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Hemophilia Awareness Month

hemophilia awareness month

According to the National Hemophilia Foundation more than 70% of people around the world who suffer from Hemophilia still do not have access to the treatment they need. March marks National Hemophilia Awareness Month, so what better time to raise both awareness and money for such a great cause? Motivators offers a variety of products that, once handed out, serve as lasting reminders to people who either do not know about the disease or are working their way through treatment. Medical offices can provide giveaways to patients and organizations can use them to help raise donations. So make sure you spread the word about hemophilia awareness this March.
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Often times when it comes to illness, people ignore symptoms until it's too late. There are some indicators of Hemophilia that many people know, the most obvious being excessive bleeding, but there are many less known symptoms like nose bleeds and excessive bruising. Choosing to give out awareness gifts for Hemophilia Awareness Month can help educate people about these lesser known symptoms. Motivators offers great hemophilia awareness products, like our blood drop stress ball, that can serve as lasting reminders to pay attention to possible warning signs.

There's no doubt that when it comes to awareness events the most important goal is always education. Raising funds for Hemophilia treatment and research is extremely important, but your goals can only be achieved if you effectively make people aware of the problem. Imprint useful giveaways with your educational message during Hemophilia Awareness Month to help get the word out. This March make sure to bring light to an extremely important cause: Hemophilia awareness. Your recipients will not forget your thoughtful gift.

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