Why This Super Bowl Swag Bag Scores a Touchdown

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day took place on Tuesday at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. It’s a day for fans to watch media from across the globe interview players of the participating Super Bowl teams, which is a huge draw for sports fanatics. But for those of us within the promotional products industry, it’s a rare opportunity to see an impressive Super Bowl swag bag. Take a look:

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day - Super Bowl Swag Bag

Super Bowl Swag Bag - Filled

There are several thoughtful components that make this bag o’ swag so successful. Let’s break it down:

The bag

The Bag - Super Bowl Swag Bag

You might be thinking to yourself, “It’s just a boring, clear plastic bag.” And you’re not wrong — it is kind of drab-looking. But if you’re a football fan, you understand its value. That’s because in 2013, the NFL implemented a new policy that limits the size and type of bags that are allowed into stadiums. The clear tote included in this year’s Super Bowl swag bag meets those requirements, making it a truly useful giveaway.

The iPhone case

iPhone Case - Super Bowl Swag Bag

In 2013, for the first time ever, more than half of Americans owned a smartphone. Furthermore, one-quarter of U.S. cell phone owners reported using an iPhone last year, according to research from the Pew Research Center. The NFL obviously created this custom iPhone accessory with those stats in mind. And what football wouldn’t want to use an NFL branded iPhone case?

The luggage tag

Luggage Tag - Super Bowl Swag Bag

Thousands of media from around the world met in New Jersey for Super Bowl Media Day. And that means thousands of people headed home soon after, probably by plane. What better way to send them off than with a brightly colored luggage tag? These were probably put to use right away, boosting brand exposure for both the NFL and the Courtyard Marriott, the “Official Hotel of the NFL.” Not only were their logos seen by those who attended Super Bowl Media Day, but also by everyone who encountered the luggage tags on their journeys home. Smart move!

As you can see, this Super Bowl swag bag wasn’t merely thrown together. It’s filled with smart promotional ideas that all of us can learn from. Now, onto the game!


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