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Promotional Notebooks

If there's one thing that people love, it's receiving gifts they really need and can put to use. Motivators offers a large selection of promotional notebooks, padfolios, pads, and journals that are perfect for showcasing your branding. These items will be used repeatedly in the office, at meetings, and on the go. If you want to greet potential customers with your branding front and center, these products are the ideal choice.

Did you know that our biggest sellers among corporate buyers are personalized notebooks and padfolios? To start creating your custom giveaway, give us a call at 1-800-525-9600 or chat with us online today.
Folios & Notebooks
Best Selling Folios & Notebooks
Eco-Friendly Folios & Notebooks (25)
Jotters (36)
Journals (134)
Notebooks (131)
Portfolios (186)
Presentation Folders (53)
Ring Binders (8)
Writing Pads (41)
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Special Offers
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Closeout Promotional Items (18)      
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Price (Per Item)
$100+ (1)
$50 - $100 (16)
$25 - $50 (41)
$15 - $25 (71)
$10 - $15 (76)
$5 - $10 (127)
$3 - $5 (72)
$1 - $3 (151)
Under $1 (37)
Product Color  
 Black (441)
 Blue (316)
 Brown (53)
 Clear (32)
 Gold (13)
 Gray (77)
 Green (176)
 Maroon (34)
 Orange (101)
 Pink (38)
 Purple (87)
 Red (222)
 Silver (25)
 Tan (73)
 Teal (20)
 White (97)
 Yellow (26)
300+ (591)
300 or less (587)
200 or less (542)
150 or less (537)
100 or less (500)
50 or less (365)
25 or less (236)
Production Time  
1 Day (229)
2 Days or sooner (237)
3 Days or sooner (269)
5 Days or sooner (276)
Normal Production (591)
Product Materials
Aluminum (3)
Cork (2)
Cotton (6)
Faux Suede (5)
Leather (157)
Metal (5)
Microfiber (5)
Non-Woven (3)
Nylon (12)
Paper (110)
Plastic (16)
Polyester (90)
Polypropylene (73)
Polyurethane (13)
Recycled Composites (4)
Steel (1)
Vinyl (135)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (481)
Multicolor Imprint (298)
Imprint Type  
Shipping Region  
Central (62)
North (11)
Northeast (332)
Southeast (147)
West (39)
User Rating
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& Up (93)
& Up (96)
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Promotional Ambassador Bound Note Book
JournalBooks Ambassador Bound Note Book
As low as $4.64
Promotional Duchess Spiral Notebook
Duchess Spiral Notebook
As low as $1.25
Promotional DuraHyde Padfolio
Leeds DuraHyde Padfolio
As low as $10.73
Promotional Spiral Notebook with Pen
Spiral Notebook with Pen
As low as $1.28
Promotional The Star Spiral Notebook
The Star Spiral Notebook
As low as $1.51
Promotional Tech Junior Journal
Tech Junior Journal
As low as $6.25
Promotional Showcase Notebook
JournalBooks Showcase Notebook
As low as $2.67
Promotional Color Wave Notebook
Color Wave Notebook
As low as $2.25
Promotional Essence Large Note Book
JournalBooks Essence Large Note Book
As low as $5.36
Promotional Non-Woven Small Padfolio
Non-Woven Small Padfolio
As low as $2.67
Promotional Tuscany™ Journal
Leeman Designs Tuscany™ Journal
As low as $8.21
Promotional DuraHyde JR Padfolio
Leeds DuraHyde JR Padfolio
As low as $6.70
Promotional Leather Writing Pad
Cutter & Buck® Leather Writing Pad
As low as $53.72
Promotional PolyPro FileFolio
PolyPro FileFolio
As low as $4.71
Promotional Ambassador Pocket Bound Note Book
JournalBooks Ambassador Pocket Bound Note Book
As low as $3.75
Promotional The Post Spiral Notebook
The Post Spiral Notebook
As low as $0.76
Promotional Bound Journal Bundle Set
Scripto® Bound Journal Bundle Set
As low as $6.07
Promotional Reveal Large Note Book
