3 Promotional Items That Celebrate Women’s History Month

It’s time to celebrate the ladies! March is Women’s History Month, and Motivators.com is chock full of items that celebrate women and all the wonderful things that we do! No matter what type of Women’s History Month event or promotion you’re prepping for, we’ll help you find the right promotional products.

celebrate women's history month - 3 Promotional Items That Celebrate Women's History Month

Whether a student, teacher, doctor or stay-at-home mom, all women are superheroes in their own way. No product better communicates that fact than Motivators’ super hero woman stress reliever. This popular promotional item is a great giveaway for women’s organizations like the National Council of Women of the United States, the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and Big Sisters. As a symbol of female strength and power, she’ll make sure your Women’s History Month promotion is a huge success!

Super Hero Woman Stress Reliever - 3 Promotional Items That Celebrate Women's History Month

A simple tote bag imprinted with an inspiring or empowering statement is another great way to show support for Women’s History Month. Our customizable striped economy tote bag comes in 12 different colors, has a trendy look and is very versatile. Give this promotional item away at schools and universities for Women’s History Month. It’s excellent for sororities, too! The tote below is embroidered with a statement that rings true for all women:

well behaved women rarely make history - 3 Promotional Items That Celebrate Women's History Month

For a Women’s History Month gift with a more serious side, why not add your logo to Motivators’ women’s health organizer better book? This guide is filled with information for women about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It offers tips on everything from beauty to nutrition. If you’re a doctor, nutritionist or fitness trainer, consider giving away this promotional item to your female clients in honor of Women’s History Month.

Women's Health Organizer Better Book - 3 Promotional Items That Celebrate Women's History Month

For more ideas on how to honor the ladies this March, dial 1- 800-525-9600 and ask to speak with a promotional consultant or chat with us live online!


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