Why You Should Promote Your Brand with Spring Apparel

In my last blog, I talked about the top promotional items for growing your business. And, of course, promotional t-shirts made the list. Today, I’m taking it one step further. I’ll explain why spring apparel is such a great branding opportunity!

Why You Should Promote Your Brand with Spring Apparel - spring t-shirt

Why should you give out embroidered apparel this spring?

A recent survey by Arkside Marketing found that people have an easier time recollecting the name of a company after seeing a promotional product (76 percent) than they do after seeing a print ad (53 percent). Even though all promotional products are great for advertising, they are not all created equal, and apparel has its own advantages. That’s why it is very important to pick out the right apparel for your target audience. A nicely designed logo on a quality item can be the ultimate advertising tool.

For instance, promotional t-shirts get reused repeatedly, and have enough room to display your company’s name, logo, slogan, address, phone number, and so much more. Of course you don’t want to make it overwhelming to the point that it will not get worn, but include enough information to get the attention of the person wearing it and the people viewing it. T-shirts will be used on a daily basis, especially in the spring, exposing your brand name to more and more individuals.

Who can you give promotional apparel to?

Everyone loves receiving new clothes! Promotional apparel is commonly given out to employees to create uniformity, togetherness and boost group morale. A staff in matching apparel grabs the customer’s attention and increases exposure. Order short sleeve shirts for spring so your employees can keep cool while maintaining a professional look.

Why You Should Promote Your Brand with Spring Apparel - motivators staff

Promotional apparel can also help your employees stand out at an upcoming trade show or job fair.  Or you can give your employees promotional apparel as thank you gifts at the annual spring company picnic. Your options are limitless.

Give promotional items to your current or potential customers as a sign of good will. It can be used as a thank you gift for being a loyal customer, a welcome gift for new customers, or even as an incentive for customers to increase their purchase.

For instance, with the large volume of competition among gyms (especially once beach weather rolls around), some give out promotional t-shirts and sports towels to new members. They’re nice gifts that customers will appreciate, and great advertising tools. Hotels and spas often hand out high-quality embroidered towels to guests. Again, the giveaway serves as a constant reminder about their pleasant experience.

Why You Should Promote Your Brand with Spring Apparel - gym shirts

About two years ago, when I went to purchase my car, a local radio station had a tent set up at the dealership. How were they helping to bring in customers that spring? They were giving out FREE t-shirts to anyone that came by.

I clearly remember my two young nieces with me that day running up to their booth, taking the t-shirts and then listening to that radio station the entire day. Not only did this inexpensive promotional apparel increase the radio station’s listeners for the day, but it also embedded its name into the heads of everyone who received a t-shirt. Guess what radio station they’ll be listening to all spring and summer long?

We’ve got endless ideas for giving out spring apparel. Wearable promotional items should have a place in every company’s marketing plan. The main thing you want to keep in mind is that the quality and design of your promotional product will reflect your company.


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