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Promotional Giveaways Under $1

They say the best things in life are free. Likewise, we say the best promotional giveaways are under $1! We believe that even the low-price promotional products can leave seriously big impacts on potential customers. Since even the smallest gesture goes a long way, the next time you attend an industry expo, feel free to pass out as many trade show giveaways under $1 as you can! We have attention-grabbing products for everyone. Put your logo on anything from sunglasses, bottle openers and cups, to keychains, pens and more!

No matter the occasion or industry, you're guaranteed to find useful and fun promotional giveaways under $1 to help get your foot in the door with new customers. So start browsing our giveaways under $1 today!

Price (Per Item)
Under $1 (2973)
Product Color  
 Black (1061)
 Blue (1569)
 Brown (89)
 Clear (265)
 Gold (107)
 Gray (238)
 Green (1291)
 Maroon (176)
 Orange (699)
 Pink (469)
 Purple (710)
 Red (1373)
 Silver (326)
 Tan (186)
 Teal (248)
 White (1414)
 Yellow (680)
300+ (2973)
300 or less (2133)
200 or less (568)
150 or less (451)
100 or less (159)
50 or less (31)
25 or less (7)
Production Time  
1 Day (648)
2 Days or sooner (755)
3 Days or sooner (840)
5 Days or sooner (1197)
Normal Production (2973)
Product Sizes
1 oz. (8)
2 oz. (34)
5 oz. (1)
6 oz. (21)
8 oz. (4)
9 oz. (3)
10 oz. (1)
12 oz. (14)
16 oz. (20)
17 oz. (6)
20 oz. (14)
21 oz. (4)
22 oz. (6)
24 oz. (11)
28 oz. (3)
32 oz. (11)
Product Materials
Aluminum (24)
Bamboo (6)
Ceramic (2)
Composites (27)
Cotton (3)
Foam (44)
Foil (12)
Glass (1)
Leather (2)
Magnet (127)
Metal (90)
Microfiber (34)
Neoprene (3)
Non-Woven (17)
Nylon (14)
Paper (494)
PET (13)
Plastic (1188)
Polyester (287)
Polypropylene (119)
Polyurethane (57)
Recycled Composites (17)
Rubber (152)
Silicone (25)
Steel (13)
Velour (1)
Vinyl (158)
Wood (78)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (2920)
Multicolor Imprint (1809)
Imprint Type  
Bic (71)
Hub Pen (62)
Koozie (3)
Leeds (3)
Liqui-Mark (25)
Paper Mate® (10)
Pentel (4)
Pilot (3)
Post–it® Brand (23)
Scripto® (11)
Sharpie (2)
Uni-ball (1)
Zebra (2)
Shipping Region  
Central (467)
East (4)
North (312)
Northeast (974)
Northwest (3)
South (6)
Southeast (800)
Southwest (27)
West (315)
User Rating
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Special Offers
(1 item)
Auto Accessories
(108 items)
Awards and Recognition
(5 items)
Badges and Buttons
(22 items)
(97 items)
(126 items)
(72 items)
Computer Accessories
(7 items)
Desktop Products
(142 items)
(145 items)
Folios & Notebooks
(26 items)
Food Products
(111 items)
Games & Toys
(97 items)
Golf Items
(25 items)
Health/First Aid
(209 items)
Holiday Cards
(7 items)
Key Chains
(129 items)
Kitchen & Home
(221 items)
(32 items)
Luggage & Travel
(38 items)
(105 items)
(1 item)
(28 items)
Paper Products
(85 items)
Pens & Writing
(677 items)
Personal Accessories
(125 items)
(11 items)
(61 items)
Stress Relievers
(70 items)
Technology & Electronics
(169 items)
(17 items)
Promotional Pop Mags Magnet - 20 mil
Pop Mags Magnet - 20 mil
As low as $0.35
Promotional Crab Bottle Opener - Full Color
Crab Bottle Opener - Full Color
As low as $0.45
Promotional Rubberized Sunglasses with White Frame
Rubberized Sunglasses with White Frame
As low as $0.73
Promotional Kan-Tastic Can Cooler
Kan-Tastic Can Cooler
As low as $0.40
Promotional Mood Straw
Mood Straw
As low as $0.23
Promotional Small Spiral Curve Notebook
Small Spiral Curve Notebook
As low as $0.75
Promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray Pump - 8 ml
Hand Sanitizer Spray Pump - 8 ml
As low as $0.60
Promotional Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case
As low as $0.43
Promotional Stadium Cup - 16 oz.
Stadium Cup - 16 oz.
As low as $0.44
Promotional Bermuda 4-Color Sticky Note Set
Bermuda 4-Color Sticky Note Set
As low as $0.75
Promotional Hi-Flyer Luggage Tag
Hi-Flyer Luggage Tag
As low as $0.49
Promotional Econo Silicone Mobile Device Pocket
Econo Silicone Mobile Device Pocket
As low as $0.67
Promotional iSlimster Twist Stylus Pen
iSlimster Twist Stylus Pen
As low as $0.27
Promotional Value Bottle - 21 oz.
Value Bottle - 21 oz.
As low as $0.68
Promotional Value Nonwoven Tote Bag
Value Nonwoven Tote Bag
As low as $0.70
