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Cheap Promotional Letter Openers, Letter Openers On Sale

Are you looking for the right promotional items to launch your company to the next level? Do you want to gain a valuable branding opportunity for a low price? If so, consider distributing these cheap promotional letter openers to all your clients. The function and ease of these letter openers on sale cannot be understated – they will be successful in making the life of any office worker much more stress-free. Characterized by their durable stainless steel edge and vibrant designs, the openers are designed to get people to remember your brand as they use the item on a daily basis. When people understand all the time that they are saving by switching to these cheap custom letter openers, they will be sure to associate that realization with your company.
Letter Openers
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Promotional House Shape Slitter
House Shape Slitter
As low as $0.49
Promotional Heart Letter Slitter
Heart Letter Slitter
As low as $0.66
Promotional Happy House Letter Opener
Happy House Letter Opener
As low as $0.71
Promotional Present-A-Card Letter Opener
Present-A-Card Letter Opener
As low as $1.34
Promotional Business Card Slitter Plus™
Business Card Slitter Plus™
As low as $1.43
Promotional Sure - Grip Letter Opener
Sure - Grip Letter Opener
As low as $1.10
Promotional Jiffi Slitter
Jiffi Slitter
As low as $0.51
Promotional Business Card Letter Opener
Business Card Letter Opener
As low as $0.55
Promotional House Letter Slitter
House Letter Slitter
As low as $0.59
Promotional 3 In 1 Plastic Letter Opener
3 In 1 Plastic Letter Opener
As low as $0.60
Promotional Heart Letter Opener
Heart Letter Opener
As low as $0.66
Promotional Let-Jet Letter Opener
Let-Jet Letter Opener
As low as $0.72
Promotional Letter Slitter Plus™
Letter Slitter Plus™
As low as $0.81
Promotional Wall Street Letter Opener/Magnifier
Wall Street Letter Opener/Magnifier
As low as $1.18
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