Why Promotional Products Make Great Birthday Favors

Most people love their birthday. You might want the years to slow down a tad, but it’s still a day to celebrate you!

birthday party

What you will do to celebrate your special day depends a lot on what month you were born in.

Summer birthdays might be at the beach or a backyard BBQ. For warm weather birthdays, party favors like custom can coolers and imprinted flip flops are a smart idea. They can help you and your guests remember the big 30 or 40 or whatever might be special for that specific year.

My birthday is the opposite. It’s in cold, wintry February. Most people would prefer the summer, and to be honest, if my birthday didn’t fall on or around the greatest day of the year (THE SUPER BOWL!!!), I would too. Here’s why: There’s no need to figure out where to go. No need to have all my friends go out in the cold and stand in a cramped bar. No need to surprise me with anything. All we have to do is the same thing we’ve done for the last 10 years: Get a hero, make a dish, bring some drinks and it’s the greatest birthday celebration I could think of!

To commemorate this day every year, we also add a promotional product into the mix. One year I gave out logo beer glasses with my friends’ and my initials. One year everyone received a deck of cards imprinted with our faces. One year I created custom poker chips as birthday favors.

promotional beer glasses

I always give away a birthday favor that’s useful. But, more importantly, these products help everyone remember my big day.

So next time you’re throwing a party for a friend, family member or yourself, consider creating a special promotional product as your party favor. Everyone will truly appreciate the keepsake!


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