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Personalized Computer Bags

motivators has custom computer bags, tablet sleeves, computer cases & more

In today's day and age, everyone has a laptop computer for both business and personal use. So, when you're thinking of your next promotional giveaway, why not give your employees, customers, and clients gifts that they can really use - personalized computer bags!

These high-quality bags offer a convenient way to transport one's essential devices to the office, coffee shop, or home, making them one of the most useful (and thoughtful) items that you can give away.
Computer Bags
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Promotional Atlas Computer Backpack
Gemline Atlas Computer Backpack
As low as $18.45
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional DuraHyde Compu-Attache
Leeds DuraHyde Compu-Attache
As low as $32.37
Promotional Jansport® Right Backpack
Jansport® Right Backpack
As low as $61.76
Promotional Script Backpack
Champion Script Backpack
As low as $23.51
Champion Brand Products
Promotional Powerglide Wheeled Compu-Backpack
High Sierra® Powerglide Wheeled Compu-Backpack
As low as $79.39
High Sierra® Brand Products
Promotional Classic Business Perfect Fit Two Gusset Computer Portfolio
Samsonite Classic Business Perfect Fit Two Gusset Computer Portfolio
As low as $79.86
Samsonite Brand Products
Promotional American Tourister Voyager Computer Backpack
American Tourister Voyager Computer Backpack
As low as $59.26
Promotional Field & Co.® Hudson Compu-Tote
Field & Co.® Hudson Compu-Tote
As low as $18.88
Promotional Zoom® Power Stretch Compu-Messenger Bag
Zoom® Power Stretch Compu-Messenger Bag
As low as $39.44
Promotional Ibira Compu-Backpack
Case Logic® Ibira Compu-Backpack
As low as $39.26
Case Logic® Brand Products
Promotional Laptop Brief
Laptop Brief
As low as $11.32
Promotional Travis & Wells Transit Computer Portfolio
Travis & Wells Transit Computer Portfolio
As low as $55.19
Promotional Ollie Charging Backpack
Ollie Charging Backpack
As low as $23.96
Promotional Pier Computer Backpack - 15"
Leeds Pier Computer Backpack - 15"
As low as $12.69
Promotional Concourse Laptop Backpack
Basecamp Concourse Laptop Backpack
As low as $39.87
Basecamp Brand Products
Promotional Verona Vertical Compu-Brief
Leeds Verona Vertical Compu-Brief
As low as $21.16
Promotional Alternative® Cotton Computer Rucksack
Alternative® Cotton Computer Rucksack
As low as $70.74
Promotional Thule Crossover™ Compu-Messenger Bag
Leeds Thule Crossover™ Compu-Messenger Bag
As low as $87.34
Promotional Reversible Laptop Sleeve
Reversible Laptop Sleeve
As low as $6.85
Promotional Alternative® Slim Computer Backpack
Leeds Alternative® Slim Computer Backpack
As low as $83.81
Promotional Rangeley Computer Backpack
Rangeley Computer Backpack
As low as $16.11
Promotional Field & Co. Cambridge Collection Compu-Messenger Bag
Leeds Field & Co. Cambridge Collection Compu-Messenger Bag
As low as $30.52
Promotional Expedition Computer Backpack
Gemline Expedition Computer Backpack
As low as $19.70
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Checkpoint Friendly Slim Compu-Attache Bag
Elleven Checkpoint Friendly Slim Compu-Attache Bag
As low as $67.04
Elleven Brand Products
Promotional Signature Compu-Brief
Carhartt Signature Compu-Brief
As low as $88.22
Carhartt Brand Products
Promotional Oxford Slim Compu-Brief
Oxford Slim Compu-Brief
As low as $22.04
Promotional Metro Compu-Brief
Leeds Metro Compu-Brief
As low as $21.87
Promotional Pioneer Computer Backpack
Pioneer Computer Backpack
As low as $32.45
Promotional Buckle Computer Briefcase - 15"
