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Custom Sling Bags

Everyone from students to business professionals loves custom sling bags because they are convenient and comfortable. These bags have one shoulder strap that typically goes from the top middle of the bag to the bottom corner of the bag for a super comfortable and secure fit.

Not only will your customers love it because it's convenient and useful, but you'll love it because it will maximize your brand's exposure. Whether they are taken camping, shopping, traveling, to school or to work, these bags will prominently display your logo for the world to see.
Special Offers
Free Setup Charge (5)      
Price (Per Item)
$15 - $25 (2)
$10 - $15 (6)
$5 - $10 (26)
$3 - $5 (17)
$1 - $3 (4)
Product Color  
 Black (35)
 Blue (47)
 Clear (2)
 Gray (13)
 Green (29)
 Orange (13)
 Pink (4)
 Purple (5)
 Red (39)
 Silver (6)
 Tan (5)
 Teal (1)
 White (4)
 Yellow (2)
300+ (55)
300 or less (55)
200 or less (55)
150 or less (55)
100 or less (53)
50 or less (38)
25 or less (10)
Production Time  
1 Day (21)
2 Days or sooner (21)
3 Days or sooner (21)
5 Days or sooner (22)
Normal Production (55)
Product Materials
Cotton (10)
Mesh (6)
Microfiber (1)
Non-Woven (6)
Nylon (10)
PET (1)
Plastic (2)
Polyester (46)
Polypropylene (2)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (54)
Multicolor Imprint (48)
Imprint Type  
Shipping Region  
Central (1)
North (2)
Northeast (24)
Southeast (20)
West (8)
User Rating
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Promotional Budget Sling Backpack
Quick View
Budget Sling Backpack
As low as $2.82
Promotional Polyester Sling Backpack - Embroidered
Quick View
Polyester Sling Backpack - Embroidered
As low as $4.38
Promotional Laundry Bag - Natural
Quick View
Laundry Bag - Natural
As low as $4.22
Promotional 2-Tone Color Splash Side Sling Pack Bag
Quick View
2-Tone Color Splash Side Sling Pack Bag
As low as $6.45
Promotional Sport Deluxe Sling
Quick View
Slazenger® Sport Deluxe Sling
As low as $12.91
Promotional Cross Laptop Mono Strap Backpack
Quick View
Cross Laptop Mono Strap Backpack
As low as $7.99
Promotional Sling Backpack - Polyester
Quick View
Sling Backpack - Polyester
As low as $7.19
Promotional Downtown Sling Bag
Quick View
Downtown Sling Bag
As low as $2.76
Promotional The Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack
Quick View
The Brooklyn Deluxe Sling Backpack
As low as $4.61
Promotional Sling Backpack Bag - Embroidery
Quick View
Sling Backpack Bag - Embroidery
As low as $7.15
Promotional Over-the-Shoulder Sling Pack
Quick View
Over-the-Shoulder Sling Pack
As low as $5.53
Promotional Clear Barrel Sling Bag
Quick View
Clear Barrel Sling Bag
As low as $3.37
Promotional Mustang Sling Backpack Bag
Quick View
Mustang Sling Backpack Bag
As low as $3.13
Promotional Oceanside Sport Tote Bag
Quick View
Gemline Oceanside Sport Tote Bag
As low as $7.83
Promotional The Sailor Duffel Drawstring Sling Bag
Quick View
The Sailor Duffel Drawstring Sling Bag
As low as $5.53
Promotional Vortex Compu-Sling
Quick View
Leeds Vortex Compu-Sling
As low as $17.52
Promotional Vortex Deluxe Sling Backpack
Quick View
Leeds Vortex Deluxe Sling Backpack
As low as $13.83
Promotional Polyester Sling Backpack
Quick View
Polyester Sling Backpack
As low as $4.38
Promotional Sling Back Shoulder Bag
Quick View
Sling Back Shoulder Bag
As low as $14.18
Promotional 12-Can Cooler Sling Pack
Quick View
California Innovations® 12-Can Cooler Sling Pack
As low as $11.71
Promotional Superlite Sling Bag
Quick View
Superlite Sling Bag
As low as $5.34
Promotional Arctos Sling Bag
Quick View
Arctos Sling Bag
As low as $12.46
Promotional Malibu Sling Bag
Quick View
Malibu Sling Bag
As low as $5.99
Promotional Clear Sling Backpack
Quick View
Clear Sling Backpack
