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National Eating Disorders Awareness Promotional Items

national eating disorders awareness promotional items

February 23 - March 1 marks National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. So often eating disorders are overlooked and not talked about until it's too late. This year, why not make a change and do your part to help spread the word and raise awareness? Motivators offers National Eating Disorders Awareness promotional items that serve as lasting reminders about the importance of awareness. Whether you are an educator looking to inform students about the dangers of eating disorders, a resident advisor in a dorm looking to hold a program for college students, or simply an advocate for those who struggle with an eating disorder daily, we're here to help you get your message across.
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Special Offers
Promotional Energel® Deluxe Refillable Liquid Gel Ink Pen
Pentel Energel® Deluxe Refillable Liquid Gel Ink Pen
as low as $2.56
Promotional "Live a Healthy Way Every Day" Coloring Book
"Live a Healthy Way Every Day" Coloring Book
as low as $0.66
Promotional Price Buster Cap - Transfer
Price Buster Cap - Transfer
as low as $3.68
Promotional Large Tin - Sugar-Free Peppermints
Large Tin - Sugar-Free Peppermints
as low as $2.32
Promotional Custom Shape Key Tag
Custom Shape Key Tag
as low as $0.63
Promotional Champion Retro Mesh Cap
Champion Champion Retro Mesh Cap
as low as $15.43
Champion Brand Products
Peerless Lil Windy Umbrella - 43" Arc
as low as $19.15
Promotional Cinch Up Backpack
Cinch Up Backpack
as low as $1.15
Promotional National Day 13-Month Calendar
National Day 13-Month Calendar
as low as $1.16
Promotional Travel Cutlery Set
Travel Cutlery Set
as low as $2.48
Promotional Bistro Sorbet Mug - 16 oz.
Bistro Sorbet Mug - 16 oz.
as low as $3.29
Promotional Piccolo Mini Tote Bag
Gemline Piccolo Mini Tote Bag
as low as $4.40
Gemline Brand Products
Promotional Full Color Triple Insulated Dipped Water Bottle - 17 oz.
Full Color Triple Insulated Dipped Water Bottle - 17 oz.
as low as $9.02
According to the Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, over 24 million Americans suffer from eating disorders. The media's constant focus on unattainable, perfect bodies can have a huge impact on one's self-esteem. That loss of confidence can lead to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia in both men and women. Distribute National Eating Disorders Awareness Week promotional items to help take the cause in the right direction. In doing so, you touch on an issue that so many people choose to ignore. There's no better time to talk about it than national Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

While giving away eating disorders awareness imprinted products cannot cure anorexia or bulimia, doing so will open a door. Awareness items, in general, shed light on issues that are too easily kept in the dark and ignored. By choosing to hand out National Eating Disorder Awareness Week promotional giveaways, you can have a positive impact on those who need help. Your recipients will hold onto their National Eating Disorder Awareness Week promotional giveaways, allowing the items to serve as lasting reminders about this important cause.

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