Takeaways from the 2014 PPAI Expo: What’s Trending

In January, a team of Motivators employees attended the 2014 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those not familiar with the Expo, it is the largest trade show in the world for exhibitors to show off hot, new promotional products. It is a place where the great minds of the industry get together and exchange ideas of how business should be done. Most importantly, it is the place to go to see which trends will be big in the upcoming year. Not surprisingly, the two biggest themes of 2014 will be health and wellness and technology.

2014 ppai expo - welcome to las vegasAs concerns about health care cost grow, more companies are seeking creative ways to keep employees healthy. One health and wellness item that caught my eye was the non-alcohol lotion sanitizer. While promotional anti-bacterial sanitizer has been around for a long time, those with sensitive skin shy away from it. This is the first customizable anti-bacterial product combined with hand lotion to prevent dry hands while killing germs.

non-alcohol lotion sanitizer - 2014 ppai expo

Another new item that caught my eye was the Yo2Go yogurt container. One of the most important keys to staying healthy is eating healthy. This piece encourages everyone bring in their own healthy snack — yogurt and a throw in! Choose your favorite yogurt for the bottom container fill the top with fresh fruit, nuts, granola — whatever it is you want to mix in. It’s a great giveaway for employees. The next time they want a snack, they can reach for yogurt instead of the vending machine.

promotional Yo2Go Yogurt Container - 2014 ppai expo

The other big theme we are going to see this year is technology, specifically for mobile. Nowadays, everyone owns a cell phone. It doesn’t matter if it is Apple or Android or Windows, chances are you own one. In the past, if you wanted to give out mobile phone promotional products, you would need to choose a type phone and hand out that phone’s case or maybe a charging accessory. Now we can offer a variety of products that will work with just about any phone or tablet.

Backup batteries, for example, are all the rage now. We all fear that dreaded low-battery icon. With a branded charging device and a USB cord, you can charge up your phone anywhere. Motivators has a huge selection of these devices starting under $10 a piece, depending on how many devices you want to be able to charge.

promotional pro power bank - 2014 ppai expo

Sometimes, however, the simplest things that excite people the most, like the smart wallet. It’s a handy wallet that safely adheres to the back of any cell phone, offering easy access to ID cards, credit cards and more! They come in a variety of colors and materials and start under $2 apiece.

promotional iwallet - 2014 ppai expo

So the next time you have to plan a promotion, think about what’s trending: health and technology. Of course, if you need a new idea, don’t be afraid to call us at 1-800-525-9600!


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