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Recognize Employees with Swag for Their Kids

Company: Higher Logic
Product: Rabbit Skins Infant Lap Shoulder Creeper (Item # 62419)

Recognize the importance of your employees and their families.

Find a children's giveaway that matches the specific color of the Higher Logic brand.

Embroidered Rabbit Skins Infant Lap Shoulder Creeper, item #62419

Because many of Higher Logic's employees have young ones at home, the staff came up with an idea to create custom orange gear for children. Motivators promotional consultant Laura helped Higher Logic make its selection by offering several options and sending samples to make sure the color was right. "Our orange is very important to us," said Lauren Wolfe, Interactive Marketing & New Media Manager at Higher Logic.

They chose a charming infant lap shoulder creeper made by popular baby brand Rabbit Skins. Perhaps most noteworthy is the cute play-on-words imprint that was crowd-sourced from the Higher Logic staff: "I'm HUGable." ("HUG" stands for "Higher Logic User Group.")

Lauren from Higher Logic tells us that her coworkers (and their children) love their new onesies, "And we've already had two clients request them." In fact, they may even start shopping around for branded apparel for pets: "I'm a puppy parent, and would love to have orange gear for Baxter," Lauren said.

"I wanted to thank you for your help with the custom orange onesie order; they arrived and are absolutely adorable."
--Lauren Wolfe, Interactive Marketing & New Media Manager, Higher Logic


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