As low as $4.20
Promotional Wave Monopack Bag
Quick View
Gemline Wave Monopack Bag
As low as $4.60
Promotional Overnight Sensation Slingpack
Quick View
Atchison by Bic Overnight Sensation Slingpack
As low as $7.05
Promotional Twister Sling Bag
Quick View
Twister Sling Bag
As low as $7.37
Promotional Armada Sling Bag
Quick View
Armada Sling Bag
As low as $3.68
Promotional Sling Shot Sling Pack
Quick View
Leeds Sling Shot Sling Pack
As low as $4.60
Promotional Poly Pro Sling Pack
Quick View
Poly Pro Sling Pack
As low as $3.22
Promotional ''Elite'' Sling Backpack
Quick View
''Elite'' Sling Backpack
As low as $4.99
Promotional Polyester Sling Backpack
Quick View
Polyester Sling Backpack
As low as $3.09
Promotional The Adventure Sling Backpack
Quick View
The Adventure Sling Backpack
As low as $5.08
Promotional Adjustable Sling Backpack
Quick View
Adjustable Sling Backpack
As low as $6.69
Promotional "Global" Mono Strap Pack
Quick View
"Global" Mono Strap Pack
As low as $5.99
Promotional Mesh/Polyester Sling Backpack
Quick View
Mesh/Polyester Sling Backpack
As low as $2.94
Promotional Zippered Sling Backpack
Quick View
Zippered Sling Backpack
As low as $5.31
Promotional Color Splash Side Sling Pack
Quick View
Color Splash Side Sling Pack
As low as $4.14
Promotional Reflective String-a-Sling Backpack
Quick View
Reflective String-a-Sling Backpack
As low as $2.67
Promotional Disrupt Recycled Compu-Sling Backpack
Quick View
Disrupt Recycled Compu-Sling Backpack
As low as $16.60
Promotional Cutie Patootie Slingpack
Quick View
Atchison by Bic Cutie Patootie Slingpack
As low as $6.40
Promotional Urban Monopack
Quick View
Urban Monopack
As low as $9.22
Promotional Extreme Sling Bag
Quick View
Extreme Sling Bag
As low as $11.07
Promotional Sprint Sport Cinchpack
Quick View
Sprint Sport Cinchpack
As low as $3.22
Promotional Multi-Pocket String-A-Sling Backpack
Quick View
Multi-Pocket String-A-Sling Backpack
As low as $6.23
Promotional Circuit Monopack Bag
Quick View
Circuit Monopack Bag
As low as $6.45
Promotional Cyclone Sports Pack - Embroidered
Quick View
Cyclone Sports Pack - Embroidered
As low as $6.45
Promotional Fuse Monopack
Quick View
Fuse Monopack
As low as $8.29
Sort By:
On sale custom imprinted  Armada Sling Bag
 Armada Sling Bag
As low as $3.68
On sale custom imprinted  Cyclone Sports Pack - Embroidered
 Cyclone Sports Pack - Embroidered
As low as $6.45
On sale custom imprinted  Budget Sling Backpack
 Budget Sling Backpack
As low as $2.82
On sale custom imprinted  Triangular Shaped Sling Knapsack Bag
 Triangular Shaped Sling Knapsack Bag
As low as $8.63

Order Printed Sling Bags for All of Your Promotional Needs

Few giveaways offer the reliability and usefulness as our printed sling bags. When you personalize our sling backpacks, everyone will see your logo because you can bet that recipients will be utilizing these bags every chance they get. They're smaller and lighter than traditional backpacks, yet roomier than most tote bags. Whether they're on the street, on the campus or even in-transit, your brand will be getting the exposure it deserves so you can build your customer base and brand loyalty.

At Motivators, we pride ourselves on selection, so you can be sure that when it comes to our custom printed sling bags, we have the perfect one for your brand. No matter what color or style you need, Motivators is here to help. Browse our extensive collection of custom sling bags above. If you have any questions or would like additional information about a particular product, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our promotional consultants are standing by to help you choose the best personalized sling bags for your branding needs. Call us today at 1-800-525-9600.

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