Top 3 Cheap Promotional Items for Businesses on a Budget

There are many ways to brand your business without breaking the bank. You want best product with the biggest imprint size, longest shelf life and, of course, lowest cost! In fact, “How much?” is usually the first question that’s brought up. Marketers usually have a set budget for their event, promotion or product launch, etc. Giving away cheap promotional items can be the best way to gain recognition without spending an arm and a leg.

cheap promotional items

The top three promotional giveaways that get the most bang for their buck are:

1. Writing instruments

writing instruments - cheap promotional items

Motivators has a huge selection of pens and pencils available for under $1 and as little as $0.18 each. That’s why writing instruments is one of our top five categories. Pens are my favorite because they have a great imprint area; there’s plenty of space for a nice, bold image. Promotional pens are popular because everyone will take a pen; you can never have too many pens. They get used often and can end up everywhere: the car, desk or even left at an ATM kiosk. What a great branding opportunity for a low cost!

2. Cinch-up backpacks

drawstring backpacks - cheap promotional items

Drawstring backpacks are inexpensive, yet they have a large imprint area to brand your event. Most have an area of 8 inches by 9 inches, and are available for as low as $1.49 apiece. I personally have at least 10 cinch-up backpacks around the house. They store well and can be used for anything! I have collected them on many occasions, including charity bike rides, hotel stays and local school fundraisers, and I reuse them all the time. For example, for a quick trip to the beach, I can quickly throw my towel, a book and a bottle of water inside a drawstring backpack and be on my way.

3. Microfiber cloths

microfiber cloths - cheap promotional items

These tech-friendly items are finding their way into every junk drawer, dresser drawer and glove box in America. Microfiber cloths come in a few sizes: 2 inches by 3 inches, 6 inches by 7 inches, and they also come in some stock shapes like stop signs and houses. They have a large imprint area and many are digitally imprinted with impressive four color process design. Microfiber cloths can be used to clean sunglasses, glasses and smartphones. You can even polish silver with these great cloths! They pack easily, store well and can be used for many events. And the best part is they’re available for as little as $0.53 each.

Motivators offers thousands of cheap promotional items that can work with any budget. Some of our least expensive products include writing instruments, drawstring backpacks and microfiber cloths, and they can be used for just about any event or any target audience!


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