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RFID-Blocking Giveaways

RFID-blocking promotional items help protect private information. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to transfer data from an object without contact. It is often used to track items, people and animals as well as for toll collection and other purposes. Choosing RFID-blocking giveaways shows your audience that you care about their rights to privacy. Products like wallets and passport cases that block RFID help prevent identity theft by blocking the transfer of data from items like credit cards, passports, etc. Browse our selection of promotional RFID-blocking products below for a variety of privacy-protected information holders that your customers, clients and employees will appreciate.
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Promotional Aluminum Card Case
Quick View
Aluminum Card Case
As low as $2.76
Promotional Knox RFID Card Sleeve
Quick View
Knox RFID Card Sleeve
As low as $0.92
Promotional Compact Sleeve Style Holder RFID Protected
Quick View
Compact Sleeve Style Holder RFID Protected
As low as $1.00
Promotional Immunity Holder RFID Passport Sleeve
Quick View
Immunity Holder RFID Passport Sleeve
As low as $1.04
Promotional Passport Wallet RFID Protected
Quick View
Passport Wallet RFID Protected
As low as $2.69
Promotional RFID Data Blocker Card
Quick View
RFID Data Blocker Card
As low as $11.54
Promotional Travis & Wells™ Denali Computer Backpack
Quick View
Travis & Wells™ Denali Computer Backpack
As low as $46.14
Promotional RFID Data Blocker Wallet
Quick View
RFID Data Blocker Wallet
As low as $2.31
Promotional RFID Card Wallet
Quick View
Leeds RFID Card Wallet
As low as $2.75
Promotional Aluminum Card Case
Quick View
Aluminum Card Case
As low as $2.75
Promotional Glenwood Leather RFID Wallet
Quick View
Glenwood Leather RFID Wallet
As low as $9.21
Promotional RFID Data Blocker Card
Quick View
RFID Data Blocker Card
As low as $9.22
Promotional Traverse RFID Passport Wallet
Quick View
Elleven Traverse RFID Passport Wallet
As low as $11.06
Promotional Vault RFID Security Compu-Messenger
Quick View
Leeds Vault RFID Security Compu-Messenger
As low as $16.60
Promotional Vault RFID Security Compu-Backpack
Quick View
Leeds Vault RFID Security Compu-Backpack
As low as $18.44
Promotional Secure Tech Passport Case
Quick View
Andrew Philips Collection Secure Tech Passport Case
As low as $23.16
Promotional Rutter Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Backpack
Quick View
Elleven Rutter Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Backpack
As low as $57.21
Promotional Stealth Compu-Case
Quick View
Elleven Stealth Compu-Case
As low as $59.98
Promotional Stealth Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack
Quick View
Elleven Stealth Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack
As low as $64.60
Promotional Pack-Flat Computer Backpack
Quick View
Elleven Pack-Flat Computer Backpack
As low as $71.98
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RFID-Blocking Giveaways

RFID has been implemented in many products including credit cards and passports with the intention of making these items more secure; however, the exploitation of this technology has raised the degree of insecurity in these items. This is where RFID-blocking giveaways come in. These products create a shield to prevent the skimming of private information. While RFID tags are present in many consumer items, the biggest concerns surround travel.

RFID-blocking giveaways like backpacks and travel bags, wallets and passport cases, are extremely useful and helpful to your customers, clients and employees. These items provide a shield, protecting the information within the RFID tag on items like credit cards and passports so that information cannot be extracted from them. Browse our selection of RFID-blocking promotional items above. If you have any questions or would like more information about how these items work, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our promotional consultants are standing by to answer all of your questions and help you choose the best promotional RFID-blocking products for your individual needs. Call us at 1-800-525-9600 today.

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