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Frat Giveaways

frat giveaways

Your fraternity might use giveaways for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you're looking to recruit new pledges, or maybe you simply want to generally promote your chapter. Motivators' frat giveaways are exactly what you need for a successful campaign. We've hand-picked the best products for promoting your Greek organization, from bumper stickers to beer steins. Current members of your fraternity will love receiving promotional fraternity items too, and they'll be thrilled to be able to show off their pride. Matching items not only help promote your organization to potential pledges campus-wide, but they also promote unity among current brothers.
Fraternity Categories
Auto Accessories
Awards and Recognition
Caps and Hats
Desktop Products
Folios & Notebooks
Food Products
Games & Toys
Health/First Aid
Key Chains
Kitchen & Home
Luggage & Travel
Paper Products
Pens, Pencils & Highlighters
Personal Accessories
Technology & Electronics
Price (Per Item)
$100+ (5)
$50 - $100 (9)
$25 - $50 (10)
$15 - $25 (14)
$10 - $15 (9)
$5 - $10 (23)
$3 - $5 (18)
$1 - $3 (47)
Under $1 (29)
Product Color  Learn More
 Black (102)
 Blue (112)
 Brown (10)
 Clear (20)
 Gold (15)
 Gray (39)
 Green (82)
 Maroon (20)
 Orange (49)
 Pink (28)
 Purple (41)
 Red (95)
 Silver (23)
 Tan (19)
 Teal (9)
 White (72)
 Yellow (28)
300+ (163)
300 or less (156)
200 or less (132)
150 or less (123)
100 or less (105)
50 or less (75)
25 or less (42)
Production Time  Learn More
1 Day (31)
2 Days or sooner (33)
3 Days or sooner (40)
5 Days or sooner (45)
Normal Production (163)
Product Sizes
XS (8)
S (26)
M (26)
L (26)
XL (26)
2XL (26)
3XL (21)
4XL (12)
5XL (10)
6XL (1)
Product Materials
Aluminum (3)
Ceramic (1)
Cotton (28)
Faux Suede (1)
Fleece (2)
Foam (6)
Glass (9)
Leather (3)
Mesh (1)
Metal (4)
Microfiber (3)
Neoprene (2)
Non-Woven (1)
Nylon (7)
Paper (5)
Plastic (37)
Polyester (50)
Polypropylene (11)
Polyurethane (1)
Rayon (2)
Rubber (1)
Silicone (2)
Steel (7)
Stone (1)
Tritan (1)
Velour (1)
Vinyl (6)
Wood (3)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (160)
Multicolor Imprint (94)
Imprint Type  Learn More
Shipping Region  Learn More
Central (6)
East (2)
North (2)
Northeast (61)
Northwest (7)
Southeast (65)
Southwest (1)
West (15)
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Special Offers
Promotional Party Cup - 16 oz.
Party Cup - 16 oz.
As low as $1.95
Promotional Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses
Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses
As low as $2.21
Promotional Colored Ping Pong Balls
Colored Ping Pong Balls
As low as $0.50
Promotional Matte Black Swig Stainless Steel Bottle - 16 oz.
Matte Black Swig Stainless Steel Bottle - 16 oz.
As low as $7.93
Promotional Adult Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt - 5.3 oz - Colors
Gildan Adult Heavy Cotton™ T-Shirt - 5.3 oz - Colors
As low as $4.40
Gildan Brand Products
Promotional Tailgate Kit
Tailgate Kit
As low as $7.57
Promotional Mini Bag Toss Game
Mini Bag Toss Game
As low as $11.54
Promotional Groundwork Backpack
The North Face® Groundwork Backpack
As low as $60.00
The North Face® Brand Products
Promotional Elite Bottle Opener Metal Keyholder
Elite Bottle Opener Metal Keyholder
As low as $1.85
Promotional Double Deck Playing Cards
Double Deck Playing Cards
As low as $3.25
Promotional #1 Foam Cheering Mitt - 18"
#1 Foam Cheering Mitt - 18"
As low as $1.57
Promotional Giant 4 in a Row Game
Giant 4 in a Row Game
As low as $225.00
Promotional Megaphone - 8"
Megaphone - 8"
As low as $0.71
Promotional Folding Can Cooler Sleeve
Folding Can Cooler Sleeve
As low as $0.54
Promotional Pulley Cooler
Ogio Pulley Cooler
As low as $86.77
Ogio Brand Products
Promotional Apparel Kit 1 Adult
Gildan Apparel Kit 1 Adult
As low as $7.93
Gildan Brand Products
Promotional Nano Speaker
Nano Speaker
