3 Memorial Day Gifts for the BBQ

Memorial Day is the first long weekend we have off after Presidents’ Day. Our town has a big parade where they hand out beach balls and other cute red, white and blue Memorial Day gifts to spectators. My husband, Bill, and I buy a flag for our lawn from the local Kiwanis Club, and the kids get adorable pinwheels (Abigail’s favorite). Everyone is out and about in town enjoying the first unofficial weekend of summer.

3 Memorial Day gifts for the BBQ

At home, we open up the patio and prep for a Memorial Day BBQ for Bill’s birthday. Here are my top three picks for Memorial Day gifts that come in handy while barbecuing:

1. BBQ Accessories

3 Memorial Day Gifts for the BBQ: Leed's Grill Mate BBQ Set

Quality BBQ tools are a must. I personally love our Leed’s grill mate BBQ five piece set, which includes a case, tongs, spatula, fork and thermometer. Being that my biggest fear while grilling is burning myself, the long handles on the utensils are a life-saver. Imprint this kit with your logo and send it to clients before Memorial Day weekend. They’ll use it all summer long!

2. Coolers

3 Memorial Day Gifts for the BBQ: Coleman 50 Quart Cooler

A large cooler makes getting a drink so much easier. Who wants to constantly go back and forth into the house to refill a cup? With Motivators’ Coleman 50-quart cooler, I can fit 71 cans plus ice. This makes my hosting a breeze: “Yeah, there are drinks in the cooler!” Give custom coolers out at parks, beaches and pools to boost brand exposure.

3. Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

3 Memorial Day Gifts for the BBQ: Custom Sunscreen

Sunscreen and bug repellent are essential in our house. Bill happens to be very fair, and of course we don’t want our babies and guests to burn, so I always have sunscreen on hand. Our yard is also a magnet for mosquitoes (grumble, grumble), so I make sure to have bug spray nearby. If you’re organizing an outdoor activity, sunblock and insect repellent make perfect Memorial Day gifts.

As the last of the snow and cold leave New York, I am waiting with bated breath for Memorial Day! Are you hosting a BBQ this year?


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