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Promotional Noise Makers

imprinted whistles, logo megaphones, and promo maracas

One of the most versatile giveaways that we offer is our promotional noise makers. These items are fantastic for a variety of special occasions, including everything from sporting events to holiday parties. People who attend the high school football games love to get loud. Provide them with some imprinted whistles so they can root for the team in an amusing way.

For a party setting, ordering some promo maracas is probably your best bet. The item gets the party popping, and you'll have everyone dancing in a conga line in no time.
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Promotional Shout-Out Megaphone and Popcorn Holder
Shout-Out Megaphone and Popcorn Holder
As low as $1.04
Promotional Translucent Maracas
Translucent Maracas
As low as $0.96
Promotional Large Cow Bell
Large Cow Bell
As low as $1.57
Promotional Megaphone - 8"
Megaphone - 8"
As low as $0.71
Promotional Police Whistle
Police Whistle
As low as $0.72
Promotional Whistle With Coil
Whistle With Coil
As low as $0.66
Promotional 8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap - Recycled
8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap - Recycled
As low as $1.08
Promotional Really Big Whistle
Really Big Whistle
As low as $1.95
Promotional Megaphone with Popcorn Cap - Recycled
Megaphone with Popcorn Cap - Recycled
As low as $0.93
Promotional Lil' Cha Cha™ Maracas
Lil' Cha Cha™ Maracas
As low as $1.80
Promotional Kazoo
As low as $0.61
Promotional Cowbells 3"
Cowbells 3"
As low as $0.85
Promotional Basketball Clapper
Basketball Clapper
As low as $0.94
Promotional Hand Clapper
Hand Clapper
As low as $0.71
Promotional 3-Tone Whistle
3-Tone Whistle
As low as $0.62
Promotional Small Cow Bell
Small Cow Bell
As low as $1.13
Promotional Megaphone with Popcorn Cap
Megaphone with Popcorn Cap
As low as $0.88
Promotional Baseball Clapper
Baseball Clapper
As low as $0.94
Promotional 8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap
8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap
As low as $1.08
Promotional Soccer Clapper
Soccer Clapper
As low as $0.94
On sale custom imprinted  3-Tone Whistle
 3-Tone Whistle
As low as $0.62
On sale custom imprinted  Shout-Out Megaphone and Popcorn Holder
 Shout-Out Megaphone and Popcorn Holder
As low as $1.04
On sale custom imprinted  Really Big Whistle
 Really Big Whistle
As low as $1.95
On sale custom imprinted  8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap
 8" Megaphone with Imprinted Cap
As low as $1.08

Motivators has a immense collection of promotional noise makers for you to choose from. One of our most popular items is the imprinted whistles. These whistles are offered in plenty of colors, and they get really loud. The logo megaphones are great if you're ready to scream and shout. Anyone who receives your imprinted megaphone is going to get a tremendous amount of use out of it at the sports game or pep rally. They'll thank you for it later. Our promo maracas are better for parties and social gatherings. People can shake these maracas all night – a fantastic promotional item for everyone to enjoy.

Our line of promotional noise makers is the perfect item to have at promotional events. Everyone loves to make noise with items such as the imprinted whistles. They are super fun, and the noise will attract plenty of attention to the person blowing it, which will in turn get exposure for your brand. Offering logo megaphones is another great way to promote your company. Now people call yell at each other across the grounds of the company picnic. If you want to advertise at a wedding or New Year's party, you would do well with the promo maracas. This item provides a ton of noise, without the recipient having to strain their vocal cords.

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