3 Baseball Promotional Items for Spring

For a lot of people, spring is their favorite season of the year. Leaves begin sprouting on trees, flowers start to bloom, days get longer, and the weather gets warmer! There’s one more reason people love spring: America’s pastime, baseball. Baseball events are a great chance to promote your brand. Below are three baseball promotional items I know will be a hit this spring:

3 Baseball Promotional Items for Spring

1. Stadium Cushions

3 Baseball Promotional Items for Spring: Stadium Cushions

Most people have been to a little league baseball game, or have at least sat on those uncomfortable bleachers before. Baseball is not the shortest game in the world, so you have to sit on the bleachers for a few hours. What better way to grow your brand than by handing out these comfortable and practical seat cushions? They do not have to be used only at baseball games; they can be used anywhere someone is looking for a little more cushion on their seat. The next time someone is looking for a more comfortable seat, they’ll remember your seat cushion – and your brand!

2. Little League Baseballs

3 Baseball Promotional Items for Spring: Little League Baseballs

Little leagues are a great way for children to make friends, understand team dynamics, and most of all have a little fun outdoors. Sponsoring little leagues, or even just one team, is a great way to instill trust, as well as get involved with the community. Providing your local team with this imprintable baseball is a great way to start!

3. Stress Relievers

3 Baseball Promotional Items: Stress Relievers

We all get stressed out, whether at work, while driving, or while watching an intense game of baseball. That’s why these stress relievers are some of our most popular baseball promotional items. They’re best way to remind your customers and clients that baseball season is here and to relax a little bit, all while promoting your brand. These items are great giveaways at baseball games, trade shows, and any other sporting event.

Whether you are sponsoring a team or are attending a sporting event, these baseball giveaways are great ways to spread your name and promote your brand this spring. With Motivators’ help, you can find endless ways to do both!


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