As low as $26.46
Promotional Drawstring Backpack In A Bottle Combo
Drawstring Backpack In A Bottle Combo
As low as $3.96
Promotional Tagless Raglan Baseball T-Shirt 6.1 oz
Champion Tagless Raglan Baseball T-Shirt 6.1 oz
As low as $10.03
Champion Brand Products
Promotional Bottle Buddy Insulator
Bottle Buddy Insulator
As low as $1.37
Promotional Clic Stic Retractable Pen
Bic Clic Stic Retractable Pen
As low as $0.41
Promotional Young Mens The Concert Tank Top
District Young Mens The Concert Tank Top
As low as $3.83
District Brand Products
Promotional Spirit Rally Towel
Spirit Rally Towel
As low as $1.80
Promotional Safevelope - Safe Sex Kit
Safevelope - Safe Sex Kit
As low as $1.40
Promotional Full Color Slap Wrap & Go
Full Color Slap Wrap & Go
As low as $2.16
Promotional X-Tra Value Structured Cap
X-Tra Value Structured Cap
As low as $5.15
Promotional Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses
Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses
As low as $2.07
Promotional 2-Tone Hackey Sack
2-Tone Hackey Sack
As low as $0.81
Promotional White Rally Towel - 18"
White Rally Towel - 18"
As low as $1.41
Promotional Men's Sport Shirt Pique Polo
Harriton Men's Sport Shirt Pique Polo
As low as $11.76
Harriton Brand Products
Promotional Beer Stein Mug - 14 oz.
Beer Stein Mug - 14 oz.
As low as $1.07
Promotional Full Color Reusable Clear Plastic Cups - 17 oz.
Full Color Reusable Clear Plastic Cups - 17 oz.
As low as $0.28
Promotional Structured Mesh Back with Contrast Stitching
Structured Mesh Back with Contrast Stitching
As low as $4.69
Promotional 3-Tone Whistle
3-Tone Whistle
As low as $0.62
Promotional Disc Jam Game Set
Disc Jam Game Set
As low as $37.06
Promotional Adult Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt
Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt
As low as $4.13
Gildan Brand Products
Promotional Vintage Weekender Bag
Gemline Vintage Weekender Bag
As low as $26.25
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Craft Beer Glass - 16 oz.
Craft Beer Glass - 16 oz.
As low as $1.84
Promotional Mini Basketball & Hoop Set
Mini Basketball & Hoop Set
As low as $7.04
Promotional Party Tub
Party Tub
As low as $110.77
Promotional Pint Glass Bottle Opener
Pint Glass Bottle Opener
As low as $9.80
Promotional Satin Touch Ad Pen
Satin Touch Ad Pen
As low as $1.22
Promotional Adult Tri-Blend Hooded Fleece
J. America Adult Tri-Blend Hooded Fleece
As low as $19.53
J. America Brand Products
Promotional Tissue Pack
Tissue Pack
As low as $0.53
Promotional Pick Up Sticks in Wooden Box
Pick Up Sticks in Wooden Box
As low as $1.16
Promotional Classic Portable Wood Bar
Classic Portable Wood Bar
As low as $158.77
Promotional International Ping Pong Ball
International Ping Pong Ball
As low as $0.44
Promotional Dog Tag on Bead Chain
Dog Tag on Bead Chain
As low as $0.90
As campus Greek organizations begin preparing for the rush process, how will you set your fraternity apart? You're likely competing with other frats in order to recruit this year's best pledges. Motivators' frat giveaways will help bring attention to your specific chapter. Hand them out at campus community centers, the dining hall and outside classrooms to reach the most amount of students. Recipients will be impressed by your promotional fraternity items, helping your organization to really stand out.

What will you find when browsing Motivators' selection of fraternity rush promos? We've truly got everything to kick the pledge process into high gear. Some of our more popular items include stadium cups, ping pong balls and Frisbees. There are so many fun and unique ways to promote your fraternity; you'll love our one-of-a-kind ideas. And if you don't see what you're looking for, our friendly promotional consultants are just a phone call away. Call us at (800) 525-9600 for help choosing fantastic frat giveaways.

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