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Promotional Eco-Friendly Yo-Yo's

While you may show off and put your promotional yo-yo in a "sleep" passersby will be wide eyed and awake. Since their invention in the 1920's, yo-yo's have slipped in and out of the spotlight. Like an infectious fad, they become popular in school yards and inside the home leading to tons to tricks and fun. When you use these promotional eco-friendly yo-yo's as a promotion in your school, students will be ecstatic with your perfect pick. Now as students play with their cool custom recycled yo-yo's you'll get great recognition and enrollment will rise. Likewise, they're wonderful as trade show giveaways when you're looking to stand out and put a smile on the face of every attendee.
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Promotional USA Made Classic Yo-Yo
USA Made Classic Yo-Yo
as low as $1.15

Promotional Eco-Friendly Yo-Yos

Everyone that receives one of these fantastic logo recycled yo-yo's will want to show it off all around town. Because of their sturdy and eco-friendly components, these yo-yo's will last long leading to awesome exposure opportunities. From one hand to the next, everyone will try their luck with these custom recycled yo-yo's. As an added bonus, recipients will be pumped about your business's eco-friendly actions. By choosing these sustainable items, you're helping to protect our Earth and encouraging others to do the same.

Our selection of logo imprinted eco-friendly yo-yo's is cost effective and we'll tell you why. What other item can walk the dog, rock the cradle and go to sleep all while sporting your sweet logo? Another perk of these promotional eco-friendly yo-yo's is that they're made to be used. They won't just sit on your desk and collect dust. Instead, recipients can use them as handy paper weights and walk the dog once the clients have left. No matter what event you're planning, feel confident that these cool giveaways will give you dynamic success in the coming years.

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