Promotional Wild Smilez Pen
Wild Smilez Pen
As low as $0.59
Promotional Alligator Clip Memo Holder
Alligator Clip Memo Holder
As low as $0.63
Promotional Mic Check Microphone Blocker
Mic Check Microphone Blocker
As low as $0.87
Promotional House Jar Opener
House Jar Opener
As low as $0.51
Promotional Paw Keep-it Clip™
Paw Keep-it Clip™
As low as $0.90
Promotional Clic Stic Retractable Pen
Bic Clic Stic Retractable Pen
As low as $0.41
Promotional Computer Mouse Pad
Computer Mouse Pad
As low as $0.77
Promotional Trail Mix - 1/2 oz. Bag
Trail Mix - 1/2 oz. Bag
As low as $0.74
Promotional Goofy Group Squeegee Clipster Webcam Cover
Goofy Group Squeegee Clipster Webcam Cover
As low as $0.78
Promotional The Deluxe Accent Memo Booklet
The Deluxe Accent Memo Booklet
As low as $0.75
Promotional "Lara" Macaroon Vanilla Scented Lip Moisturizer
"Lara" Macaroon Vanilla Scented Lip Moisturizer
As low as $0.89
Promotional Cord Wrap & Earphone Organizer
Cord Wrap & Earphone Organizer
As low as $0.31
Promotional Round Safety Outlet Cover
Round Safety Outlet Cover
As low as $0.23
Promotional 7-Day Pillcase
7-Day Pillcase
As low as $0.60
Promotional Star Key Tags
Star Key Tags
As low as $0.50
Promotional Nail File in Sleeve
Nail File in Sleeve
As low as $0.57
Promotional Bandage Mate - 5 Strips
Bandage Mate - 5 Strips
As low as $0.63
Promotional Adhesive Notepads - 25 Sheets
Bic Adhesive Notepads - 25 Sheets
As low as $0.26
Bic Brand Products
Promotional Brite-Spots® Fluorescent Barrel Broadline Highlighters
Liqui-Mark Brite-Spots® Fluorescent Barrel Broadline Highlighters
As low as $0.32
Promotional Tiger Golf Tees
Tiger Golf Tees
As low as $0.07
Promotional Flip Top Pencil Sharpener
Flip Top Pencil Sharpener
As low as $0.50
Promotional Fashion Balloon - 11"
Fashion Balloon - 11"
As low as $0.16
Promotional 2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
2 1/2 Inch Keep-it Clip™
As low as $0.59
Promotional Slide And Glide Phone Stand
Slide And Glide Phone Stand
As low as $0.57
Promotional Moptoppers® Webcam Security Cover
Moptoppers® Webcam Security Cover
As low as $0.76
Promotional Budget RFID Smart Wallet
Budget RFID Smart Wallet
As low as $0.76
Promotional Square Pulp Board Coaster - 4"
Square Pulp Board Coaster - 4"
As low as $0.12
Promotional Mood Bracelet
Mood Bracelet
As low as $0.57
Promotional Standard Balloon - 9"
Standard Balloon - 9"
As low as $0.13
Promotional Nite Glow Pencil
Nite Glow Pencil
As low as $0.31
Promotional Rainbow Kan-Tastic Can Cooler
Rainbow Kan-Tastic Can Cooler
As low as $0.66
Promotional GoodValue Ring Stylus Pen
GoodValue Ring Stylus Pen
As low as $0.72
Promotional Cleaning Cloth and Phone Stand Combo with Key Tag
Cleaning Cloth and Phone Stand Combo with Key Tag
As low as $0.87
Need to expand your brand awareness on the tightest of budgets? No worries, Motivators has your back with a variety of promotional products under $1 to get you started on the right path. Our vast assortment of fun, funny, practical and promotional items under $1 include everything from apparel, luggage, games, drinkware, electronics, clocks and office supplies. All of these products are capable of extensive customization and prominently displaying your brand, making them the ideal way to break the ice at industry conventions, networking events and other gift-giving occasions.

No matter the occasion and no matter your industry, you'll find something that jives with your brand. Imprint your contact information on pens and other writing instruments. Add your logo to some sport bottles to promote a company softball team or university sports team. You could customize beach balls, bracelets, Frisbees, Post-it notes, and stress balls with your organization's name and message. With over 2,000 promotional products under $1 available, you're sure to find successful giveaways that will work for your budget.

In addition to our large selection of custom giveaways under $1, we provide the utmost level of service to our customers. So if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, or feel overwhelmed by such a massive amount of choices, give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you find the perfect promotional giveaways under $1 for your next marketing promotion.

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