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DVT Awareness Promo Items

dvt awareness promo items

Deep-vein thrombosis, or DVT for short, occurs when blood clots deep within a vein, most commonly in the knees and legs. The condition can eventually lead to pulmonary embolism, or PE. PE occurs when the blood clot moves to the lungs and blocks a pulmonary artery. If left untreated, this can lead to complications and even death. DVT and PE can be prevented if caught early, which is why awareness is important. Use our DVT awareness promo items to help spread the word about the symptoms of DVT. Motivators has a selection of prevent deep-vein thrombosis gifts to help you drive your message home. When DVT is detected early and properly treated, severe complications are a lot less common. So do the right thing and distribute customized prevent deep-vein thrombosis products this March.
DVT Awareness Month Categories
Auto Accessories
Kitchen & Home
Technology & Electronics
Price (Per Item)
$5 - $10 (2)
$1 - $3 (2)
Under $1 (2)
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 Black (2)
 Blue (2)
 Green (2)
 Maroon (1)
 Purple (1)
 Red (2)
 White (4)
300+ (6)
300 or less (6)
200 or less (5)
150 or less (4)
100 or less (4)
50 or less (3)
25 or less (3)
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1 Day (2)
2 Days or sooner (2)
3 Days or sooner (2)
5 Days or sooner (2)
Normal Production (6)
Product Sizes
12 oz. (1)
Product Materials
Ceramic (1)
Paper (1)
Plastic (2)
Polyester (1)
Vinyl (1)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (5)
Multicolor Imprint (2)
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Central (1)
North (1)
Northeast (3)
Southeast (1)
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Special Offers
Promotional "Wildlife" Stapled Wall Calendar
"Wildlife" Stapled Wall Calendar
as low as $0.91
Promotional Super Saver Street Umbrella - 48"
Super Saver Street Umbrella - 48"
as low as $7.06
Promotional White Mini Cafe Mug - 12 oz.
White Mini Cafe Mug - 12 oz.
as low as $1.94
Promotional Economy License Frame - Recycled
Economy License Frame - Recycled
as low as $0.78
Promotional Stay Safe Floor Decals
Stay Safe Floor Decals
as low as $2.38
Promotional Wireless Bluetooth® Earbuds in Case
Wireless Bluetooth® Earbuds in Case
as low as $8.87
If you're organizing a DVT awareness event, attending a wellness or health seminar, or simply want to spread awareness for the common good, then these items are ideal for you. Motivators' large selection of DVT awareness promo items is full of products to help you spread the word about the risk factors, signs and symptoms for DVT so it can be caught early. Don't leave it up to chance; prevent deep-vein thrombosis with gifts to educate your customers and clients about this risky disorder. Who knows: your DVT awareness promo items may save a life.

From simple giveaways like pens and calendars to high quality apparel, Motivators has tons of DVT awareness promo items to help you with your DVT awareness campaign. These products can also be distributed at walks, fundraisers, and other events to help ensure your message is a lasting one. If you're not happy with our selection of customized prevent deep-vein thrombosis products, just give us a call; our promotional consultants are eager to help you create something you can be proud of.

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