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Promotional Kitchen Items

As Americans, one of our favorite activities to do is eat. That means a ton of time is going to be spent in the kitchen. Whether it's baking some tasty cookies or whipping up a delicious sandwich, people love anything having to do with food. That's why offering promotional kitchen items to your customers is a great way to spread awareness about your brand. These custom kitchen items are going to get plenty of use by the person who receives them. They are the perfect products to have to prepare for any special occasion from family reunions to holiday office parties. Whenever your client wants to prepare a chocolate cake, or butter some corn for the family barbeque, they will use your logo imprinted kitchen items and have a positive association with your company.
Kitchen Items
Aprons (21)
Bag Clips (28)
Bottle and Can Openers (45)
Eco-Friendly Kitchen Items (2)
Jar Openers (55)
Measuring Utensils (18)
Oven Mitts (23)
Special Offers
Closeout Promotional Items (5)      
Hot Picks (42)      
Low Minimum Quantity (2)      
On Sale (290)      
Top Picks (2)      
Price (Per Item)
$15 - $25 (2)
$10 - $15 (2)
$5 - $10 (23)
$3 - $5 (19)
$1 - $3 (113)
Under $1 (133)
Product Color  Learn More
black Black (150)
blue Blue (221)
brown Brown (2)
clear Clear (9)
gold Gold (1)
gray Gray (59)
green Green (166)
maroon Maroon (9)
orange Orange (40)
pink Pink (73)
purple Purple (92)
red Red (196)
silver Silver (20)
tan Tan (76)
teal Teal (66)
white White (197)
yellow Yellow (94)
300+ (290)
300 or less (263)
200 or less (136)
150 or less (135)
100 or less (70)
50 or less (34)
25 or less (9)
Production Time  Learn More
1 Day (42)
2 Days or sooner (46)
3 Days or sooner (56)
5 Days or sooner (172)
Normal Production (290)
Product Materials
Aluminum (3)
Bamboo (10)
Ceramic (1)
Cotton (30)
Foam (1)
Glass (1)
Metal (14)
Neoprene (3)
Nylon (5)
Plastic (100)
Polyester (46)
Polypropylene (20)
Polyurethane (1)
Rubber (56)
Silicone (19)
Steel (20)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (280)
Multicolor Imprint (217)
Imprint Type  Learn More
Shipping Region  Learn More
Central (24)
North (19)
Northeast (143)
Northwest (2)
Southeast (50)
West (51)
User Rating
Five Star Rating (17)
Four Star Rating & Up (47)
Three Star Rating & Up (56)
Two Star Rating & Up (59)
One Star Rating & Up (59)
Promotional 2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
As low as $0.63
Promotional Flex-It™ Cutting Board
Flex-It™ Cutting Board
As low as $1.44
Promotional Handi Pal Pan Scraper
Handi Pal Pan Scraper
As low as $0.68
Promotional 3-Step Lid™
3-Step Lid™
As low as $0.47
Promotional Essential Use Mini Spatula
Essential Use Mini Spatula
As low as $0.55
Promotional Veggie Chop-It™
Veggie Chop-It™
As low as $3.01
Promotional Collapse-It™ Strainer
Collapse-It™ Strainer
As low as $2.44
Promotional Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater
As low as $1.19
Promotional Champion Corn Butterer
Champion Corn Butterer
As low as $0.42
Promotional Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler
Peeler-Pal Vegetable Peeler
As low as $0.96
Promotional Scrub Brush
Scrub Brush
As low as $1.56
Promotional Portion Plate
Portion Plate
As low as $1.79
Promotional Credit Card Bottle Opener™
Credit Card Bottle Opener™
As low as $1.09
Promotional 4-In-1 Kitchen Tool
4-In-1 Kitchen Tool
As low as $1.85
Promotional Kuzil Can Strainer
Kuzil Can Strainer
As low as $1.27
Promotional 3 Piece Cutlery Set
3 Piece Cutlery Set
As low as $0.87
Promotional Supreme Pie & Dessert Server
Supreme Pie & Dessert Server
As low as $0.59
Promotional Pro's Choice Silicone Pastry Brush
Pro's Choice Silicone Pastry Brush
As low as $1.68
Promotional Zester Grater Kitchen Tool
Zester Grater Kitchen Tool
As low as $2.21
