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Cheap Promotional Noise Makers, On Sale Logo Imprinted Noise Makers

These cheap promotional noise makers will provide a fantastic marketing value for your company at a very low cost. Whether you are getting ready to pass out imprinted whistles at a company event, or provide promotional maracas as party favors, these items make great giveaways. Some of our on sale logo imprinted noise makers are designed with a sports theme. This makes them ideal for pep rallies and sporting events. Other noise makers are better for making a racket during a New Year's Eve celebration. The loud noises that these promotional giveaways make will attract loads of attention to the imprinted logo on the item. The recipient of these gifts will obviously be smiling when they use it, so people are going to associate your brand with that positive emotion.
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Under $1 (15)
Product Color  
 Black (14)
 Blue (21)
 Clear (1)
 Gold (2)
 Green (10)
 Maroon (1)
 Orange (12)
 Pink (4)
 Purple (7)
 Red (18)
 Silver (2)
 White (21)
 Yellow (6)
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Production Time  
1 Day (8)
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3 Days or sooner (13)
5 Days or sooner (18)
Normal Production (29)
Product Materials
Metal (6)
Plastic (12)
Polyester (5)
Polypropylene (5)
Vinyl (1)
Wood (1)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (29)
Multicolor Imprint (21)
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East (1)
North (3)
Northeast (13)
Southeast (10)
Southwest (1)
West (1)
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Promotional 3-Tone Whistle
Quick View
3-Tone Whistle
As low as $0.59
Promotional Megaphone - 8"
Quick View
Megaphone - 8"
As low as $0.82
Promotional Police Whistle
Quick View
Police Whistle
As low as $0.72
Promotional Kazoos
Quick View
As low as $0.93
Promotional Cowbells 3"
Quick View
Cowbells 3"
As low as $0.91
Promotional Translucent Maracas
Quick View
Translucent Maracas
As low as $0.91
Promotional Megaphone with Popcorn Cap - Recycled
Quick View
Megaphone with Popcorn Cap - Recycled
As low as $1.02
Promotional Large Cow Bell
Quick View
Large Cow Bell
As low as $1.52
Promotional Fan-ta-sticks Pair Thunder Sticks
Quick View
Fan-ta-sticks Pair Thunder Sticks
As low as $1.35
Promotional Kazoo
Quick View
As low as $0.66
Promotional Small Cow Bell
Quick View
Small Cow Bell
As low as $1.10
Promotional Basketball Clapper
Quick View
Basketball Clapper
As low as $0.98
Promotional Silver Tambourine
Quick View
Silver Tambourine
As low as $1.46
Promotional Hand Clapper
Quick View
Hand Clapper
As low as $0.69
Promotional Mega Hand Clapper
Quick View
Mega Hand Clapper
As low as $0.99
Promotional Megaphone with Popcorn Cap
Quick View
Megaphone with Popcorn Cap
As low as $1.02
Promotional Whistle With Coil
Quick View
Whistle With Coil
As low as $0.66
Promotional Pink Cowbell
Quick View
Pink Cowbell
As low as $0.90
Promotional Baseball Clapper
Quick View
Baseball Clapper
As low as $0.91
Promotional 8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap - Recycled
Quick View
8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap - Recycled
As low as $1.08
Promotional 8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap
Quick View
8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap
As low as $1.08
Promotional Hand Clapper
Quick View
Hand Clapper
As low as $0.64
Promotional Train Whistle Key Chain
Quick View
Train Whistle Key Chain
As low as $1.15
Promotional Jumbo Kazoo
Quick View
Jumbo Kazoo
As low as $1.32
Promotional Soccer Clapper
Quick View
Soccer Clapper
As low as $0.91
Promotional Really Big Whistle
Quick View
Really Big Whistle
As low as $1.95
Promotional Spirit Cow Bell
Quick View
Spirit Cow Bell
As low as $1.09
Promotional Lil' Cha Cha™ Maracas
Quick View
Lil' Cha Cha™ Maracas
As low as $1.80
Promotional Cowbell on Lanyard
Quick View
Cowbell on Lanyard
As low as $2.38
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