Our Top 5 Valentine’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Love is in the air! Or is that just the sweet smell of Valentine’s Day promotional products? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a great opportunity to promote your brand. Need Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas? You’re in the right place.

valentine's day giveaway ideas

Here are Motivators’ top 5 Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas that are sure to melt your customers’ hearts:

  1. Valentine Window Box with Custom Hearts, Item #87657Promotional Valentine Window Box with Custom Hearts - Valentine's Day Giveaway IdeasThis classic candy is a hit year after year. It’s a top pick because the little candy hearts offer not just a sugar rush, but also a simple way to communicate your message. Each year the candy stays the same, but your imprinted message can be customized to fit your current promotional campaign. From cute quotes and hashtags to your company’s branding, these little heart shaped candies can be customized to meet your needs.
  2. Chocolate Heart Box with 3 Filled Assorted Truffles, Item #4620promotional Chocolate Heart Box with 3 Filled Assorted Truffles - valentine's day giveaway ideasWhen in doubt, buy chocolate! Isn’t that what most of us really want for Valentine’s Day anyway? Promotional chocolate is delicious and it’s an original way to promote your brand while satisfying colleagues and clients! And with this little set you get three assorted truffles. Promote your company or organization by appealing to their sweet tooth. This item are great for co-workers, teachers, and employees.
  3. Heart Shaped Seed Paper, Item #66117promotional Heart Shaped Seed Paper - valentine's day giveaway ideasCelebrate Valentine’s Day the eco-friendly way by sending these easy-to-mail, heart-shaped seed papers. Not only will your giveaway help the environment, but by sending this to co-workers, friends, or clients, you are showing them that they can in turn do the same. Seed paper is perfect for those with smaller budgets because they are lightweight and would make a low-cost mailer.
  4. Traditional Teddy Bear, Item #53488promotional Traditional Teddy Bear - valentine's day giveaway ideasShow your clients and co-workers your soft and huggable side.  With this big plush teddy bear, you are sure to warm their hearts and stand out from the rest. Not only is it this piece extremely cuddly, but it also displays your logo beautifully. I would recommend these promotional teddy bears for schools, hospitals, day care centers, and zoos.
  5. Valentine’s Hershey Kisses Window Bag, Item #39335promotional Valentine's Hershey Kisses Window Bag - valentine's day giveaway ideasTradition plays a big role with this kiss. Hershey Kisses were first introduced in 1907. No one is certain how they got their name, but one idea is the machine manufacturing these chocolates made a “kiss” sound. So seal a big deal with a kiss this Valentine’s day. Or say thanks to a great client with everyone’s favorite candy!

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