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Electrical Safety Giveaways to Raise Awareness

Did you know that every year nearly 800 deaths are caused by electrical accidents that could have been prevented? You can help take steps to prevent these unfortunate accidents by handing out electrical safety giveaways to your clients and customers. February is Electrical Safety Awareness Month. Promotional items such as light bulb stress relievers, electronics and more are great giveaways to help promote electrical safety during this time. Get the message out, raise awareness and help save lives while exposing your brand in a positive light in the process. Browse our collection of electrical promotional items below.
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Health/First Aid
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Price (Per Item)
$25 - $50 (2)
$10 - $15 (1)
$5 - $10 (4)
$1 - $3 (11)
Under $1 (19)
Product Color  
 Black (17)
 Blue (19)
 Brown (2)
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 Gray (6)
 Green (15)
 Maroon (4)
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1 Day (8)
2 Days or sooner (9)
3 Days or sooner (11)
5 Days or sooner (15)
Normal Production (37)
Product Sizes
17 oz. (1)
20 oz. (1)
Product Materials
Aluminum (2)
Cork (1)
Cotton (2)
Fleece (1)
Foam (1)
Magnet (1)
Metal (1)
Non-Woven (1)
Paper (3)
Plastic (8)
Polyester (8)
Polypropylene (2)
Polyurethane (2)
Rubber (1)
Silicone (1)
Wood (1)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (34)
Multicolor Imprint (22)
Imprint Type  
Bic (1)
Hanes (1)
Leeds (1)
Maglite® (1)
Post–it® Brand (1)
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Central (2)
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Southeast (8)
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West (4)
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Promotional "Stay Safe with Electricity" Coloring Book
Quick View
"Stay Safe with Electricity" Coloring Book
As low as $0.42
Promotional Round Safety Outlet Cover
Quick View
Round Safety Outlet Cover
As low as $0.23
Promotional Light Bulb Flexible Magnet
Quick View
Light Bulb Flexible Magnet
As low as $0.40
Promotional Mini Memo Board Packages
Quick View
Mini Memo Board Packages
As low as $0.57
Promotional The Oriole Drawstring Backpack
Quick View
The Oriole Drawstring Backpack
As low as $1.28
Promotional King Size Cork Fluorescent Light Bulb Coaster
Quick View
King Size Cork Fluorescent Light Bulb Coaster
As low as $0.48
Promotional Class 3 Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Quick View
Class 3 Crew Neck Sweatshirt
As low as $47.62
Promotional Neon Pencils
Quick View
Neon Pencils
As low as $0.18
Promotional The Omni Bike Bottle - 20 oz.
Quick View
The Omni Bike Bottle - 20 oz.
As low as $0.78
Promotional Custom Printed Notes Super Sticky - 3" x 4" 25 Sheet Pads
Quick View
Post–it® Brand Custom Printed Notes Super Sticky - 3" x 4" 25 Sheet Pads
As low as $0.40
Promotional Daisy Lightbulb Ornament
Quick View
Daisy Lightbulb Ornament
As low as $1.38
Promotional Seattle B Ballpoint Pens
Quick View
Seattle B Ballpoint Pens
As low as $0.17
Promotional The Zeus Tote Bag
Quick View
The Zeus Tote Bag
As low as $0.95
Promotional Grab-N-Go Emergency First Aid Kit
Quick View
Grab-N-Go Emergency First Aid Kit
As low as $0.91
Promotional Slide Door Power Bank with Cable - Full Color
Quick View
Slide Door Power Bank with Cable - Full Color
As low as $10.62
Promotional Light Bulb Stress Reliever
Quick View
Light Bulb Stress Reliever
As low as $0.82
Promotional House Night Light
Quick View
House Night Light
As low as $2.67
Promotional Standard 3 D-Cell Flashlight
Quick View
Maglite® Standard 3 D-Cell Flashlight
As low as $33.50
Promotional 2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
Quick View
2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
As low as $0.62
Promotional Custom Awareness Bracelets - Debossed
Quick View
Custom Awareness Bracelets - Debossed
As low as $0.15
Promotional Small Hit Sports Pack
Quick View
Small Hit Sports Pack
As low as $1.08
Promotional House Jar Opener
Quick View
House Jar Opener
As low as $0.54
Custom The Li'l Shorty Sports Water Bottle - 17 oz.
Quick View
The Li'l Shorty Sports Bottle - 17 oz.
As low as $2.69
Promotional Police Whistle
Quick View
Police Whistle
As low as $0.72
Promotional Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pen
Quick View
Bic Intensity® Clic™ Gel Pen
As low as $1.93
Promotional 1" Silk Screen Lanyard
Quick View
1" Silk Screen Lanyard
As low as $1.11
Promotional Rotate Flash Drive 2GB
Quick View
Leeds Rotate Flash Drive 2GB
As low as $6.99
Promotional White Light Bulb Squeezie  Stress Reliever
Quick View
White Light Bulb Squeezie Stress Reliever
As low as $1.11
Promotional Go Go Rally Towel
Quick View
Go Go Rally Towel
As low as $1.55
Promotional SafetyCaps Outlet Cover
Quick View
SafetyCaps Outlet Cover
As low as $0.63
Promotional Swivel Drive USB Flash Drive - 8GB
Quick View
Swivel Drive USB Flash Drive - 8GB
As low as $6.90
Promotional Television Stress Reliever
Quick View
Television Stress Reliever
As low as $1.60
Promotional Fire Badge
Quick View
Fire Badge
As low as $0.91
Promotional Adhesive Wall Calendar 2018 - Safety First (Safety)
Quick View
Adhesive Wall Calendar 2018 - Safety First (Safety)
As low as $0.96
Promotional Custom Embroidered Patches - 3 Inch
Quick View
Custom Embroidered Patches - 3 Inch
As low as $1.57
Promotional Light-Up USB Car Charger
Quick View
Light-Up USB Car Charger
As low as $6.94
Promotional Crewneck Sweatshirt White
Quick View
Hanes Crewneck Sweatshirt White
As low as $7.38
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Electrical Safety Giveaways

Do you want to promote safety in the work place during Electrical Safety Awareness Month? Promotional products with your logo them make great electrical safety products, delivering your message loud and clear. Remind employees that it's important to stay safe on the job and at home by giving them these awareness items. Motivators is proud to offer a vast selection of giveaways to help you get the word out and promote electrical safety, so start shopping today.

Still can't find the perfect electrical promotional itemsfor your clients, customers or employees? No worries at all; simply give one of our promotional consultants a call and he or she will be happy to help you with your promotional needs. You're going to love our Electrical Safety Awareness Month items because they'll help keep your employees and customers safe at all times. Plus, these items will also help get your brand name out there. These items can even be used as promotional electrician giveaways. Call us at 1-800-525-9600 to order now.

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