Top Rated Promotional Products Under $1

These days, it’s all about getting the most for your dollar. Whether that means clipping coupons in the daily newspaper or searching for the best deals around, everyone wants to stretch a dollar as far as it can go. The same goes for promotional products, and what better place to find promotional products under $1 than

promotional products under one dollar - promotional products under 1Here is a list of some of our top rated products for under a dollar:

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer, Item #91991

promotional Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Pocket Sprayer - promotional products under 1

In a world filled with germs and dirt, what better way to promote your business than by helping eliminate them? At health awareness events, giving away these hand sanitizer pocket sprayers is a great way to show off your business while helping people avoid cold and flu germs. Plus, they’re priced at just under a dollar per piece. That’s a bargain!

Recyclable Boxes Filled with Mints, Item #34275

promotional Recyclable Boxes Filled With Mints - promotional products under 1Nobody likes bad breath, and handing out these mints is the perfect way to ensure fresh breath while promoting your brand. All sides of this box can be imprinted to show off your logo, and your recipients will be grateful for a breath-freshening treat — it’s a win-win! This item would be a great addition to any gift basket or holiday giveaway.

Forget-Me-Not Seed Packet, Item #31945

promotional Forget-Me-Not Seed Packet - promotional products under 1Whether it’s for an awareness event or to promote your brand in the spring, promotional seed packets are a great giveaway idea. Your colleagues and clients will always think of you when they plant these seeds and watch the beautiful flowers grow.

Retread Circle Jar Opener, Item #43279

promotional retread circle jar openerThere’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to open a jar. This great item not only alleviates some of that frustration, but also promotes your brand! As if that wasn’t enough, the jar opener is also made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled tires. Giving away our jar opener shows recipients that you care about the environment, making it a great Earth Day giveaway. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even use this item as a non-stick coaster. Its uses are almost endless!

Glow in the Dark Key Tag, Item #28678

promotional Glow in The Dark Key Tag - promotional products under 1Can’t find your house key in the dark? Lost your car keys somewhere in the bottom of your bag? Instead of having to search blindly, your customers will be guided by this glow in the dark key tag, with your logo conveniently leading the way! This item is a smart promotional product for car dealerships, real estate agents and more.

Whether you’re preparing for a trade show, organizing an awareness event, or just looking to stretch a dollar, is the place to go! The products listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our selection of great promotional items for under a dollar. And remember, when it comes to our promotional products, you never have to sacrifice quality.


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