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Promotional Sunglasses Accessories

From exquisite eyeglass straps to desirable drawstring pouches, promotional sunglasses accessories are a top-notch way through which to promote your eyeglasses or sunglasses shop. We all know it's important to protect our eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. But what are we supposed to do with our sunglasses when we venture inside and out of bright light? Your customers will finally have a way to keep their shades safe when you hand out these imprinted sunglasses accessories. Customize these popular giveaways with your company's name and logo, and everyone will remember your brand. Promote your shop or store using giveaways from Motivators for an unmatched level of brand exposure.
Price (Per Item)
$25 - $50 (1)
$1 - $3 (16)
Under $1 (5)
Product Color  
 Black (19)
 Blue (17)
 Brown (1)
 Gold (4)
 Gray (2)
 Green (11)
 Maroon (1)
 Orange (4)
 Pink (3)
 Purple (5)
 Red (15)
 Silver (4)
 Teal (1)
 White (8)
 Yellow (6)
300+ (22)
300 or less (21)
200 or less (15)
150 or less (14)
100 or less (10)
50 or less (1)
25 or less (1)
Production Time  
1 Day (6)
2 Days or sooner (6)
3 Days or sooner (7)
5 Days or sooner (7)
Normal Production (22)
Product Materials
Foam (1)
Leather (2)
Neoprene (2)
Nylon (3)
Paper (1)
Plastic (1)
Polyester (1)
Rubber (2)
Vinyl (1)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (22)
Multicolor Imprint (13)
Imprint Type  
Royce (1)
Shipping Region  
Central (1)
North (7)
Northeast (1)
Southeast (8)
West (5)
User Rating
& Up (4)
& Up (4)
& Up (5)
& Up (5)
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Promotional Sunglass Strap
Quick View
Sunglass Strap
As low as $0.70
Promotional Microfiber Pouch with Drawstring
Quick View
Microfiber Pouch with Drawstring
As low as $0.61
Promotional 17M Slip Case
Quick View
17M Slip Case
As low as $1.46
Promotional Eyeglass/Sunglass Holder Clip
Quick View
Eyeglass/Sunglass Holder Clip
As low as $1.15
Promotional Sunglass Case With Clip
Quick View
Sunglass Case With Clip
As low as $2.51
Promotional Neoprene Eyeglass / Sunglass Case
Quick View
Neoprene Eyeglass / Sunglass Case
As low as $0.88
Promotional Tropics Sunglass Strap
Quick View
Tropics Sunglass Strap
As low as $0.80
Promotional Leather Double Eyeglass Case
Quick View
Royce Leather Double Eyeglass Case
As low as $38.46
Promotional Universal Fit 3mm Rope Retainer
Quick View
Universal Fit 3mm Rope Retainer
As low as $1.85
Promotional Neoprene Retainer
Quick View
Neoprene Retainer
As low as $1.54
Promotional Cleaning Cloth Draw String Pouch
Quick View
Cleaning Cloth Draw String Pouch
As low as $2.07
Promotional Sunglasses Custom Box
Quick View
Sunglasses Custom Box
As low as $2.31
Promotional Leatherette Drawstring Pouch
Quick View
Leatherette Drawstring Pouch
As low as $1.47
Promotional 7/16 Inch Polyester Repeat Imprint Strap
Quick View
7/16 Inch Polyester Repeat Imprint Strap
As low as $1.66
Promotional Eyeglass/Sunglass Holder
Quick View
Eyeglass/Sunglass Holder
As low as $1.84
Promotional Neoprene Sunglass Strap - Colors
Quick View
Neoprene Sunglass Strap - Colors
As low as $0.74
Promotional 7/16 Inch Nylon Elastic Eyewear Retainer
Quick View
7/16 Inch Nylon Elastic Eyewear Retainer
As low as $2.13
Promotional Eyewear Retainers
Quick View
Eyewear Retainers
As low as $1.66
Promotional Spirit 2-Tone Sunglasses
Quick View
Spirit 2-Tone Sunglasses
As low as $1.75
Promotional Slip Fit Rope Retainers
Quick View
Slip Fit Rope Retainers
As low as $1.85
Promotional HandiClip III Sunglass Holder
Quick View
HandiClip III Sunglass Holder
As low as $2.21
Promotional Sunglass Holder
Quick View
Sunglass Holder
As low as $2.45
Sort By:
On sale custom imprinted  7/16 Inch Polyester Repeat Imprint Strap
 7/16 Inch Polyester Repeat Imprint Strap
As low as $1.66
On sale custom imprinted  Microfiber Pouch with Drawstring
 Microfiber Pouch with Drawstring
As low as $0.61
On sale custom imprinted  Leatherette Drawstring Pouch
 Leatherette Drawstring Pouch
As low as $1.47
On sale custom imprinted  17M Slip Case
 17M Slip Case
As low as $1.46

Promotional Sunglasses Accessories

You can hand out promotional sunglasses accessories at many different locations. An obvious first choice is to distribute these giveaways at your sunglasses store or kiosk; you can give each customer a complimentary accessory with his or her purchase. But there are also several other smart settings ideal for distribution. For example, consider giving away imprinted sunglasses accessories at the beach or pool, where recipients will want to immediately use your item. To get started on your order, call (800) 525-9600 today.

Perfect for storing your customers' shades, promotional sunglasses accessories will be appreciated by anyone who receives them. These fantastic giveaways are designed to protect your clients' lenses so they won't get scratched, damaged or lost. Give your customers peace of mind by distributing promo accessories for sunglasses; with the help of your giveaway, they'll know that their glasses won't fall of their faces. These great products offer flexibility: They can release your clients' glasses when they want them, or lock them into place when they're not in use.

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