Spring Ahead with Spring Giveaways

My friends and colleagues in the Northeast have a hard time seeing past winter weather and into the spring season, but I assure you the time will come where the sun will shine and the birds will chirp again. With that being said, there are tons of spring giveaways that can help keep people active as we transition into a season that lends itself to moving about and being outside. Some of my favorite promotional items are perfect for company picnics, group exercise and incentive programs and the sport of golf.

Company Picnics

Many companies hold springtime picnics to bring colleagues together, thank employees for their hard work and celebrate the warmer weather. That is why you can’t go wrong when you give away Motivators’ park picnic blanket. An item like this will be used over and over again. Not only can picnic attendees use it the day of the picnic, but they can also use it when they take their families to the park, have some drinks on the beach or even attend a sporting event. The best part is that this item has a large imprint area so your logo is visible as the blanket is carried to and from each destination.

promotional park picnic blanket - Spring Ahead with Spring Giveaways

Group Exercise and Incentive Programs

Exercising and getting fit as a company or school has become popular nowadays, and Motivators has the perfect branded items to bring your team together. Whether you are starting a walking program at your school or promoting heart healthy activities at your law firm, we can find an item that will encourage everyone to sign up! How about a branded pedometer? Use it to measure who can take the most steps each day.

promotional In-Shape Pedometer - Spring Ahead with Spring Giveaways

Staying hydrated is also extremely important, especially as the weather is warmer. If your company has a filtered water cooler, a promotional water bottle would be a great fit for you. Not only can employees use them throughout the day, but they can take them home and to the gym where they are encouraged to continue to be active.

promotional Custom Water Bottle - 21 oz. - spring ahead with spring giveaways

Golf Outings

My dad has ants in his pants as he waits for golf season, and he’s not alone! Golf is a sport played not only among friends, but also colleagues and business partners. As the spring season approaches (or for my dad, anything above 50 degrees) golfing becomes more and more popular. Promotional items are a perfect way to promote your brand at your next golf outing. Golf umbrellas, tees, towels and shirts are not only favorites, but they are also very useful.

promotional golf items - spring ahead with spring giveaways

I always tell my clients that the most important aspect of their promotional item is how useful it will be. This is because the more useful an item is, the more often people will use it. More use = more brand exposure (duh!).

So don’t sit inside dreaming of the start of spring on March 20th. Instead, start thinking about how to promote your brand with spring giveaways!


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