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Custom USB Devices, Promotional USB Gifts, Printed USB Devices

It's amazing how many different accessories can be connected to your computer via its USB port. In this technologically savvy age, USB ports allow us to power lamps, fans, and more. Give away custom USB devices to show off your modern edge. These fantastic giveaways are sure to be used frequently, thereby showing off your imprinted brand name and logo on a consistent basis. Watch your brand exposure go through the roof when you hand out promotional USB gifts. These items, which will most likely remain plugged in at all times, are great tools for marketing your company. Everyone loves a new useful computer accessory, ensuring that your printed USB devices will welcomed with open arms.
USB Devices
USB Hubs (22)
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Leeds (4)
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Promotional 5 Day WiFi Weather Station
5 Day WiFi Weather Station
As low as $39.99
Promotional Computer Power Saver Button
Leeds Computer Power Saver Button
As low as $1.48
Promotional 6-in-1 Card Reader
6-in-1 Card Reader
As low as $3.49
Promotional World Travel Adapter w/ USB Ports
Leeds World Travel Adapter w/ USB Ports
As low as $29.98
Promotional X Design 1.1v Hub
X Design 1.1v Hub
As low as $5.95
Promotional Power Pod Mini Device Charger
Power Pod Mini Device Charger
As low as $16.01
Promotional Tangle USB Hub 2.0
Tangle USB Hub 2.0
Rating 5.00
As low as $8.50
Promotional Refresh Charging Dock
Blue Lounge Refresh Charging Dock
As low as $89.99
Promotional USB Coffee Warmer
USB Coffee Warmer
As low as $5.65
Promotional Pen Cup with 4-Port Hub & Light
Pen Cup with 4-Port Hub & Light
As low as $10.12
Promotional Commuter USB Car Charger - Full Color Epoxy Dome
Prime Commuter USB Car Charger - Full Color Epoxy Dome
As low as $8.98
Promotional Mini USB Air Humidifier
Mini USB Air Humidifier
As low as $25.99
Promotional Hub Dude 2.0
Hub Dude 2.0
As low as $10.98
Promotional USB Plug-In Fan
USB Plug-In Fan
As low as $4.25
Promotional USB Travel Power Cord
USB Travel Power Cord
As low as $18.99
Promotional Syncharger Charging Station
Leeds Syncharger Charging Station
As low as $59.98
Promotional LED Desk Light and 4 Port USB Hub
LED Desk Light and 4 Port USB Hub
As low as $30.00
Promotional Blooming Flower Hub 2.0
Blooming Flower Hub 2.0
As low as $10.25
Promotional 4-Port USB Hub
4-Port USB Hub
As low as $2.59
Promotional Usb Multi-Kit
Usb Multi-Kit
As low as $25.95
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On sale custom imprinted  Quail Retractable USB Cord
 Quail Retractable USB Cord
As low as $4.58
On sale custom imprinted  Montauk Techno Combo
 Montauk Techno Combo
As low as $29.95
On sale custom imprinted  Seagull USB Cord & Adapter in Tin
 Seagull USB Cord & Adapter in Tin
As low as $16.69
On sale custom imprinted  USB Coffee Warmer
 USB Coffee Warmer
As low as $5.65

Custom USB Devices

These intelligently-designed items make perfect handouts at electronics stores, technology trade shows, and more. Your customers and clients will be thrilled to receive your custom USB devices, because, quite frankly, they're some of the most useful giveaways around. Once you hand out these promotional USB gifts, your customers will never again forget your name. These items will help to make your brand more memorable at the next trade show. For long-lasting brand exposure, purchase printed USB devices.

The custom USB devices have one thing in common: they can all be powered via your computer's USB port. But, in reality, these items are quite different from one another. For example, we offer USB card readers but we also sell USB-powered lights. These promotional USB gifts, although powered in the same way, serve completely different purposes. You are sure to find printed USB devices that fulfill your organization's needs. Look through our vast selection of items today and launch your promotional campaign in no time.
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