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Custom Tote Bags

promotional tote bags are ideal custom giveaways for trade shows & events

Great brand exposure is in the bag when you choose custom tote bags as a giveaway for your business, organization, team, or event. Your recipients will take them - and your logo - everywhere including shopping, the beach, school, library, and more.

With over 500 great styles in a huge variety of colors and fabrics, there is simply no better place to shop for your promotional tote bags than at Motivators. We have choices for every budget!
Tote Bags
Cotton Tote Bags (112)
Eco-Friendly Tote Bags (42)
Grocery Totes (6)
NonWoven Tote Bags (163)
Nylon Tote Bags (6)
Polyester Tote Bags (103)
Special Offers
Closeout Promotional Items (15)      
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Price (Per Item)
$100+ (1)
$50 - $100 (4)
$25 - $50 (8)
$15 - $25 (14)
$10 - $15 (26)
$5 - $10 (105)
$3 - $5 (106)
$1 - $3 (193)
Under $1 (24)
Product Color  Learn More
black Black (337)
blue Blue (359)
brown Brown (27)
clear Clear (8)
gold Gold (11)
gray Gray (77)
green Green (237)
maroon Maroon (34)
orange Orange (106)
pink Pink (62)
purple Purple (79)
red Red (270)
silver Silver (12)
tan Tan (153)
teal Teal (29)
white White (103)
yellow Yellow (56)
300+ (480)
300 or less (479)
200 or less (464)
150 or less (455)
100 or less (304)
50 or less (187)
25 or less (82)
Production Time  Learn More
1 Day (154)
2 Days or sooner (155)
3 Days or sooner (165)
5 Days or sooner (193)
Normal Production (480)
Product Materials
Aluminum (1)
Cork (1)
Cotton (166)
Faux Suede (1)
Foil (1)
Jute (13)
Leather (6)
Mesh (2)
Metal (3)
Non-Woven (107)
Nylon (10)
Paper (1)
PET (3)
Plastic (4)
Polyester (292)
Polypropylene (167)
Polyurethane (3)
Pongee (2)
Rubber (1)
Vinyl (2)
Imprint Colors
One Color Imprint (472)
Multicolor Imprint (348)
Imprint Type  Learn More
Shipping Region  Learn More
Central (49)
North (1)
Northeast (227)
Northwest (1)
Southeast (168)
West (34)
User Rating
Five Star Rating (30)
Four Star Rating & Up (61)
Three Star Rating & Up (65)
Two Star Rating & Up (70)
One Star Rating & Up (71)
Promotional Value Nonwoven Tote Bag
Value Nonwoven Tote Bag
As low as $0.70
Promotional Enviro-Shopper Bag
Enviro-Shopper Bag
As low as $1.27
Promotional Saturn Jumbo Nonwoven Grocery Tote Bag
Saturn Jumbo Nonwoven Grocery Tote Bag
As low as $1.13
Promotional Standard Nonwoven Tote Bag
Standard Nonwoven Tote Bag
As low as $0.89
Promotional 100% Cotton Tote Bag
100% Cotton Tote Bag
As low as $1.41
Promotional Atlas Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag - 12" x 13"
Atlas Non-Woven Grocery Tote Bag - 12" x 13"
As low as $0.96
Promotional The Mini Elm Tote Bag
The Mini Elm Tote Bag
As low as $0.93
Promotional Napa Cotton and Cork Shopper Tote
Leeds Napa Cotton and Cork Shopper Tote
As low as $7.61
Promotional YaYa Budget Shopper Tote Bag
YaYa Budget Shopper Tote Bag
As low as $0.93
Promotional Nylon Weekender Tote
Leeds Nylon Weekender Tote
As low as $13.11
Promotional Chevron Oversized Carry-All Tote
Leeds Chevron Oversized Carry-All Tote
As low as $9.22
Promotional Asher Tote Bag
Asher Tote Bag
As low as $3.79
Promotional Navigator Shoulder Tote
Navigator Shoulder Tote
As low as $4.51
Promotional The Lighthouse Boat Tote Bag
The Lighthouse Boat Tote Bag
As low as $1.40
Promotional Eclipse Backpack Tote
Leeds Eclipse Backpack Tote
As low as $11.00
Promotional Junior Jute Tote
Junior Jute Tote
As low as $3.50
Promotional Brighton Waterproof Two-Tone Dry Bag
Brighton Waterproof Two-Tone Dry Bag
As low as $6.16
Promotional Field & Co. Cotton Canvas Commuter Tote - 16 oz.
Field & Co. Cotton Canvas Commuter Tote - 16 oz.
As low as $17.77
