5mm Tech Blade, Phillips Top
As low as $1.34
Promotional Level Tools
Level Tools
As low as $3.95
Promotional Micra Pocket Tool In Colors
Leatherman Micra Pocket Tool In Colors
As low as $34.00
Promotional Striker Pocket Screwdriver Set
Striker Pocket Screwdriver Set
As low as $1.30
Promotional Tone Pocket Knife
Tone Pocket Knife
As low as $10.59
Promotional 4 In 1 Pocket Tool
4 In 1 Pocket Tool
As low as $1.59
Promotional Lynx Pocket Knife
Lynx Pocket Knife
As low as $3.34
Promotional Pocket Screwdriver Kit
Pocket Screwdriver Kit
As low as $1.19
Promotional Style CS Multi Tools
Leatherman Style CS Multi Tools
As low as $28.00
Promotional Screwdriver Pocket Tool
Screwdriver Pocket Tool
As low as $1.15
Promotional Mini Screwdriver
Mini Screwdriver
As low as $1.29
Promotional Micro Driver Kit
Micro Driver Kit
As low as $4.29
Promotional Micra Pocket Tool
Leatherman Micra Pocket Tool
As low as $32.50
Promotional Standard Screwdriver/Hex Bit File Pocket Tool
Standard Screwdriver/Hex Bit File Pocket Tool
As low as $1.40
Promotional CyberTool 29 Pocket Tools
Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 29 Pocket Tools
As low as $72.30
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On sale custom imprinted  Standard Screwdriver/Hex Bit File Pocket Tool
 Standard Screwdriver/Hex Bit File Pocket Tool
As low as $1.40
On sale custom imprinted  Pocket Tool, Reversible (#3-4 Standard & #0 Phillips), Button Top
 Pocket Tool, Reversible (#3-4 Standard & #0 Phillips), Button Top
As low as $1.50
On sale custom imprinted  BIG-AL™ SCREWDRIVER
As low as $1.98
On sale custom imprinted  Velve Stem Top Pocket Tool
 Velve Stem Top Pocket Tool
As low as $1.74

Promotional Pocket Tools

Whether you decide to hand out the custom printed pocket tools at a trade show, to customers at your hardware store or home improvement store with each purchase, or to the staff at your place of work, they are sure to be a hit. The truth is that these imprinted pocket tools are ideal because of their versatility; everybody could use a handy tool in a time of crisis. That's why wherever you decide to distribute the promotional pocket tools, they will be a success. You can count on these portable promotional items to deliver your organization's message.

Not sure which custom printed pocket tools are right for your company? The great part is that there are so many different types from which you can choose. For example, if you're planning on handing the imprinted pocket tools out to the employees at your construction company, you might want to consider distributing a pocket-sized level or stud detector. Conversely, if you're giving away these promotional pocket tools at your next trade show, you'd probably want to go with something with more general usage, like a small screwdriver. With so much variety from which to choose, you can certainly find a good match for your company's needs.
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