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Customized Duffel Bags

Whether your client is heading to the gym, packing for a quick weekend getaway, or sending their child off to college; customized duffel bags from Motivators provide the perfect combination of storage size and marketing potential.

Hand them out at upcoming events and trade shows and recipients will use these high quality bags on a daily basis, thus giving your brand marketing even further reach. If you want your brand to get noticed practically anywhere and everywhere, personalized duffel bags make for the perfect solution.
Duffel Bags
Eco-Friendly Duffel Bags (2)
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Promotional Popeye Non-Woven Duffel Bag
Popeye Non-Woven Duffel Bag
As low as $2.31
Promotional Budget Barrel Duffel Bag
Budget Barrel Duffel Bag
As low as $3.84
Promotional Econo Duffel Bag - Silk Screen
Econo Duffel Bag - Silk Screen
As low as $7.85
Promotional Deluxe Sport Bag 21"
Deluxe Sport Bag 21"
As low as $10.67
Promotional Andante 22" Wheeled Duffel
Samsonite Andante 22" Wheeled Duffel
As low as $39.98
Promotional Weekender Duffel Bag
Seville Gear Weekender Duffel Bag
As low as $9.49
Promotional Economy Square Duffle Bag
Economy Square Duffle Bag
As low as $5.99
Promotional Small Budget Duffle Bag
Small Budget Duffle Bag
As low as $6.25
Promotional Pacific Fremont Duffel Bag
Cutter & Buck® Pacific Fremont Duffel Bag
As low as $78.04
Promotional Medium Golf Duffel Bag
Nike Medium Golf Duffel Bag
As low as $53.73
Promotional Shockwave Sport Duffel Bag
Shockwave Sport Duffel Bag
As low as $8.29
Promotional Cross Sport Duffel Bag
Cross Sport Duffel Bag
As low as $5.33
Promotional Recycled Barrel Duffel Bag
UltraClub Recycled Barrel Duffel Bag
As low as $7.93
Promotional Roomy Sports Bag - 21"
Roomy Sports Bag - 21"
As low as $8.40
Promotional Wheeled Duffel Bag - 25"
Wheeled Duffel Bag - 25"
As low as $28.30
Promotional Canvas Duffel Bag
Kenneth Cole® Canvas Duffel Bag
As low as $106.14
Promotional Legacy Cotton Duffel Bag
Cutter & Buck® Legacy Cotton Duffel Bag
As low as $92.22
Promotional Signature 20" Work Duffel Bag
Carhartt Signature 20" Work Duffel Bag
As low as $74.31
Promotional Small Duffel
Under Armour® Small Duffel
As low as $29.99
Promotional Classic Vinyl Deluxe Duffel - 20"
Classic Vinyl Deluxe Duffel - 20"
As low as $10.14
Promotional Dogbone Duffel Bag - 23"
Dogbone Duffel Bag - 23"
As low as $24.91
Promotional Heritage Supply Duffel Bag
Gemline Heritage Supply Duffel Bag
As low as $36.91
Promotional Duffel Bag - 22"
Elleven Duffel Bag - 22"
As low as $41.63
Promotional Power Play Sport Bag
Power Play Sport Bag
As low as $5.52
Promotional Field & Co. Duffle Bag - 20"
Leeds Field & Co. Duffle Bag - 20"
As low as $21.48
Promotional Deluxe Travel Duffle Bag
Seville Gear Deluxe Travel Duffle Bag
As low as $14.79
Promotional Center Court Duffel Bag
Atchison by Bic Center Court Duffel Bag
As low as $6.13
Promotional Paws N Claws Barrel Bag
Paws N Claws Barrel Bag
As low as $5.33
Promotional Active Sport Truffle Bag - Full Color
Active Sport Truffle Bag - Full Color
As low as $6.32
Promotional Cotton Duffle Bag
Cotton Duffle Bag
As low as $7.11
Promotional Courtside Duffel Bag - 21"
Courtside Duffel Bag - 21"
As low as $18.45
Promotional BaseCamp Traverse Duffel Bag
BaseCamp Traverse Duffel Bag
As low as $32.30
Promotional Metro Convertible Duffel Bag
Andrew Philips Collection Metro Convertible Duffel Bag
As low as $90.43
Promotional Strand Snow Canvas Duffel Bag
Strand Snow Canvas Duffel Bag
As low as $10.70
Promotional Printed Weekender Duffel
Seville Gear Printed Weekender Duffel
As low as $10.36
Promotional Porter Duffel Bag
Porter Duffel Bag
As low as $8.29
Promotional Champion Sport Bag
Champion Sport Bag
As low as $6.45
Promotional Cotton Duffel Bag
Cotton Duffel Bag
As low as $11.07
Promotional Color Block Sport Duffel Bag
Port & Company Color Block Sport Duffel Bag
As low as $16.91
Promotional Colossus 26 Inch Drop Bottom Duffel bag
High Sierra® Colossus 26 Inch Drop Bottom Duffel bag
As low as $54.61
Promotional Pack & Hang Duffel
California Innovations® Pack & Hang Duffel
As low as $53.72
Promotional Sport Duffel
Vertex Sport Duffel
As low as $23.06
Promotional Camo Duffel
Camo Duffel
As low as $23.71
Promotional Pioneer Sport Duffel
Pioneer Sport Duffel
As low as $25.83
Promotional Workout Duffel Bag
Workout Duffel Bag
As low as $9.16
Promotional Billboard Convertible Sport Bag
Billboard Convertible Sport Bag
As low as $16.60
Promotional Half Dome Duffel Bag
Ogio Half Dome Duffel Bag
As low as $22.39
Promotional 22" Drop Bottom Duffel
Wenger® 22" Drop Bottom Duffel
As low as $83.06
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On sale custom imprinted  Carry All Duffle Bag
 Carry All Duffle Bag
As low as $6.69
On sale custom imprinted Gemline All-Purpose Tool Duffle Bag W/ Strap
Gemline All-Purpose Tool Duffle Bag W/ Strap
As low as $26.85
On sale custom imprinted High Sierra® Warp Duffel
High Sierra® Warp Duffel
As low as $27.75
On sale custom imprinted Cutter & Buck® Legacy Cotton Roll Duffel Bag
Cutter & Buck® Legacy Cotton Roll Duffel Bag
As low as $77.90

Personalized Duffle Bags are Perfect for Businesses, Sports Teams, & More!

Motivators has personalized duffel bags to suit everyone's needs and tastes. From the businessman looking for a convenient case for trade show materials to the college athlete looking for a bag to toss their workout gear in, we've got the bags you need for all of your promotions. We have everything from weekender bags to roller duffel bags to premium leather bags. Rest assured, regardless of the bag you choose, your spacious duffel bags will bring you increased branding opportunities and bountiful success.

Motivators makes it easy and affordable to get the promotional items you need to market your brand. Once you choose your favorite bag, simply choose your custom options including where your logo will go and what your logo will look like. Stick to your brand colors or use eye-catching colors depending on your taste. No matter which personalized duffel bag you choose, your recipients will be sure to use them daily, giving your logo an abundance of exposure.

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