Promotional Jar & Bottle Scraper/Spatula
Jar & Bottle Scraper/Spatula
As low as $0.66
Promotional Slotted Spoon
Slotted Spoon
As low as $1.77
Promotional Petite Cutting Board
Petite Cutting Board
As low as $1.52
Promotional Salad Bowl Set
Salad Bowl Set
As low as $5.34
Promotional Gaia Bamboo Fiber 16 Inch Serving Tray
Gaia Bamboo Fiber 16 Inch Serving Tray
As low as $20.28
Promotional Citrus Peeler
Citrus Peeler
As low as $0.74
Promotional Cookie Cutter Set
Cookie Cutter Set
As low as $4.40
Promotional Cook's Choice Collapsible Funnel
Cook's Choice Collapsible Funnel
As low as $2.30
Promotional Utility Scissors with Magnetic Holder
Utility Scissors with Magnetic Holder
As low as $4.51
Promotional Rectangle Jar Opener
Rectangle Jar Opener
As low as $0.51
Promotional Apple Slicer
Apple Slicer
As low as $2.54
Promotional 3-Section Lunch Container
3-Section Lunch Container
As low as $3.31
Promotional Multi-Use Measuring Spoon
Multi-Use Measuring Spoon
As low as $0.60
Promotional Pasta Pal Spaghetti Server
Pasta Pal Spaghetti Server
As low as $0.93
Promotional The Great Plate™
The Great Plate™
As low as $3.21
Promotional Portion Bowl
Portion Bowl
As low as $1.22
Promotional Triple Bop Bottle Opener
Triple Bop Bottle Opener
As low as $1.50
Promotional Tooth Pick Dispenser
Tooth Pick Dispenser
As low as $0.60
Promotional 2" Wheel Pizza Cutter
2" Wheel Pizza Cutter
As low as $0.88
Promotional Flex-N-Scoop Cutting Board™
Flex-N-Scoop Cutting Board™
As low as $1.42
Promotional Kitchen Pro Cheese Grater
Kitchen Pro Cheese Grater
As low as $2.72
Promotional Silicone Basting Brush - 8"
Silicone Basting Brush - 8"
As low as $1.65
Promotional Full Color Ceramic Trivet - 6" Sq.
Full Color Ceramic Trivet - 6" Sq.
As low as $4.06
Promotional Ice Sphere Mold
Ice Sphere Mold
As low as $2.62
Promotional Spatula Pancake Flipper
Spatula Pancake Flipper
As low as $1.99
Promotional Mood Spoon
Mood Spoon
As low as $0.28
Promotional Bamboo Chop Sticks
Bamboo Chop Sticks
As low as $0.59
Promotional Whisk
As low as $2.01
Promotional Stainless Scraper/Chopper
Stainless Scraper/Chopper
As low as $5.68
On sale custom imprinted  Supreme Pie & Dessert Server
 Supreme Pie & Dessert Server
As low as $0.59
On sale custom imprinted  Palm Veggie Brush-it
 Palm Veggie Brush-it
As low as $2.71
On sale custom imprinted  Silicone Basting Brush - 8"
 Silicone Basting Brush - 8"
As low as $1.65
On sale custom imprinted  3 Piece Salad Shaker Set
 3 Piece Salad Shaker Set
As low as $2.09

Promotional Kitchen Items

Motivators has plenty of promotional kitchen items for all your special occasions. Our wide selection ranges in everything from special cookie cutters to scoopers and spoons. Every one of our custom kitchen items has plenty of room to print your brand name, so that you can get the maximum advertising value for your company. Our kitchen products are constructed from durable materials that will last the recipient quite a while. Whenever the owner of your logo imprinted kitchen items goes to use it, they will see the name of your company on the tool or handle. This will generate a fantastic amount of brand recognition.

Celebrate the grand opening of a pizza parlor or ice cream shop with our huge selection of promotional kitchen items. These products are the perfect giveaway to offer for a variety of social occasions. Most of our custom kitchen items will allow the recipient to do fun things in the kitchen that they may have never thought they could do. This may include anything from baking holiday cookies to serving ice cream for guests at a barbeque. We also have several items that can be used to store foods for long periods of time. Everything in the kitchen is possible with the help of these logo imprinted kitchen items.

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