Beat April Showers with Promotional Umbrellas

Everyone is familiar with the children’s nursery rhyme, “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.” In the U.S., it’s spring’s anthem. April downpours have ruined many a hair day and far too many picnics and weddings. As a marketer, you’d have to be crazy not to give out promotional umbrellas during this time of year.

Beat April Showers with Promotional Umbrellas

Before I get into that, let’s talk a little science. According to Sciences 360, throughout winter, it’s so cold that the water on the Earth’s surface does not evaporate. When spring hits and temperatures rise (aka April) the moisture returns to the air. With increased in moisture in the air, we then experience what is called “April Showers.”

How can marketers beat those troublesome spring showers? Promotional umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes these days. Everyone should have a folding umbrella for everyday use and a larger umbrella for unexpected torrential downpours. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of promotional umbrellas Motivators sells:

Folding umbrellas are ideal for every day carrying around. They are available in mostly mini and compact sizes, perfect for throwing in a bag or purse. Motivators’ folding umbrellas are priced as low as $4.98 apiece.

promotional expressions folding umbrella - beat april showers with promotional umbrellas

Personal umbrellas range in size, and are great to keep in the car in case of a sudden downpour. They can be purchased for anywhere between $5 and $25 each.

personal umbrellas - beat april showers with promotional umbrellas

Golf umbrellas, which feature a large arc, are excellent because they’re big enough to be shared by more than one person. Golf umbrellas are obviously a favorite for golfers as well. They’re often on the more expensive side, but make wonderful client gifts!

promotional Raydefyer Vented Golf Umbrella - Beat April Showers with Promotional UmbrellasWhen shopping for promotional umbrellas, you’ll want to be familiar with these terms:

Vented vs. non-vented: In my opinion, you should always look for vented umbrellas. A vented umbrella, as obvious as it may seem, means the umbrella features vents. In a windy storm, vents will prevent an umbrella from turning inside out. The vents allow for air to go through but not the rain!

UV protection: Umbrellas with built-in UV protection are designed for customers that are concerned about the sun’s UV rays. UV-protected umbrellas can also provide shade on a hot, sunny day!

Auto open/close: This feature makes life easier! With just one click, the umbrella will pop open. No more pushing up until it clicks into place! Auto close is becoming trendier as well. I love it because as I run into work I can just click it closed and not worry about getting soaked while trying to close it!

So remember, to keep dry this spring, keep your eyes and ears on the weather report and always carry a promotional umbrella!


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