The Importance of Promotional Products Samples

Welcome to the wonderful world of promotional products samples! They’re a very important part of the advertising specialty industry that you may not know about. Lucky for you, I happen to be the sample expert! I will tell you exactly why ordering samples before placing your order is such a smart move.

The Importance of Promotional Products Samples - Rachel

Let’s say you’re at and you’re looking at a tote bag. You want the bag in royal blue and, on your screen, the color looks great. You decide to order a sample of the bag first just to be sure.

When the bag arrives and you see it up close, you realize that it’s actually a shade darker than you wanted. Oh no! This bag just won’t do. Luckily, there are plenty more to choose from.

Ordering samples gives you the chance to see your options in person. Promotional products samples are also a great way to see not just the appearance of the item, but the functioning level of the item as well. This is helpful for tech items such as speakers, if you want to see how loud they can go or the quality of the sound before placing your order. It’s also helpful when ordering pens, pencils, highlighters or any other writing tool because you’re able to see how well it can write before you make a purchase.

Getting samples also helps you decide which imprint style is right for you. You might order a sample of a silk screened tumbler and realize that you’d prefer a digital imprint. Or you might order a debossed leather padfolio and decide it looks even better in person! Samples ensure you can be 100 percent confident in your order.

With so many options in the world of promotional products, it’s great to have the opportunity to test out different items before you make a final decision. That’s what samples provide. Samples allow you to make an informed, hands-on decision about what product is best for your needs.

And let’s face it, who doesn’t love to test out new products? Be careful though; once you start ordering samples you may not be able to stop! We call that sample fever!


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