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Custom Cooler Bags

our custom cooler bags are stylish and functional

Get your brand's message or logo seen each and every day by people of all industries with custom cooler bags and promotional lunch bags. Whether you're trying to break into the student market, the business professional market or even any type of general/manual labor positions, Motivators is here to help your brand get seen each and every lunch break.

Our reusable lunch bags make thoughtful gifts because they not only keep food fresh during the work day, they can also be used on picnics, during grocery shopping or any other time. Help clients, employees and students stay eco-friendly and health conscious while you also promote your company at the same time. Find the right custom cooler totes and bags for your company now!
Coolers & Lunch Bags
6 Pack Coolers (26)
12 Pack Coolers (19)
24 Pack Coolers (13)
Cooler Totes (64)
Eco-Friendly Coolers and Lunch Bags (3)
Lunch Bags (56)
Rolling Coolers (15)
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$10 - $15 (40)
$5 - $10 (47)
$3 - $5 (42)
$1 - $3 (30)
Under $1 (2)
Product Color  Learn More
black Black (142)
blue Blue (195)
brown Brown (2)
clear Clear (1)
gold Gold (4)
gray Gray (62)
green Green (109)
maroon Maroon (5)
orange Orange (34)
pink Pink (9)
purple Purple (18)
red Red (141)
silver Silver (8)
tan Tan (17)
teal Teal (5)
white White (20)
yellow Yellow (16)
300+ (235)
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200 or less (231)
150 or less (230)
100 or less (218)
50 or less (160)
25 or less (111)
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1 Day (73)
2 Days or sooner (73)
3 Days or sooner (84)
5 Days or sooner (91)
Normal Production (235)
Product Materials
Aluminum (2)
Cotton (10)
Foam (11)
Foil (4)
Leather (1)
Mesh (2)
Metal (4)
Neoprene (1)
Non-Woven (16)
Nylon (43)
Plastic (10)
Polyester (183)
Polypropylene (33)
Polyurethane (2)
Rubber (36)
Steel (2)
Vinyl (4)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (234)
Multicolor Imprint (172)
Imprint Type  Learn More
Atchison by Bic (7)
Basecamp (1)
Coleman® (15)
Gemline (11)
Igloo (12)
Koozie (8)
Ogio (1)
Seville Gear (8)
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Central (41)
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Northeast (77)
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Southeast (86)
West (21)
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Promotional 6 Pack Non-Woven Cooler Bag
6 Pack Non-Woven Cooler Bag
As low as $1.51
Promotional Nonwoven Lunch Bag
Nonwoven Lunch Bag
As low as $1.51
Promotional Sienna Lunch Kooler
Sienna Lunch Kooler
As low as $4.02
Promotional ID Lunch Cooler
ID Lunch Cooler
As low as $2.90
Promotional Cool Spring 12-Can Cooler
Cool Spring 12-Can Cooler
As low as $5.07
Promotional Breeze Lunch Cooler
Breeze Lunch Cooler
As low as $2.35
Promotional Non-Woven Insulated 6 Pack Kooler Bag
Non-Woven Insulated 6 Pack Kooler Bag
As low as $2.04
Promotional Balboa Cooler - 20 Can Capacity
Balboa Cooler - 20 Can Capacity
As low as $13.68
Promotional Access Kooler Bag
Access Kooler Bag
As low as $3.22
Promotional Nosh Identification Lunch Bag
Nosh Identification Lunch Bag
As low as $4.15
Promotional Strand Snow Canvas Lunch Bag
Strand Snow Canvas Lunch Bag
As low as $6.63
Promotional Lightweight Non-Insulated Lunch Tote Bag
Lightweight Non-Insulated Lunch Tote Bag
As low as $0.87
Promotional I-Cool™ Backpack Cooler
I-Cool™ Backpack Cooler
As low as $24.26
Promotional Identification Lunch Bag
Identification Lunch Bag
As low as $3.69
Promotional Chest Cooler - 30 Quart
Coleman® Chest Cooler - 30 Quart
As low as $31.64
Coleman® Brand Products
Promotional MaxCold™ Insulated Cooler Tote
Igloo MaxCold™ Insulated Cooler Tote
As low as $22.49
Igloo Brand Products
Promotional Vineyard Insulated Tote
Gemline Vineyard Insulated Tote
As low as $14.07
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Sandbar Party Cooler
Sandbar Party Cooler
As low as $17.13
Promotional Kool It Lunch Bag
Kool It Lunch Bag
As low as $2.35
Promotional Paws N Claws Lunch Bag - Tiger
Paws N Claws Lunch Bag - Tiger
As low as $3.71
Promotional Ombre Lunch Tote
Ombre Lunch Tote
As low as $4.59
Promotional Dual Compartment Kooler Bag
