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Here at Motivators, we deal with artwork and logos all day long. To us, re-printing your logo on an item comes as second nature. We know what to do and how to do it, but we want you to fully understand everything that goes into the printing process as well. This simple guide should answer any questions you might have about artwork. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to chat with one of our promotional consultants who will happily provide the answer you're looking for. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about artwork.

What If I Don't Have Artwork?
Will I See My Art Before My Product Is Imprinted?
What Is A Virtual Proof?
What Are The Different Types of Imprint Methods?
What does imprint method have to do with my imprint?
What Type of Artwork Do I Need to Have?
What is Vector Artwork?
Why Does My Artwork Need to Be Vectored?
How Do I Know If My Artwork Is Vectored?
My Artwork is NOT Vectored. What Do I Do Now?
What should I do if I want only simple text imprinted?
Is There Clipart Available?
How Do I Send My Artwork To Motivators?
What Is PMS Matching?
Will I Be Charged For PMS Matching?
I received my proof. What is a suggested design?

What If I Don't Have Artwork?

If you don't have art work one of our graphic artists can help you design a logo or imprint. Give us a call at 1-800-525-9600 for more details. Blank merchandise is also available.

Will I See My Art Before My Product Is Imprinted?

Yes. Our commitment to service dictates that our customers have final approval of all artwork before anything is printed. A proof will be sent to your email for each product ordered. This proof (and any subsequent revision) is absolutely free of charge.

What Is a Virtual Proof?

A virtual proof is a quick preview of what your logo will look like on an item that can be sent to you before you place your order. Simply click on the Email Me a Virtual Proof link beneath an item's image to request one. Please note: by placing a request for a virtual proof, you are not placing an order.

What Are The Different Types of Imprint Methods?

There are several different types of imprint methods offered for imprinting on your promotional products. Some items offer one standard type of imprint, others offer several. Check out Imprint Methods Explained to learn about each imprint method.

What does imprint method have to do with my imprint?

It could have everything to do with it, or it could have nothing to do with it. If a particular imprint method encourages or interferes with the successful printing of your design, our experts will inform you of that. You can also educate yourself on all of the various imprint methods used by clicking the link below where we describe how each imprint method works and even have some video.

What Type of Artwork Do I Need to Have?

In order to print your logo clearly, and size it to fit the imprint area of the item it is going to be printed on, your artwork must be a vector file that has been created it in one of the following programs: Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand. We accept vector-based .eps, .ai, .pdf.

What is Vector Artwork?

The simple explanation of vectored artwork that you will receive from our art department is that a vector based piece of artwork (ie your logo) was originally created in the program Adobe Illustrator. When you create and save your logo in one of these programs, you then have the ability to re-size it without compromising the original image.

Why Does My Artwork Need to Be Vectored?

When your artwork is vectored, it can be resized to fit within the confines of any imprint area without losing any of the quality of the original image. Often times when you an enlarge an image, you may see it look pixilated, as shown below:

Similarly, when you make it smaller, certain aspects of the original artwork may be lost.

Vectored artwork will allow us to resize your logo and keep it from distorting in any way. If it needs to be made bigger, it will not look pixilated. If it needs to be smaller, no aspects will be lost and it will still be just as legible. An example of vectored art:

How Do I Know If My Artwork Is Vectored?

If your artwork file ends in: .tiff, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg .doc, .bmp, .png, or .psd it is NOT vectored. If your artwork file ends in .eps, or .ai it *might* be vectored. Here's a simple way to check.

1. Open your artwork in the program Adobe Illustrator.

2. Using your mouse, draw a box around your artwork.

3. If a bunch of lines and dots appear, your artwork is vectored. If just a box appears, your artwork is NOT vectored.

Note: Opening your file in Adobe Illustrator and saving it as a .eps file or .ai file, does NOT necessarily mean that it is vectored.

My Artwork is NOT Vectored. What Do I Do Now?

Our graphic artists can re-create your artwork in vector-based format for a one-time charge of $30. You will be provided with the vector file that you can keep for future printing necessities.

What should I do if I want only simple text imprinted?

If you want an imprint with only text, you can send us the text (and the font type you want us to use, if you have a specific font in mind). Our Art Department can set your text at no additional charge. You will receive an email proof showing you your text in the item's imprint area prior to production.

Click Here To View Our List Of Available Fonts

Is There Clipart Available?

Yes! We have hundreds of FREE clipart options available. The categories of clipart range from Animals to Food, Patriotic to Weddings. Simply reference the number associated with the piece of clipart that you would like imprinted on your item when placing your order.

Click Here To View Free Clipart Options

How Do I Send My Artwork To Motivators?

During the online order process, you will have an option to upload your artwork. If you prefer, a dedicated Sales Rep can contact you to discuss your imprint.
You can also upload your artwork at the Motivators FTP site. If your file is too large to send via email, please contact our art department for further information about our FTP site.

What Is PMS Matching?

PMS matching refers to directly matching imprint colors based on the Pantone Matching System. The system, which was designed for the printing industry, assigns each color a specific number or name. This way, printers will know exactly which color to print based on the Pantone name or number.

Will I Be Charged For PMS Matching?

Each item has a standard set of imprint colors that we can match to your request as closely as possible. If you have are requesting specific PMS Color that is NOT standard on the item, a PMS Matching charge will occur.

I received my proof. What is a suggested design?

Your graphic artist will provide you with a proof of how your artwork will appear on the item. On it, you may see a "Suggested Design."Based on the printing specifications, your graphic artist may suggest changing your requested imprint to better fit in the space provided on the it.

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