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Personalzed Lunch Totes

We all know that everybody should eat a healthy lunch every day. But the truth is we often opt to buy our food from a fast food joint because they are so quick and easy. So encourage your students or employees to avoid fast food by providing them with these promotional cooler totes. When they receive this item, they will want to bring a bagged lunch to school or work every single day. When you hand out the personalized lunch totes, you'll be getting brilliant brand exposure while also promoting healthier eating. What a sure way to make an outstanding impact using these promotional items. You'll love how affordable these custom imprinted lunch totes are; who knew getting your brand name out there could be so inexpensive?
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Promotional Access Kooler Bag
Access Kooler Bag
As low as $3.22
Promotional Stealth Cooler Bag
Seville Gear Stealth Cooler Bag
As low as $9.49
Promotional The Insulated Lighthouse Boat Tote Cooler
The Insulated Lighthouse Boat Tote Cooler
As low as $2.85
Promotional Koolie Carry-All Cooler Bag
Koolie Carry-All Cooler Bag
As low as $2.60
Promotional Hampton Kooler Bag
Hampton Kooler Bag
As low as $3.55
Promotional Portable Ice Bucket / Beverage Carrier
Portable Ice Bucket / Beverage Carrier
As low as $5.15
Promotional Coolio 16-Can Backpack Cooler
Coolio 16-Can Backpack Cooler
As low as $13.83
Promotional Magic Folding Cooler Bag
Magic Folding Cooler Bag
As low as $4.03
Promotional I-Cool™ Backpack Cooler
I-Cool™ Backpack Cooler
As low as $19.69
Promotional Round Non-Woven Kooler Bag
Round Non-Woven Kooler Bag
As low as $2.76
Promotional Precision Bottle Cooler
Gemline Precision Bottle Cooler
As low as $14.31
Promotional Collapsible Party Cooler
Gemline Collapsible Party Cooler
As low as $17.90
Promotional Soft-Sided Cooler 9-Can
Coleman® Soft-Sided Cooler 9-Can
As low as $16.10
Promotional Polar Sport Cooler Bag
Seville Gear Polar Sport Cooler Bag
As low as $8.94
Promotional Color Band Cooler Tote
Color Band Cooler Tote
As low as $3.38
Promotional The Edge Cooler
Gemline The Edge Cooler
As low as $8.29
Promotional Tailgate Cooler Tub
Atchison by Bic Tailgate Cooler Tub
As low as $12.52
Promotional Business Traveler Cooler
California Innovations® Business Traveler Cooler
As low as $13.18
Promotional Poly Pro Lunch-To-Go Cooler Tote Bag - 14" x 9" x 9"
Poly Pro Lunch-To-Go Cooler Tote Bag - 14" x 9" x 9"
As low as $2.53
Promotional Large Round Kooler Bag
Large Round Kooler Bag
As low as $6.04
Promotional Tailgater Trunk Cooler Organizer
Seville Gear Tailgater Trunk Cooler Organizer
As low as $16.12
Promotional Flip Flap Kooler Bag - Insulated
Flip Flap Kooler Bag - Insulated
As low as $10.88
Promotional The Grande Insulated Bag
The Grande Insulated Bag
As low as $10.70
Promotional Designer Kooler Bag
Designer Kooler Bag
As low as $6.08
Promotional Lunch Cooler
California Innovations® Lunch Cooler
As low as $6.70
Promotional Icy Bright Cooler Tote Bag
Atchison by Bic Icy Bright Cooler Tote Bag
As low as $11.06
Promotional Picnic Basket Cooler
Leeds Picnic Basket Cooler
As low as $25.06
Promotional Trapezoid Kooler Bag
Koozie Trapezoid Kooler Bag
As low as $3.84
Promotional Spectrum Budget Cooler Bag
Spectrum Budget Cooler Bag
As low as $1.69
Promotional Striped Nonwoven Cooler Tote Bag
Striped Nonwoven Cooler Tote Bag
As low as $4.51
Promotional Scrubs Cooler
Scrubs Cooler
As low as $6.46
Promotional Mega Shopping Kooler Tote - Silk Screen
Mega Shopping Kooler Tote - Silk Screen
As low as $8.30
Promotional Convertible Cooler Tote
Seville Gear Convertible Cooler Tote
As low as $12.06
Promotional Extreme Access Cooler - 18 Can
Extreme Access Cooler - 18 Can
As low as $16.24
Promotional Elevation Cooler
Gemline Elevation Cooler
As low as $7.37
Promotional Pack-N-Go Kooler Bag
Pack-N-Go Kooler Bag
As low as $9.69
Promotional Summit Backpack Cooler
Summit Backpack Cooler
As low as $23.06
Promotional All Sport Junior Cooler
Gemline All Sport Junior Cooler
As low as $11.98
Promotional Pack-N-Go Kooler Bag - Embroidery
Pack-N-Go Kooler Bag - Embroidery
As low as $11.07
Promotional Infinity Sport Cooler
Infinity Sport Cooler
As low as $13.56
Promotional 56-Can Freezer Boat Tote Bag
California Innovations® 56-Can Freezer Boat Tote Bag
As low as $18.79
Promotional Fresco Sport Cooler
Leeds Fresco Sport Cooler
As low as $17.90
Promotional Pacific Trail Cooler
Leeds Pacific Trail Cooler
As low as $10.28
Promotional 16 Can Camo Cooler Bag
16 Can Camo Cooler Bag
As low as $20.85
Promotional Cans-To-Go Round Kooler Bag
Cans-To-Go Round Kooler Bag
As low as $2.85
Promotional Cafe Kooler Bag
Cafe Kooler Bag
As low as $3.68
Promotional Insulated Flip Flap Kooler Bag
Insulated Flip Flap Kooler Bag
As low as $11.19
Promotional Malibu 18 Can Cooler
Malibu 18 Can Cooler
As low as $11.71
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Insulated Cooler Tote Bags are Affordable & Useful

Schools and places of work are ideal locations at which to distribute your personalized lunch totes. When you hand out these products at educational institutions and offices, recipients will realize how easy it is to bring a lunch every day. You can also give away these custom imprinted lunch totes at tradeshows and large events. Your company logo will absolutely stand out on these attractive yet useful items. If you're looking to really make a name for yourself, these promo cooler tote bags will surely do the trick.

You can be sure just by looking at the personalized lunch totes that they will attract users and onlookers to your brand logo. But what will ensure frequent usage of these promotional products are their excellent features. These custom imprinted lunch totes are insulated using a variety of materials that are sure to maintain proper temperature for your foods and beverages. Many of these items also include convenient side pockets and either a zippered or Velcro closure that will keep contents secure. That's why these promo cooler tote bags will be such a hit.

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