Dual Compartment Kooler Bag
As low as $13.23
Promotional Trapezoid Kooler Bag
Koozie Trapezoid Kooler Bag
As low as $4.18
Koozie Brand Products
Promotional Celebration Bucket Cooler
Celebration Bucket Cooler
As low as $15.10
Promotional Poly Pro Lunch Box
Poly Pro Lunch Box
As low as $3.02
Promotional Portable Ice Bucket / Beverage Carrier
Portable Ice Bucket / Beverage Carrier
As low as $5.79
Promotional Folding Identification Lunch Bag
Folding Identification Lunch Bag
As low as $2.54
Promotional Pack It Up Lunch Bag
Pack It Up Lunch Bag
As low as $5.43
Promotional Bailey Box Cooler
Bailey Box Cooler
As low as $7.37
Promotional Tailgate Cooler Tub
Atchison by Bic Tailgate Cooler Tub
As low as $15.19
Atchison by Bic Brand Products
Promotional Wheeled Cooler - 16 Quart
Coleman® Wheeled Cooler - 16 Quart
As low as $31.49
Coleman® Brand Products
Promotional Pelican™ Soft Cooler - 48 Can Capacity
Pelican™ Soft Cooler - 48 Can Capacity
As low as $485.28
Promotional Deluxe Spectator Cooler Chair
Deluxe Spectator Cooler Chair
As low as $33.71
Promotional Canvas Kooler Tote Bag
Canvas Kooler Tote Bag
As low as $24.51
Promotional Stealth Cooler Bag
Seville Gear Stealth Cooler Bag
As low as $11.00
Seville Gear Brand Products
Promotional Value Priced Lightweight Lunch Tote
Value Priced Lightweight Lunch Tote
As low as $0.93
Promotional Collapsible Party Cooler
Gemline Collapsible Party Cooler
As low as $22.04
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Northwoods Cooler Bag
Northwoods Cooler Bag
As low as $13.84
Promotional Color Band Lunch Bag
Color Band Lunch Bag
As low as $1.91
Promotional Major Metallic Cooler Bag
Major Metallic Cooler Bag
As low as $8.81
Promotional Wild Smilez Lunch Bag
Wild Smilez Lunch Bag
As low as $2.51
Promotional Chill by Flexi-Freeze® 12-Can Cooler
Chill by Flexi-Freeze® 12-Can Cooler
As low as $12.97
Promotional Luna Lunch Tote
Luna Lunch Tote
As low as $7.91
Promotional Precision Bottle Cooler
Gemline Precision Bottle Cooler
As low as $18.02
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Cascade Convertible Cooler
Cascade Convertible Cooler
As low as $27.31
Promotional Splash Rolling Kooler
Splash Rolling Kooler
As low as $23.07
Promotional Highland Peak Cooler
Basecamp Highland Peak Cooler
As low as $18.82
Basecamp Brand Products
Promotional Non Woven Cooler/Lunch Bag
Non Woven Cooler/Lunch Bag
As low as $2.45
On sale custom imprinted Igloo Avalanche 8-Can Cooler
Igloo Avalanche 8-Can Cooler
As low as $11.59
On sale custom imprinted Coleman® Cooler - 9 Quart
Coleman® Cooler - 9 Quart
As low as $18.94
On sale custom imprinted Igloo Juneau Backpack Cooler - 28 Can Capacity
Igloo Juneau Backpack Cooler - 28 Can Capacity
As low as $48.40
On sale custom imprinted  Ottterbox® Venture Cooler - 25 Qt.
 Ottterbox® Venture Cooler - 25 Qt.
As low as $302.47

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but Motivators can sure help make it cheaper! By giving away our promotional lunch bags and custom cooler bags, you'll have recipients seeing your logo and remembering your thoughtfulness every day when they eat lunch, go on picnics, host BBQs, go grocery shopping, or tailgate at their favorite sports arena. Our versatile bags are great for keeping food fresh, no matter the occasion. And thanks to our wide variety of customization options, you're guaranteed to find exactly what you need for any promotion.

Keep it cute for the kids with retro metal lunchboxes that can host any graphic. Keep food fresh out on the boat with our fun insulated duck bags and water bottles. Keep the party mobile with portable, collapsible party coolers. We have hundreds of unique options each available in various colors and ready to have your logo imprinted on them.

If you have any questions or you'd like more information about a particular product, feel free to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you choose the perfect custom coolers and personalized lunch bags for your promotional needs. Small or large, bright or subtle, we have what you're looking for. So live chat with us now or call us at 1-800-525-9600, and let your customers and employees promote your brand for you every time they go to lunch.

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