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National Caffeine Awareness Month

national caffeine awareness month

Did you know that on average Americans consume three cups of coffee a day? While this may seem harmless, but there are serious risks involved with the over consumption of caffeine. That's why March is designated as National Caffeine Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to informing the public about the dangers and the risks associated with drinking too much caffeine. Dependency on caffeine can lead to a variety of health issues that people need to be aware of. That's exactly what these Caffeine Awareness giveaways are designed to do. They can serve as helpful reminders that sometimes, it's better to take it slow.
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Between the years of 1989 and 2005, there were nearly 74,000 cases of caffeine overdoses reported by the American Centers of Poison Control. Many people would gladly turn a blind eye to the fact that the abuse of caffeine can lead to things like hearth arrhythmia and convulsions. By choosing caffeine awareness month giveaways you can educate people about the dangers of caffeine and let them in on little known secrets about what so many people seem to think is a harmless drug. For example, did you know that many soaps include upwards of 200mg of caffeine per wash?

There are so many things that the general public doesn't realize about caffeine, and that's the entire reason why National Caffeine Awareness month was created. So take the time this March to let people know that the more caffeine they consume, the worse it is for their health. Let them know that the more coffee they drink per day, the more their blood pressure will increase. Let them know that once in a while, it's okay to switch to decaf and let them know that no matter how much they have to do, pushing themselves by overdosing on caffeine will only end badly.

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