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Promotional Recycled Pencils

imprinted eco-friendly pencils

What's an easy and affordable way to showcase your concern for the Earth? The answer is simple: imprinted eco-friendly pencils. These promotional recycled pencils are perfect for schools, nature camps and more.

Pencils have long been a favorite among promotional product buyers, but the impact that their creation has had on the forest industry has been vast and plastic pencils are extremely detrimental to our environment. Customers, clients, employees and all recipients will know that your business cares about the planet when you give them these imprinted eco-friendly pencils.
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Promotional Jo-Bee Recycled Mood Pencil
Jo-Bee Recycled Mood Pencil
As low as $0.28
Promotional Recycled Newspaper Pencil - White
Recycled Newspaper Pencil - White
As low as $0.22
Promotional Recycled Newspaper Pencil - Colors
Recycled Newspaper Pencil - Colors
As low as $0.22
Promotional Recycled Currency Pencil
Recycled Currency Pencil
As low as $0.29
Promotional Jo-Bee Recycled Denim Pencil
Jo-Bee Recycled Denim Pencil
As low as $0.29
On sale custom imprinted  Recycled Currency Pencil
 Recycled Currency Pencil
As low as $0.29
On sale custom imprinted  Jo-Bee Recycled Mood Pencil
 Jo-Bee Recycled Mood Pencil
As low as $0.28
On sale custom imprinted  Recycled Newspaper Pencil - White
 Recycled Newspaper Pencil - White
As low as $0.22
On sale custom imprinted  Jo-Bee Recycled Denim Pencil
 Jo-Bee Recycled Denim Pencil
As low as $0.29

Sometimes, pens just won't do. And when you turn to pencils as your writing instrument of choice, be sure you are using ones that are helpful to the environment, rather than harmful. More importantly, make sure that when you are choosing to put the name of your business on a pencil, that it is an eco-friendly one. Imprinting your logo and message on these promotional eco-friendly pencils will send a message to all recipients that you will not stand for the mass destruction of natural resources any more.

These imprinted eco-friendly pencils may seem simple in their design, but when used correctly they can have a big impact. They will show recipients that yours is a company that cares about the environment and that you are proud to put your name on something that is not harmful to the planet. Whenever you place an order for eco-friendly products from Motivators, you can rest easy knowing your giveaways were made with limited impact to earth. It's our small way of saying "Thank You" to Mother Nature.

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