JournalBooks Reveal Large Note Book
As low as $6.25
Promotional Translucent Notebook - 5 Inch x 7 Inch
Translucent Notebook - 5 Inch x 7 Inch
As low as $1.73
Promotional Pedova™ Zippered Padfolio
Leeds Pedova™ Zippered Padfolio
As low as $14.31
Promotional Windsor Reflections Writing Pad
Leeds Windsor Reflections Writing Pad
As low as $8.31
Promotional Pedova™ Jr. Zippered Padfolio
Pedova™ Jr. Zippered Padfolio
As low as $8.94
Promotional Small Spiral Curve Notebook
Small Spiral Curve Notebook
As low as $0.67
Promotional Contrast Paperboard Eco Journal
Contrast Paperboard Eco Journal
As low as $1.78
Promotional Casablanca Journal
Casablanca Journal
As low as $8.58
Promotional Academy Junior Notebook & Stylus Pen
Academy Junior Notebook & Stylus Pen
As low as $2.31
Promotional Pocket Eco-Note Keeper
Pocket Eco-Note Keeper
As low as $0.76
Promotional Color Pop Bound
JournalBooks Color Pop Bound
As low as $5.36
Promotional Pedova™ Large Bound Note Book
JournalBooks Pedova™ Large Bound Note Book
As low as $8.94
Promotional Kingston Journal Book
Kingston Journal Book
As low as $3.03
Promotional Vicenza Large Bound Note Book
JournalBooks Vicenza Large Bound Note Book
As low as $8.49
Promotional Medical Scrub Sticky Book™
Medical Scrub Sticky Book™
As low as $2.04
Promotional Montgomery Spiral Memo Book with Pen
Montgomery Spiral Memo Book with Pen
As low as $1.70
Promotional Jackson Spiral Note Pad with Day Minder
Jackson Spiral Note Pad with Day Minder
As low as $1.36
Promotional Cool Journal - Medium
Cool Journal - Medium
As low as $8.87
Promotional Lamis Junior Folder
Lamis Junior Folder
As low as $6.94
Promotional Symphony Journal - Large
Symphony Journal - Large
As low as $7.39
Promotional Deluxe Padboards
Deluxe Padboards
As low as $3.99
Promotional Austin Eco-Journal
Austin Eco-Journal
As low as $0.99
Promotional Ecologist Pen/Journal Combo
Ecologist Pen/Journal Combo
As low as $4.10
Promotional Junior Padfolio
Seville Gear Junior Padfolio
As low as $8.01
Promotional Hardcover Note Book
JournalBooks Hardcover Note Book
As low as $4.46
Promotional Stockton Junior Tech and Conference Journal
Stockton Junior Tech and Conference Journal
As low as $6.25
Promotional Half and Half Perfect Bound Notebook
Half and Half Perfect Bound Notebook
As low as $4.78
Promotional Woodgrain Look Notebook with Sticky Notes and Flags - 4" x 6"
Woodgrain Look Notebook with Sticky Notes and Flags - 4" x 6"
As low as $2.54
Promotional G Line Zippered Notebook
G Line Zippered Notebook
As low as $3.12
Promotional Reporter's Notebook
Reporter's Notebook
As low as $1.20
Promotional MopTopper™ Pen and Notebook Set
MopTopper™ Pen and Notebook Set
As low as $5.06
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Custom Padfolios and Personalized Notebooks

The number one reason people keep promotional products is because they serve a purpose, and there's no doubt that your recipients will find custom padfolios, notebooks, and journals useful. People will use them at meetings, in their home office, for school work, and more. Just imagine the kind of brand exposure you could get from creating promotional notebooks for your business or organization. Hand them out at trade shows, conferences, meetings, schools, and awareness events and get your branding out there.

Whether you're searching for custom padfolios, promotional notebooks, or journals to personalize with your logo, you'll find it here at Motivators. We're happy to work with you to find the best product for your event and audience. To get started on your giveaways, browse our selection or call 1-800-525-9600 and ask to speak with a promotional consultant.

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