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Groundbreaking Gifts

groundbreaking gifts

Starting construction on a new building should be a celebration. When undertaking something so huge, you want to be sure that you have the proper tools to celebrate it. After all, a groundbreaking is a big occasion that deserves all the pomp and circumstance that comes along with it. Our selection of groundbreaking gifts is your source for everything you need to celebrate your momentous occasion. Give community officials ground breaking awards for their dedication to the project. Let attendees at the ceremony take home a little something special with groundbreaking shovels. Everyone will be able to commemorate your special day and no one will ever forget the event that started it all.
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Special Offers
Promotional Tissue Packet
Tissue Packet
as low as $0.78
Pocket Tissue Pack
as low as $0.49
Ava Translucent Twist Action Pen
as low as $0.51
Promotional 1" Crimped Polyester Lanyard
1" Crimped Polyester Lanyard
as low as $0.69
Bic Clic Stic Antimicrobial Pen
as low as $0.78
Mini Tissue Box
as low as $0.93
Promotional Zippered ID Pouch/Wallet
Zippered ID Pouch/Wallet
as low as $0.99
Connect The Dots Non-Woven Drawstring Bag
as low as $1.19
Promotional Shiny Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
Shiny Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
as low as $1.31
Retractable Badge Holder w/ Alligator Clip
as low as $1.57
Circular Purse Clip
as low as $2.60
3-in-1 Charging Cable Carabiner
as low as $2.87
Promotional Budget Folding Umbrella - 42 Inch
Budget Folding Umbrella - 42 Inch
as low as $4.25
Antimicrobial Wristband
as low as $4.46
Promotional Vegan Leather Mobile Accessory
PopSockets® Vegan Leather Mobile Accessory
as low as $9.15
PopSockets® Brand Products
Promotional EPod Emergency Kit
Basecamp EPod Emergency Kit
as low as $13.69
Basecamp Brand Products
Adhesive Floor Graphic - 17" x 23"
as low as $19.85
Conference At Home Kit
as low as $23.70
Promotional Lancaster Backpack Tote Bag
Lancaster Backpack Tote Bag
as low as $24.71
Iced Sherpa Blanket
as low as $28.22
Promotional Berkeley Wireless Charging Organizer
Berkeley Wireless Charging Organizer
as low as $34.27
Thick Distancing Barrier with Three Panels - 0.25" - Blank
as low as $149.34
Promotional 46.5" Deluxe Pro Retractor Single-Banner Kit
46.5" Deluxe Pro Retractor Single-Banner Kit
as low as $255.88
Promotional Marble Paper Journal
Marble Paper Journal
as low as $1.97
Promotional Tall Campfire Mug 14 Oz.
Tall Campfire Mug 14 Oz.
as low as $2.43
Promotional Cargo™ Travel Organizer
BUILT Cargo™ Travel Organizer
as low as $19.84
BUILT Brand Products
When you get to have an achievement like breaking ground on a new building, it's something that deserves to be commemorated. After all, it isn't every day that you start a project as huge as building a building. Whether it's a community center that will give kids a place to gather instead of being on the streets or a much needed hospital, it's still a reason to have a party and say thank you. You can say thank you to the donors who contributed their time. You can say thank you to the builders who are going to be putting forth the effort by giving them groundbreaking shovels. And you can thank them all with groundbreaking gifts. You can even offer groundbreaking awards to the people who really deserve them.

Unlike other events, there aren't many reasons to use groundbreaking gifts. It just means that when you do finally have a groundbreaking ceremony, you better have the perfect groundbreaking gifts. This once in a lifetime occasion is something that deserves to be commemorated correctly. With groundbreaking awards that you can give to worthy recipients and groundbreaking shovels that you can give to attendees, Motivators is your number one source for all the items you need to have a memorable event.

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