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Custom Imprinted Shoehorns

Looking for a unique way to promote your company? If you are in the shoe business, then this is the perfect category of promotional products for you. Your shoe store customers will love receiving these custom imprinted shoehorns. These are great to give away with the purchase of a new pair of shoes. Your customers will not have to waste another second struggling to squeeze into new shoes when you arm them with the promo shoehorns. This great product will help them slip into their shoes more easily. They will appreciate all the time you save them when you hand out this fantastic item. If your shoes are a snug fit, then the imprinted shoehorns will keep all of your customers happy.
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Promotional Plastic Backscratcher/Shoehorn
Plastic Backscratcher/Shoehorn
as low as $0.87
Promotional Foot - Fitter Shoehorn
Foot - Fitter Shoehorn
as low as $0.49
Promotional Bamboozler Backscratcher with Shoehorn
Bamboozler Backscratcher with Shoehorn
as low as $1.66
Promotional Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn
Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn
as low as $0.87
Promotional E - Z Reach Shoehorn
E - Z Reach Shoehorn
as low as $0.49
Promotional Back Scratcher With Shoe Horn
Back Scratcher With Shoe Horn
as low as $0.82
Promotional Blissful Back Scratcher/Shoehorn
Blissful Back Scratcher/Shoehorn
as low as $1.32
On sale custom imprinted  Bamboozler Backscratcher with Shoehorn
 Bamboozler Backscratcher with Shoehorn
as low as $1.66
On sale custom imprinted  Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn
 Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn
as low as $0.87
On sale custom imprinted  Foot - Fitter Shoehorn
 Foot - Fitter Shoehorn
as low as $0.49
On sale custom imprinted  E - Z Reach Shoehorn
 E - Z Reach Shoehorn
as low as $0.49

Custom Imprinted Shoehorns

Ideal for a giveaway at your shoe store, the custom imprinted shoehorns are memorable and useful. You can hand these great items out with each purchase of a pair of shoes at your shop. Alternatively, these promo shoehorns can be distributed at trade shows and other large events if you're looking for a giveaway that will really stand out. There are a lot of venues at which giving away imprinted shoehorns is appropriate; use your imagination and your promotional campaign will be remembered forever.

What's so great about the custom imprinted shoehorns is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes. From traditional-looking wood shoe trees to large plastic shoehorns, there are plenty of promo shoehorns from which you can choose. You will certainly find a look that reflects that of your company or organization. The imprinted shorhorns are extremely useful giveaways, so you can be sure that your handout will be used almost daily. This means that your logo will be on display every day.

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