Promotional Non-Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag
Non-Woven Budget Shopper Tote Bag
As low as $0.96
Promotional Balance Active Cotton Tote
Balance Active Cotton Tote
As low as $16.11
Promotional Rivers Pocket Convention Tote
Rivers Pocket Convention Tote
As low as $1.49
Promotional Classic Cotton Meeting Tote
Leeds Classic Cotton Meeting Tote
As low as $2.36
Promotional Globe Trotter Deluxe Convention Tote
Globe Trotter Deluxe Convention Tote
As low as $2.11
Promotional Recycled Fashion Tote Bag
Recycled Fashion Tote Bag
As low as $1.72
Promotional Marble Laminated Non-Woven Tote
Leeds Marble Laminated Non-Woven Tote
As low as $1.77
Promotional Zippin' Tote Bag
Zippin' Tote Bag
As low as $1.57
Promotional Watercolor Laminated Shopper Tote
Leeds Watercolor Laminated Shopper Tote
As low as $2.07
Promotional Game Day Clear Stadium Tote Bag
Leeds Game Day Clear Stadium Tote Bag
As low as $3.80
Promotional Deluxe Utility Tote
Samsonite Deluxe Utility Tote
As low as $40.77
Samsonite Brand Products
Promotional Kauai Pocket Tote
Kauai Pocket Tote
As low as $3.43
Promotional The Big Boy Tote Bag
The Big Boy Tote Bag
As low as $1.04
Promotional Jumbo Tradeshow Tote
Jumbo Tradeshow Tote
As low as $3.97
Promotional Seaport Boat Tote
Seaport Boat Tote
As low as $7.16
Promotional Cotton Color Block Tote
Cotton Color Block Tote
As low as $2.90
Promotional Eco-Green Jute Tote Bag
Eco-Green Jute Tote Bag
As low as $3.24
Promotional Classic Vinyl Business Tote
Classic Vinyl Business Tote
As low as $7.38
Promotional Eco Non-Woven Tote
Eco Non-Woven Tote
As low as $2.35
Promotional Non-Woven Quilted Tote Bag
Non-Woven Quilted Tote Bag
As low as $2.82
Promotional Metro Enviro Shopper Bag
Metro Enviro Shopper Bag
As low as $1.62
Promotional Cross Town Tote Bag
Cross Town Tote Bag
As low as $1.05
Promotional Puffy Nylon Tote
Puffy Nylon Tote
As low as $13.22
Promotional Heritage Supply™ Tanner Tote Bag
Heritage Supply™ Tanner Tote Bag
As low as $12.67
Promotional Riprock Ripstop Tote Bag
Atchison by Bic Riprock Ripstop Tote Bag
As low as $10.90
Atchison by Bic Brand Products
Promotional Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag
As low as $1.18
Promotional Mini Non Woven Tote/Gift Bag
Mini Non Woven Tote/Gift Bag
As low as $1.43
Promotional 30-Can Foldable Freezer Tote
Arctic Zone® 30-Can Foldable Freezer Tote
As low as $12.69
Arctic Zone® Brand Products
Promotional Gradient Color Tote
Gradient Color Tote
As low as $2.68
Promotional Legacy Cotton Boat Tote Bag
Cutter & Buck® Legacy Cotton Boat Tote Bag
As low as $55.89
Cutter & Buck® Brand Products
On sale custom imprinted Andrew Philips Collection Westbridge Two-Tone Leather Tote
Andrew Philips Collection Westbridge Two-Tone Leather Tote
As low as $178.01
On sale custom imprinted  Lamis Tote Bag
 Lamis Tote Bag
As low as $12.32
On sale custom imprinted  V Natural Kraft Sack
 V Natural Kraft Sack
As low as $3.32
On sale custom imprinted Gemline Clear Event Tote
Gemline Clear Event Tote
As low as $3.62

Our imprinted tote bags are a stylish and practical customized item that your recipients will really appreciate. Your logo will stand out on these handy reusable bags and people will use them often to carry groceries, books, and more. Convenience never looked this good.

We have tote bags made of cotton canvas, organic cotton, nylon, and other durable, high-quality materials. Buy bags in bulk and hand them out at trade shows, grand openings, fundraisers, and other events. Custom designed tote bags also make fun giveaways for social events such as parties and weddings - imprint them with your event name and give them to your guests or bridesmaids as thank you gifts.

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