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Promotional Vinyl Padfolios, Business Logo Vinyl Portfolios, Custom Vinyl Folios

Want a great way to showcase your business logo? Look no further than our selection of promotional vinyl padfolios. A useful business tool if ever there was one, a padfolio is an indispensable item to keep with you on the job. By choosing to give out business logo vinyl portfolios, you will be choosing to brand your business in a most strategic way. After all, when someone needs to go into a meeting, what do they bring? When a sales rep goes out on a sales call, what does he bring with him? These custom vinyl folios are the perfect way to gain logo exposure in the business world. Whether recipients bring them to meetings to take notes or just keep them on their desks to take notes while on conference calls, these promotional vinyl portfolios will expose your logo in an attractive, affordable way.
Special Offers
Price (Per Item)
$25 - $50 (10)
$15 - $25 (31)
$10 - $15 (31)
$5 - $10 (32)
$3 - $5 (11)
$1 - $3 (2)
Under $1 (3)
Product Color  
 Black (111)
 Blue (57)
 Brown (40)
 Clear (1)
 Gold (3)
 Gray (36)
 Green (44)
 Maroon (32)
 Orange (9)
 Pink (5)
 Purple (11)
 Red (28)
 Silver (13)
 Tan (28)
 Teal (5)
 White (27)
 Yellow (8)
300+ (119)
300 or less (119)
200 or less (117)
150 or less (117)
100 or less (116)
50 or less (104)
25 or less (62)
Production Time  
1 Day (53)
2 Days or sooner (56)
3 Days or sooner (63)
5 Days or sooner (69)
Normal Production (119)
Product Materials
Faux Suede (1)
Leather (21)
Metal (1)
Neoprene (1)
Nylon (4)
Paper (1)
Plastic (3)
Polyester (7)
Polypropylene (1)
Rubber (1)
Vinyl (76)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (108)
Multicolor Imprint (66)
Imprint Type  
Made In
Made in USA (32)
Union Made in USA (25)
Shipping Region  
Central (4)
North (8)
Northeast (81)
South (3)
Southeast (12)
West (11)
User Rating
& Up (18)
& Up (20)
& Up (20)
& Up (20)
Promotional Executive Portfolio
Executive Portfolio
Rating 4.30
As low as $7.99
Promotional Windsor Reflections Junior Padfolio
Leeds Windsor Reflections Junior Padfolio
Rating 4.50
As low as $4.98
Promotional Manchester Padfolio
Leeds Manchester Padfolio
Rating 5.00
As low as $15.98
Promotional ProTech Padfolio
Seville Gear ProTech Padfolio
Rating 5.00
As low as $18.62
Promotional The Associate Portfolio
The Associate Portfolio
Rating 3.50
As low as $6.99
Promotional Sealed Antigua Seminar Folio
DLX Sealed Antigua Seminar Folio
As low as $8.72
Promotional Translucent Document  Envelope
Translucent Document Envelope
As low as $0.69
Promotional Scripto Pacesetter Writing Pad
Scripto Pacesetter Writing Pad
Rating 4.00
As low as $8.82
Promotional Journal Book
Hampton Journal Book
As low as $9.98
Promotional Elite® Letter Folder
DLX Elite® Letter Folder
As low as $15.57
Promotional Eclipse 8 1/2"x 11" Portfolio
Eclipse 8 1/2"x 11" Portfolio
Rating 4.50
As low as $6.95
Promotional Technix Zippered Junior Padfolio
Technix Zippered Junior Padfolio
As low as $10.98
Promotional Avanti I Portfolio - Suedene
Avanti I Portfolio - Suedene
As low as $4.04
Promotional Small Zip-Up Traveler Portfolio
Small Zip-Up Traveler Portfolio
As low as $4.99
Promotional Wall Street Padfolio II
Gemline Wall Street Padfolio II
Rating 5.00
As low as $13.48
Promotional Letter-Size Multi-Use Pad Portfolio
Letter-Size Multi-Use Pad Portfolio
As low as $7.29
Promotional Stitched Pad Holder
DLX Stitched Pad Holder
As low as $8.00
Promotional Flash Jr. TriFolio
Scripto® Flash Jr. TriFolio
Rating 4.00
As low as $6.98
Promotional Illusion Letter Size Pad Holder
Hazel Illusion Letter Size Pad Holder
As low as $5.44
Promotional Lethredge® Moire Desk Folder
DLX Lethredge® Moire Desk Folder
As low as $13.62
Promotional Deluxe Ballistic Zippered Padfolio
Wenger® Deluxe Ballistic Zippered Padfolio
As low as $34.98
Promotional The Executive Padfolio
The Executive Padfolio
Rating 5.00
As low as $10.50
Promotional Junior Conference Padholder
Seville Gear Junior Conference Padholder
As low as $6.85
Promotional Rotating IntelliCover for iPad Mini
Rotating IntelliCover for iPad Mini
As low as $14.98
Promotional Insight Calculator Padfolio
Gemline Insight Calculator Padfolio
Rating 4.50
As low as $14.98
Promotional DuraHyde Basic Presentation
Leeds DuraHyde Basic Presentation
Rating 4.00
As low as $19.98
Promotional Edge Calculator Folder
DLX Edge Calculator Folder
As low as $21.78
Promotional Eclipse 5" x 7" Portfolio
Eclipse 5" x 7" Portfolio
As low as $3.95
Promotional Pebble Grain 5" x 7" Portfolio
Pebble Grain 5" x 7" Portfolio
Rating 4.00
As low as $4.39
Promotional Translucent  Vinyl Portfolio
Translucent Vinyl Portfolio
As low as $0.99
Promotional Lethredge® Junior Folder
DLX Lethredge® Junior Folder
As low as $8.64
Promotional Contemporary 8 1/2 Inch x 11 Inch Portfolio
Contemporary 8 1/2 Inch x 11 Inch Portfolio
As low as $8.25
Promotional ProTech Padholder
Seville Gear ProTech Padholder
As low as $9.78
Promotional Stitched Desk Folder - Premium Antigua
DLX Stitched Desk Folder - Premium Antigua
As low as $12.00
Promotional Windsor Reflections Presentation Portfolio
Leeds Windsor Reflections Presentation Portfolio
As low as $14.98
Promotional Lethredge Desk Folder
DLX Lethredge Desk Folder
As low as $15.87
View Entire Collection
On sale custom imprinted DLX Avanti III Portfolio
DLX Avanti III Portfolio
As low as $6.58
On sale custom imprinted  Pipe Tally Jr. Books
 Pipe Tally Jr. Books
As low as $2.68
On sale custom imprinted Burke Zippered Padfolio
Burke Zippered Padfolio
As low as $14.98
On sale custom imprinted Alicia Klein® Deluxe Padfolio
Alicia Klein® Deluxe Padfolio
As low as $24.98

Promotional Vinyl Padfolios

When you are a company looking to showcase your branding, its best not to spare any expense. After all, you want people to see your corporate logo anywhere and everywhere. That's why these promotional vinyl padfolios are such a great giveaway for your business. They will provide users with a useful tool that they can utilize on a daily basis and they will brand your business in the best way possible. Every time a user reaches for these business logo vinyl padfolios, they will be seeing your branding. In essence, they will be reaching for your business.

Additionally, custom vinyl folios are great because they will put your contact information right at the fingertips of recipients. When imprinted, these promotional vinyl portfolios will display your company name, the website address, and your phone number. Essentially, you will be giving users a simple way of getting in contact with you. There will be no need to scroll through emails or search through contacts. Chances are that these attractive promotional vinyl portfolios will be within reach at all times, making your company one of the most accessible ones of all time.
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