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Promotional Pedometers

Your branding will take a step in the right direction when you add your logo to promotional pedometers.

Promote good health and physical activity with custom pedometers that help people know just how active they are actually being during the day. They are the perfect giveaway for gyms and fitness clubs, walk-a-thons, health fairs, and more!
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$15 - $25 (1)
$10 - $15 (2)
$5 - $10 (3)
$3 - $5 (9)
$1 - $3 (14)
Product Color  
 Black (20)
 Blue (23)
 Clear (1)
 Gray (4)
 Green (14)
 Orange (8)
 Pink (5)
 Purple (6)
 Red (17)
 Silver (3)
 Teal (2)
 White (12)
 Yellow (3)
300+ (31)
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200 or less (31)
150 or less (31)
100 or less (28)
50 or less (12)
25 or less (4)
Production Time  
1 Day (11)
2 Days or sooner (11)
3 Days or sooner (12)
5 Days or sooner (12)
Normal Production (31)
Product Materials
Glass (1)
Plastic (24)
Polyurethane (1)
Silicone (2)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (31)
Multicolor Imprint (27)
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Central (13)
Northeast (10)
Southeast (8)
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Promotional Activity Tracker Wristband
Quick View
Activity Tracker Wristband
As low as $16.61
Promotional Clearview Pedometer
Quick View
Clearview Pedometer
As low as $2.97
Promotional Stride Pal Step Meter
Quick View
Stride Pal Step Meter
As low as $2.75
Promotional B-Active Fitness Band
Quick View
B-Active Fitness Band
As low as $46.14
Promotional In-Shape Pedometer
Quick View
In-Shape Pedometer
As low as $1.29
Promotional Simple Step Pedometer
Quick View
Simple Step Pedometer
As low as $1.65
Promotional Designer Top-View Pedometer
Quick View
Designer Top-View Pedometer
As low as $2.32
Promotional Widescreen Walker Pedometer
Quick View
Widescreen Walker Pedometer
As low as $3.86
Promotional Healthy Heart Step Pedometer
Quick View
Healthy Heart Step Pedometer
As low as $2.32
Promotional Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer
Quick View
Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer
As low as $11.08
Promotional Trainer Pedometer
Quick View
Trainer Pedometer
As low as $2.48
Promotional Walk N' Roll Radio Pedometer
Quick View
Walk N' Roll Radio Pedometer
As low as $6.09
Promotional Rotatable Pedometer/Clock
Quick View
Rotatable Pedometer/Clock
As low as $3.20
Promotional StayFit Pro Step Pedometer
Quick View
Leeds StayFit Pro Step Pedometer
As low as $2.29
Promotional Pedometer
Quick View
As low as $1.84
Promotional StayFit Training Pedometer
Quick View
Leeds StayFit Training Pedometer
As low as $3.67
Promotional Safety Flash Pedometer
Quick View
Safety Flash Pedometer
As low as $4.37
Promotional Wristband 3D Bluetooth Pedometer
Quick View
Wristband 3D Bluetooth Pedometer
As low as $32.31
Promotional Cosmic Solar Pedometer
Quick View
Cosmic Solar Pedometer
As low as $3.68
Promotional Marathon Solar Pedometer
Quick View
Marathon Solar Pedometer
As low as $5.52
Promotional Flashlight and Siren Pedometer
Quick View
Flashlight and Siren Pedometer
As low as $4.60
Promotional The Pingster Pedometer with LCD Display
Quick View
The Pingster Pedometer with LCD Display
As low as $1.70
Promotional Fit Pedometer
Quick View
Slazenger® Fit Pedometer
As low as $4.04
Promotional Plastic Fitness Pedometer
Quick View
Plastic Fitness Pedometer
As low as $1.19
Promotional My Goal Pedometer
Quick View
Sportline My Goal Pedometer
As low as $10.14
Promotional Gemstone BMI & Body Fat Pedometer
Quick View
Gemstone BMI & Body Fat Pedometer
As low as $5.45
Promotional Simple Shoe Pedometer
Quick View
Simple Shoe Pedometer
As low as $3.45
Promotional Clip-on Pedometer
Quick View
Clip-on Pedometer
As low as $2.11
Promotional Step-On Pedometer
Quick View
Leeds Step-On Pedometer
As low as $1.83
Promotional Colored Pedometer
Quick View
Colored Pedometer
As low as $1.93
Promotional Mood Pedometer Watch
Quick View
Mood Pedometer Watch
As low as $3.45
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On sale custom imprinted  Widescreen Walker Pedometer
 Widescreen Walker Pedometer
As low as $3.86
On sale custom imprinted Sportline My Goal Pedometer
Sportline My Goal Pedometer
As low as $10.14
On sale custom imprinted  Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer
 Calibration Pulse Reader Pedometer
As low as $11.08
On sale custom imprinted  Cosmic Solar Pedometer
 Cosmic Solar Pedometer
As low as $3.68

Custom Pedometers Are A Step In The Right Direction

When it comes to being healthy, walking is the easiest way to burn calories and keep in shape. Giving people custom pedometers is a great way to encourage them to walk more. Maybe they want to know how many steps they take around the office during the day or how many calories they burn while walking the dog. These personalized pedometers are the perfect way to answer these questions. Walkers can track how much exercise they are getting per day and the best part is they will be seeing your logo.

Promotional pedometers make great gym or health fair giveaways, walk-a-thon thank you gifts, or as a perk for signing up with an employee wellness program. Custom pedometers are a smart choice for a large variety of events and promotions, so what are you waiting for? Take a step in the right direction and shop our selection of products today.

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