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Engraved Howard Miller Clocks, Personalized Howard Miller Clocks

When Howard Miller founded his company back in 1926, he relied upon three basic principles: incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality and a quest for perfection. Now, nearly 90 years later, that workmanship and quality is still evident in every clock. Knowing the company's dedication to excellence and its impressive track record, Motivators is proud to offer this fine selection of engraved Howard Miller clocks. Perfect for your next business gift or holiday bonus, these personalized Howard Miller clocks will turn heads. All eyes will be on their exquisite designs and drawn to your logo. Consider these beautiful time pieces when you need to send a special message to clients or employees, and you will see a return on investment in no time at all.
Clocks and Watches
Price (Per Item)
$50 - $100 (3)
$25 - $50 (8)
$15 - $25 (5)
$10 - $15 (2)
$5 - $10 (1)
Product Color  
 Black (1)
 Brown (8)
 Clear (6)
 Gold (1)
 Pink (7)
 Silver (3)
 Tan (1)
300+ (19)
300 or less (19)
200 or less (19)
150 or less (19)
100 or less (19)
50 or less (19)
25 or less (19)
Production Time  
Normal Production (19)
Product Materials
Crystal (1)
Glass (3)
Metal (1)
Wood (1)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (19)
Multicolor Imprint (12)
Imprint Type  
Shipping Region  
North (19)
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Promotional Alex Picture Frame Clock
Howard Miller Alex Picture Frame Clock
As low as $26.38
Promotional Marcus Tabletop Glass and Wood Clock
Howard Miller Marcus Tabletop Glass and Wood Clock
As low as $18.69
Promotional Regent Glass Tabletop Clock
Howard Miller Regent Glass Tabletop Clock
As low as $15.24
Promotional Picture This Photo Frame Clock
Howard Miller Picture This Photo Frame Clock
As low as $8.32
Promotional Paramount Clock
Howard Miller Paramount Clock
As low as $38.15
Promotional Medina Polished Alarm Clock with White Dial
Howard Miller Medina Polished Alarm Clock with White Dial
As low as $14.54
Promotional Discoverer Executive Clock
Howard Miller Discoverer Executive Clock
As low as $28.39
Promotional Derrick Desk Clock
Howard Miller Derrick Desk Clock
As low as $21.22
Promotional Illuminated World Time LED Flashlight Alarm Clock
Howard Miller Illuminated World Time LED Flashlight Alarm Clock
As low as $11.26
Promotional Augustine - Glass Clock
Howard Miller Augustine - Glass Clock
As low as $22.54
Promotional Executive World Time Arch Clock
Howard Miller Executive World Time Arch Clock
As low as $22.91
Promotional Parnell Arch Clock
Howard Miller Parnell Arch Clock
As low as $29.92
Promotional Audra Clock
Howard Miller Audra Clock
As low as $66.15
Promotional Imperial Clock
Howard Miller Imperial Clock
As low as $40.75
Promotional Portrait Caddy - Desk Clock
Howard Miller Portrait Caddy - Desk Clock
As low as $36.74
Promotional Portrait Book  Clock
Howard Miller Portrait Book Clock
As low as $39.98
Promotional Fresco Oval Shaped Optical Crystal Clock
Howard Miller Fresco Oval Shaped Optical Crystal Clock
As low as $46.38
Promotional Andover Cherry Bordeaux Finished Clock
Howard Miller Andover Cherry Bordeaux Finished Clock
As low as $59.62
Promotional Rosewood Bracket Clock
Howard Miller Rosewood Bracket Clock
As low as $84.00
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We all have those special employees who go above and beyond. We all know clients who are just a joy to work with. When you need to recognize them, give them more than just a little compliment or a pat on the back. Choosing engraved Howard Miller Clocks as part of your next promotion is one of the best ways to truly show your employees and your clients that you value them. In fact, these luxurious time pieces will do more than just let those important individuals know that you value them; they will broadcast your logo for the world to see.

The exquisite craftsmanship of these personalized Howard Miller clocks will guarantee that recipients proudly put them on display. As they reap the compliments, your logo and branding will be in full view. They will happily tell friends and coworkers that it was your generosity that is responsible for such lovely items. Every onlooker will be treated to a glimpse of your imprint and you will be treated to added exposure. You are sure to see an increase in business and customer loyalty once you give out these engraved Howard Miller clocks. How much business? Well, as they say, only time will tell.

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