Leeds Buckle Computer Briefcase - 15"
As low as $7.66
Promotional Slim Line Computer Brief
Seville Gear Slim Line Computer Brief
As low as $16.65
Seville Gear Brand Products
Promotional Swerve Compu-Backpack
High Sierra® Swerve Compu-Backpack
As low as $52.93
High Sierra® Brand Products
Promotional Executive Computer Backpack
PUMA Executive Computer Backpack
As low as $91.94
PUMA Brand Products
Promotional Ladies Melrose BackPack
Ogio Ladies Melrose BackPack
As low as $73.85
Ogio Brand Products
Promotional Travis & Wells™ Denali Computer Backpack
Travis & Wells™ Denali Computer Backpack
As low as $50.76
Promotional Slope Compu-Messenger Bag
Leeds Slope Compu-Messenger Bag
As low as $22.75
Promotional Quest Computer Backpack
Gemline Quest Computer Backpack
As low as $26.56
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Tamworth Drawstring Tablet Bag
Tamworth Drawstring Tablet Bag
As low as $4.44
Promotional Tranzip Weekender Computer Tote - 15"
Tranzip Weekender Computer Tote - 15"
As low as $16.60
Promotional Competition Compu-Backpack
Slazenger® Competition Compu-Backpack
As low as $29.10
Slazenger® Brand Products
Promotional Domain Computer Backpack
Domain Computer Backpack
As low as $27.31
Promotional The Branson Tablet Backpack
The Branson Tablet Backpack
As low as $6.17
Promotional Vertex Trek Computer Backpack Bag
Vertex Trek Computer Backpack Bag
As low as $23.07
Promotional Stand Alone Briefcase
Stand Alone Briefcase
As low as $6.56
Promotional Women's Laptop Handbag/Briefcase in Vaqueta Napa Leather
Andrew Philips Collection Women's Laptop Handbag/Briefcase in Vaqueta Napa Leather
As low as $206.53
Andrew Philips Collection Brand Products
Promotional Ollie Computer Backpack
Ollie Computer Backpack
As low as $17.94
Promotional Paragon Compu-Folio
Leeds Paragon Compu-Folio
As low as $36.60
Promotional Reaction Compu-Backpack
Kenneth Cole® Reaction Compu-Backpack
As low as $64.40
Kenneth Cole® Brand Products
Promotional Thule® Stravan Compu-Backpack
Thule® Stravan Compu-Backpack
As low as $97.04
On sale custom imprinted  The Ultimate Backpack
 The Ultimate Backpack
As low as $15.05
On sale custom imprinted Samsonite Ultima™ 2 Computer Bag
Samsonite Ultima™ 2 Computer Bag
As low as $72.99
On sale custom imprinted Samsonite Road Warrior Computer Backpack
Samsonite Road Warrior Computer Backpack
As low as $91.78
On sale custom imprinted Andrew Philips Collection Oversized Briefcase for Laptops in Vaqueta Napa Leather
Andrew Philips Collection Oversized Briefcase for Laptops in Vaqueta Napa Leather
As low as $309.69

One of the most appreciated promotional items that you can offer your customers is a custom computer bag. After all, every student or employee needs a viable way to take their laptop with them from place to place. Whether you want to send them to your clients as gifts of appreciation for their continued business with your company or you want to attract new business by giving them away at trade shows or you want to hand them out to your employees, anyone who receives one of your promotional computer bags will be impressed by its quality.

Motivators offers a great selection of laptop bags in all different sizes, colors, and shapes. We have Neoprene tablet cases, portfolio bags, wheeled compu-backbacks, and more. We even have custom laptop bags with padded compartments and additional pockets for accessory items like your promotional flash drives. Our personalized computer bags have plenty of real estate for your logo and they're made from highly durable materials so they will last for years, thus giving your brand extensive long-term exposure.

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