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Promotional Hand Sanitizers
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Custom Germ-Free Items

promotional antimicrobial tools and contactless products

Choose custom tools that will help your customers and employees stay germ-free in everyday life. Customize antimicrobial tools that are great for on-the-go and very helpful for staying clean in public places. These tools can help open doors without touching the handle or pushing buttons on keypads and touchscreens. You can also select products for your personal items like phone cleaners or magnetic bag hangers.

These are unique promotional products that will be used regularly, and recipients will have your company to thank. Browse Motivators selection of contactless items for effective branding tools and useful promotional giveaways.
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Brass Door Opener Touch Tool
as low as $3.37
Circular Purse Clip
as low as $2.71
KeySmart CleanKey Antimicrobial Hand Tool
as low as $21.99
Bic Clic Stic PrevaGuard™ Pen
as low as $0.78
Touchless Black Acrylic Sanitary Key - Full Color
as low as $2.72
Antimicrobial Lanyard - 5/8 Inch
as low as $1.69
Bic Germ-Free PrevaGuard Mouse Pad
as low as $2.28
Bic Brand Products
UV Phone Sterilizer Box w/ Wireless Charger
as low as $49.99
Foldable Bag Hanger
as low as $1.57
Bic PrevaGuard™ Round Mouse Pad
as low as $2.28
Bic Brand Products
Antibacterial Dart Click Pen
as low as $0.41
Borsa Purse Hanger & Key Chain
as low as $5.29
Bic Round Stic PrevaGuard™ Pen
as low as $0.44
Antibacterial Stylus Keychain
as low as $1.27
SafeTouch® 100% Copper Hygiene Multi-Tool
as low as $16.72
Bic PrevaGuard™ Rectangle Mouse Pad
as low as $2.28
Bic Brand Products
iProtect® Antibacterial Pen
as low as $0.66
Antibacterial Stylus Pen
as low as $0.55
Neoprene Handle Wrap
as low as $1.85
Sanitary Door Opener Touch Tool Keychain
as low as $1.99
TouchTool Pro w/ Stylus
as low as $11.96
Antibacterial Satin Click Pen
as low as $0.47
Antibacterial Door Opener Stylus
as low as $1.08
No Contact Utility Tool Key
as low as $3.51
In today's world, staying clean is a high priority. Many people are constantly looking for convenient ways to protect from germs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, such useful tools are available as promotional items featuring your brand's logo. Choose giveaways featuring antimicrobial utility tools that are small enough to be carried on a key ring, but impactful enough for dozens of daily uses. You may also choose products for keeping phones and tech items clean or magnet hangers for purses and bags to prevent contact with surfaces. Whichever you choose will feature customization options for showing off your brand's logo.

Custom germ-free promotional products are not only convenient and easy to use, but they also provide an effective message that your company cares. It's important for companies to look out for the health of their customers and employees and these giveaways are just the thing. Choose contactless items from Motivators that provide a positive, long-lasting impact. Contact us today with any questions or to get started with customization.

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